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Lavrov Asked to Return Syria to the Arab Union!


Russian minister of foreign affairs Sergey Lavrov asked to return Syria to its membership in the Arab Union arguing this would give the ‘AU’ a more active role in the region.

The Russian official in a press conference at the end of ‘What’s left of Arabs in the AU and Russia’ Forum in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates beginning of the month.

‘The exclusion of the Syrian government, being a full member of the United Nations, from contributing in the discussions in the Arab Union does not help our joint efforts, and I see that the AU would be able to play a more important role in the event of restoring the Syrian government membership’ the minister added.

Arab Union secretary general Ahmad Abu al-Ghayt, Egypt’s Mubarak last minister of foreign affairs, reminded that Syria’s membership was by a decision of the AU and its return to the AU is currently not on the table.

Abu al-Ghayt argued that restoring Syria’s membership in the Arab Union is a decision to be taken by the member states, if a member state or a number of member states would raise the issue and the council of ministers of foreign affairs or a summit approves, the AU will oblige to execute the new decision.

Egypt’s Mubarak last minister of foreign affairs and the current secretary general of the ‘what’s left of Arabs’ Union put a condition though by stating: ‘If there’s an honest intention by everybody to achieve a political settlement to start executing and implementing it, I believe the subject of resuming the membership would be open for discussion, again”.

Worth noting: The Arab Union illegally suspended Syria’s membership, the provisions of the Rules of Procedure in the AU itself explicitly states that any decision must be unanimously agreed, while Syria itself rejected it and a number of other Arab countries abstained.

Also, this same Arab Union had divorced its own obligations by calling on the foreign parties to intervene in the Syrian internal matters, let alone that a number of other Arab states namely Qatar and Saudi were behind the ‘democratic movement pushed for by ISIS and Nusra Front’ in Syria, wholeheartedly to the extent of impoverishing their own people to finance these tens of terrorist groups that mushroomed out of Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan into Syria.

Qatar KSA Competing on Killing Syrians
Qatar KSA Competing on Killing Syrians

The author has no clue why do Russian officials keep putting themselves in embarrassing situations trying to resolve the crisis in Syria by ways of over-acting their positions and mostly without consulting the Syrian state, the first and only party that should be consulted with before presenting any initiative. As a Syrian citizen, the author does not see any use of restoring the Syrian government membership in a ‘group of cattle’ led by the most retarded political systems in the world, it’s a disgrace to even think of convening with such a company.

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