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UN Bloodstained Hands in Syria: Terrorists Vs. Civilians Deal

image- Zabadani Kafaraya and Foua deal

Nobody doubts that ISIS or Nusra Front aka al-Qaeda Levant, are terrorist organizations, but that’s for the ultra naive Western public opinion who keep fueling killing and destruction worldwide. But when it comes to the recognition and cooperation of the United Nations itself with these terrorist groups, excuse my language but it’s disgusting.

Before we blame the United Nations as a body responsible for its actions, we should note that the UN is not an independent assembly with its own decisions, rather it’s the cumulative decisions of those who won the World War II. That’s, of course, when they do agree on a resolution, which in many cases were horrific resolutions, but the Syrian Crisis has shown us how useless and corrupt this body supposed to unite the world against dangers is.

The following is a simple narrative how the western public opinion is played easily when describing the evacuation of civilians in Kafraya and Foua in northern Syria in the agreement brokered by the UN in exchange with terrorists from Nusra and ISIS and their families in Zabadani, northwest of Damascus city, south of Syria.

The parties involved in this ‘deal’ expose themselves explicitly as sponsors of the terrorists able to negotiate on their behalf with the Syrian government, receive them, recycle them or touch up them and send them to the welcoming Europe. If you didn’t notice this in this report and this deal, our advise is to stop following politics and find some video game or a knitting job that’s more amusing to you.

The approval of the deal by the Syrian government in addition to exposing these terrorists’ main sponsors, it secured the Syrian capital from random and indiscriminate shelling with mortars and improvised gas cylinders killing scores of civilians almost daily. It also completes securing the ring to the west of the Syrian capital all the way to and around the Lebanese borders, where on the other side of the borders is one enclave of the same fighters labeled by the West and the UN itself as terrorists but sponsored officially by regional players namely Turkey, Qatar for ISIS, and Saudi for al-Qaeda (Nusra Front) et al.

The two towns Kafraya and Foua in the Idleb province northwest of Syria, are predominantly of Shiite residents besieged by herds of anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists under the immediate directions of the terror sponsoring trio, ie: Turkey, Qatar and Saudi regimes. The siege cost tens of innocent lives due to indiscriminate shelling by the terrorists under the very watchful eyes of hypocrite Humanitarian Bastards.

What did the Syrians do to deserve the hatred of the whole world?

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  1. piergiorgio

    noi italiani l’abbiamo capito, ma qui la democrazia è stata sospesa.
    Anche i nostri politici conoscono la verità, ma ormai sono SERVI di Merkel & C.
    Forza Putin. 6 la speranza del popolo occidentale


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