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Allahu Akbar in its Real Place: Peace and Rebuilding

by Afraa Dagher

Updated to include complete videos of Dr. Assad’s interview (Arabic) and key portions of his statement, with English captioning.

Today our beloved President Assad drove to Companion Saed Bin Mo’az mosque in newly liberated Daraya to perform prayers of the blessed Eid al Adha.   Also in this mosque were our Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun and Minister of Tourism Bisher Yazji (who is Christian).  This mosque is one of many injured by terrorist mortar attacks.  The terrorist “rebels” who are backed by Islamist/Wahhabist Saudi and Qatar serve the western agenda to destroy Syria.

To those who pretend that these terrorists are serving Islam, how does it serve Islam to destroy our mosques?

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad performs Eid prayers in Darayya

After prayer, President Assad walked through the streets of Daraya, unafraid of sniper fire.

President Assad inspects Darayya
President Assad inspects Darayya

President Assad gave an interview with a Syrian television reporter.  He joined all Syrians in their prayers for Eid al Adha, greeted our Syrian Arab Army for its heroism in defending our homeland and wished wounded soldiers quick recovery.  He said the plot against Syria is failing, that the terrorists are sad that we liberate our country from them.  We are here to say Allahu Akbar, in its real meaning to rebuild all of Syria and to liberate every mile in Syria — not in its perverse meaning of those terrorists who desecrate it by killing and destruction.  The Syrian people are united against the terrorists.  There is no division among us, as the west tries to brainwash its populations into believing.

We as state, by coming to this area, also send a message to those [sides] that the Syrian state is determined to retake every area from the terrorists and restore security and safety…

We come here today to replace the false freedom they tried to market at the beginning of the crisis, including about Daraya, with the real freedom; the freedom that starts with restoring security and safety, goes through reconstruction and ends with the independent national decision  since there are some who were annoyed that [Daraya] was brought back home and had issued official statements, and they are Western officials…  

You are sad and extremely distressed, whereas we are happy; firstly because Daraya is back, and secondly because you are sad and distressed  it means that things are going in the right direction  However, those who are determined and insist on acting as tools in return for a handful of dollars, we simply say to them the armed forces will continue their work unhesitant and undaunted and regardless of any internal or external conditions until restoring security and safety to all areas in Syria. — President Bashar al  Assad.

Assad in Darayya

Syrians define ourselves as Syrians, not as our religions.  This is a part of the west’s propaganda against us.  Dr. Assad is president to all of us.  Last Christmas, he and First Lady Asma paid a surprise visit to the Church of Our Lady of Damascus to join in holy services.

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and First Lady Asmaa visit Church of Our Lady of Damascus
Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and First Lady Asmaa visit Church of Our Lady of Damascus

Syria’s history is of a land of peace and development.  We will liberate our country from foreign paid terrorists and again Syria will be the land of peace.

Editor’s note:  Western media has worked almost as diligently as the human beast terrorists in defining the meaning of Allahu Akbar ( الله أكبر ), a glorifying of God: “God is greatest.”  What is the difference between this, and Gloria in Excelsis Deo — “glory in the highest, to God”?

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