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Christmas in Syria: An Inside Look


Christmas in Syria–What were the Christmas hymns in Syrian churches? An inside look

by Afraa Dagher, in Syria

Christmas in Syria

Syria, the country facing the ugliest war ever witnessed in the new era.

Syria, which is one of the oldest countries in the world, the homeland of Jesus Christ, where some of its sites such as Maaloula the people speak Aramaic, Jesus’ language. This country is facing a war that seeks to remove its features, its history, its background, heritage, identity, and its civilization.

Syria used to be the crossroads of civilization. On this land Jesus walked. When you visit Syria, you will see the oldest churches which witnessed Mother Mary’s miracles.

Suddenly, a guerilla war has been announced against this country, against its civilized residents, against its army, its protectors, and against its secular leader. Moreover, those who announced this war and raised a violent arm against Syria under the pretext of ‘seeking democracy’ and ‘freedom’ for the people of Syria are the most unenlightened countries in human history and their monarchs the most oppressive tyrants in existence, countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, where you would never find a church dedicated to Jesus, forbidden as they are by Saudi rulers and their families.

Two days before the Christmas evening, President Bashar Al Assad, Syria’s president and his elegant, enlightened wife Assma, the first lady of Syria, surprised the Christians of Syria by paying an unannounced visit to the Church of Our Lady of Damascus. President Assad joined the Choir of Joy, their preparation for the New year and the Christmas evening, as he [joins] Muslim prayers on their blessed occasions in the mosques too.


Church of Our Lady of Damascus


Syria’s President and First Lady join the Choir of Joy, in the Church of Our Lady of Damascus

The Christian Syrians (and I’m embarrassed to say it like this, since we used to simply say ‘Syrians,’ as our religion is Syria) before this war never used to talk about religion, as it has been the enemy’s agenda to make it look like civil war!

The Christian Syrians were delighted to have their President among them, sharing with them the occasion of Jesus’ birth, as a brother, a father, and a son.

Yesterday, Syria celebrated Christmas, all its provinces celebrated the birth of Jesus, Muslims, Christians and whatever, all were in the streets singing for Syria, praying for Jesus to protect this blessed land.

The great paradox, was what happened in some Syrian churches, while their choir, priests and nuns were praying and saying Their blessed hymns, for the glorious birth of Jesus, I say it is a paradox, because in all mainstream media throughout the West we used to hear that word about civil war in Syria. If that were indeed the case, if it were a civil war and if the people of Syria did not support the government of Assad or the Syrian army, how then does one explain the harmony and brotherhood that took place in this church? Watch the video above, Christians singing songs for Syria instead of prayers. That song was about our homeland. The nuns and priests were in tears, everyone raised their voices asking God to protect Syria. One of them carried the Syrian flag and waived it strongly, the flag of independent Syria, after long ages under French occupation.

Our enemy fought us even in this flag, their goal being to impose the one of the period encompassing the period of the French mandate, the same flag they used in designating the flag of the Western backed ‘rebels’.

[Update  August 2017:  YouTube censored the video of the Syrian singer. No explanation of how it ‘breached standards.’]

The song’s words were as follows–

‘My homeland, will we ever see you safe, prosperous, triumphant, and dignified?’ This was sung by the choir, but the people responded with ‘Yes, we will see it great again,’ and that it will be achieved by the sacrifices of our Syrian Arab Army.

From Syria, we, the people of Syria, suffering under the missiles of the so-called ‘moderate’ rebels, living under a genocidal war imposed upon us by the USA and its allies, with all the blood we have lost and all those who martyred, we wish you a Merry Christmas, sending you love and peace, which is the message of Jesus, a message that we, the people of Syria, will never forget.

Save Syria.

Afraa Dagher

Republished with the author’s consent, from her website.

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  1. Majed

    Thank you Afraa for this moving message. I wish our people and our country, Syria, the beacon of civilization, to triumph against all the enemies of civilization: Israel, the USA, their western puppets and their dogs (the Saudis, Qataries and the like).
    Merry Christmas to all Syrians, hoping the New Year will see the end of our torments.

  2. Brian

    Thank you for the article Christmas in Syria an inside look. Nice to see the President Bashar Al Assad and his wife taking time to reach out to his fellow citizens at this important time. Where else in the Middle East does this happen? One question to our so called leaders why oppose the legitimate President of SYRIA.PEACE to the Good People of SYRIA.


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