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USA: Supports Terrorists and War Criminals

image- war criminal Shimon Peres with a US rabi

Because $9,929,315 in direct cash aid the citizens of the United States of America pay Israeli settlers Each Single Day is not enough, you can always count on willing citizens to contribute more. If this is not slavery, what is?

And guess what? That’s a ‘conservative estimate’ as it’s near impossible to find out how much the direct aid is due to the complexity of the Zionist Web in all US agencies, and because of the inflation throughout the years, because of the free access to all technologies in the USA itself and transferring that to Israel and of course not to forget the essential US illegal invasions and interfering in neighboring and other Islamic countries to keep Israel secure.

image- A 'Conservative' estimate of US aid to Israel
A ‘Conservative’ estimate of US aid to Israel – source (Congress Watch)

And of course, that’s not all. Wonder if the average US taxpayer ever bothered to find out where is his tax money being spent?

image- A 'Conservative' estimate of US aid to Israel
A ‘Conservative’ estimate of US aid to Israel

Is it really a principle to defend your ‘values’ by killing other people to protect an ally who occupy, massacre and commit the most heinous war crimes ever in the history of mankind against unarmed ghettoed their population and exercising the only official apartheid system in our days, we the ultimate civilized humans?

How many wars has the United States of America fought, uninvited, illegally, unprovoked in the Middle East and North Africa, in Near East just to destroy countries that might cause danger against these foreign radical settlers in occupied Palestine? Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, directly to name a few, and attempted ‘regime change’ and managed to destroy other countries covertly and overtly for decades like in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, to name another few, while placing thousands of US troops in other countries in military bases for the same reason?

Well if that all is not enough, how about creating terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda, documented and officially recognized, and overseeing  its branching and mutilating and spreading, if I don’t want to say directly sponsoring and arming like when dropping tens of tons of weapons, providing logistics and blocking others from stopping tons here terrorist organizations that morphed into Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant) and ISIS (again al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria)?

If that all is not enough, how about allowing and promoting citizens of the USA to raise more cash to fund this illegal borderless ‘state’ of foreign imported radical religious bigots? It’s so massive it’s disgusting. Have the taxpayers in the USA not wondered why they have to work so long hours and not get similar benefits as their peers in countries the US has militarily targeted like in Syria and Libya for instance, benefits as free education from KG to Ph.D., free and subsidized healthcare, treatment and welfare. Subsidized essentials like fuel, food and electricity power. Just to name a few.

By the way, we have not even touched the other western countries aid to ‘Israel’, Germany, UK, France and even Eastern countries like Russia and China…!

And to add further injury to the humiliation of these ignorant western taxpaying law-abiding citizens, it’s worth to remind them of since when they’ve been enslaved, especially those in the United States of America who think they’re free, check our previous post: Political Zionism in the United States of America– Astounding Facts.

Look at this anti-Semitic US rabbi calling to sponsor the same Zionist entity on the other side of the planet so it can further kill more Palestinians at will and treat al-Qaeda Nusra Front and FSA terrorists and send them back into Syria to kill more Syrians. The worst part of this fundraising campaign by this rabbi is using the image of war criminal Shimon Peres, the man with the worst criminal record in crimes against humanity. Bombing a United Nations designated school where 800 Lebanese civilians were taking shelter from his indiscriminate bombing of their houses and cities in what he called ‘Operation Grapes of Wrath’ Killing at least 106 Lebanese civilians, injuring another 116 in addition to injuries among UN soldiers as well, just to name one of his crimes against humanity.

image- war criminal Shimon Peres with a US rabi
War criminal Shimon Peres with a US rabi

Just thought to add a further insult to US Taxpayers: Do you know that the USA, which means you taxpayer, pay interest to Israel on the money it borrows to give Israel as Aid?! The US treasury borrows money with interest from the Federal Reserve, a Zionist  (read Israeli) private bank, and pays it interest on that money. That same interest percentage defines the standards and the base of the US economy!! Instead of making the private bank the Federal Reserve pay the Treasury interest for the money they accumulated from the US citizens!! – I’m speechless.

They depend on the short memory of their people, but forget, or maybe try to not realize, that our people have an accumulated memory of 12,000 years and counting. People in countries you attacked don’t hate you because of your delusion of being free, they hate you because you simply attacked them.

Sheeple Family
A typical western family following mainstream media

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable.

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  1. steben Fenberg

    So what – The USA can do what ever they want given money or arms to Israel. Syria and other Arab nation have attacked Israel all at same time, 3 different times only for the Arab nations beg the UN to broker a peace deal due to Israel destroying all their militaries and could wipe out their whole countries – now looks like Syria and other Arab nations are the terrorist. Assad should be tried for the torture and murder of it’s citizens just for protesting – I saw many video of it plus people being inter views who were lucky enough to get out of Assad’s prisons; Assad should be hung by a rope for this with many others, he’s a brutal dictater. He’s is lucky Russia came in just to get naval bases and air bases and Iran to fight the free Syria forces, has this not happened Assad would be dead and Syria would be a better nation with more human rights. Syria news is a propaganda news, full of lies.

  2. Lulu

    Syria has never retaliated any of Shitsrahell’s unprovoked, illegal attacks, but when it comes, you’d better know how to swim back to where you came from, which is NOT illegally occupied Palestine


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