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Terrorists Surrounding Damascus Collapsing Faster than Dominoes

NATO Terrorists contaminate Damascus Drinking Water

Damascus western countryside towns returning swiftly to the state after new agreements increasing the pressure on the last 2 bases of terrorists in the towns of Arbin and Douma in Damascus Eastern countryside.

1,200 terrorists left Wadi Barada towards Idlib, the dumpster of terrorists next to Turkish borders where the struggle on power there is at its highest level in fierce infighting between different branches of the FSA including Nusra which keeps changing its name.

Our previous video is no longer available after YouTube closed our channel.

The latest agreement is in Sarghaya, the border town with Lebanon in the high mountains to the west of the Syrian capital Damascus, has signed a new agreement that would see 250 terrorists with their families take the ‘green buses’ to Idlib within 48 hours.

This month saw thousands of terrorists convert to SAA and join forces against their previous terrorist colleagues in Damascus western and southern countrysides and Daraa’s northern countryside, eliminating threats against the Syrian capital and Daraa City, and also securing supply lines for the SAA much needed to eliminate the rest of Israel Nusra agents positioned near the occupied Golan Heights.

This latest agreement in Sarghaya is understood in light of the eradicating of terrorists who were holding hostage the main water supply to over 5.5 million people in Damascus and about 100,000 inhabitants of the villages and towns of Wadi Barada (Barada River Valley).

Another major settlement and agreement was concluded in the south of Damascus countryside and in particular in Ghabagheb town on the old Damascus – Daraa Highway. This settlement will see upon fulfillment regularizing the statuses of up to 1,000 former terrorists and military service AWOLs thus turning this strategically located town from anti-Syrian to Pro SAA and pro-Syrian. In other words, the terrorists lost 1,000 members, plus the state gained the same 1,000 members instead of simply terminating them, and in profit and loss figures Syria gained 2,000 and a strategic supply route further to the south where pro-Israeli agents of Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda Levant) are stationed securing the Israeli northern front.

500 already turned themselves in to the authorities in Ghabagheb town and handed over their weapons including a local militia following their commander during a ceremonial celebration. The rest will follow in the coming couple of days.

Watch Pan Arab al-Mayadeen report with English subtitles about the latest developments:

The Syrian Arab Army is the most capable of combating ISIS, said Russian minister of foreign affairs Sergey Lavrov today calling on the US president Trump to acknowledge this fact and we add that the SAA is not only the most capable of fighting ISIS terrorists but all the terror groups altogether and would have eliminated all of them long time ago had not the Turkish authorities import thousands more every week and smuggle them into Syria through the 900 kilometers rough borders and the US-sponsored smuggling of thousands more from the East from Iraq towards Der Ezzor and Tadmor (Palmyra).

Mentioning the Russian minister, it’s worth adding his pouring cold water on Trump’s latest suggestion of creating safe zones inside Syria to contain over 350,000 foreign anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihad suicide bombers with their families. Lavrov suggested coordinating with the Syrian authorities on any such suggestion.

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