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Over 25,000 Residents Return to Their Homes in Az-Zyabeyeh

image-More than 25,000 Displaced Residents of Az Zyabeyeh Return to Their Homes

Thanks to the sacrifices and heroism of the Syrian Arab Army men and women and the allied forces, over 25,000 residents returning to their homes in Az-Zyabeyeh district south of Damascus. They were internally displaced throughout Syria after ‘Moderate Rebels’ from Al-Qaeda FSA Nusra ISIS took over their area.

After about 4 years of force-evicted from their homes in the rural poor area of Az-Zyabeyeh, more than 25,000 started returning to their homes, the district was taken by NATO and regional stooges sponsored ‘Moderate Products’. The town is strategic in location for the ‘moderates’ as they could threaten from it both the holiest shrine for Shiites of Sayyedah Zainab, the grave of the granddaughter of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, and also not far from Damascus city and its International Airport.

Let alone its importance, of course, for slaughtering and enslaving civilians and their hope of using them as fuel in their battle thinking these poor people do not have dignity.

The following video report by Syrian Ikhbariya News Channel (banned in the West and its offices raided more than once by the ‘Moderates’ and a number of its staff were kidnapped, tortured and many of those were killed):

It’s the will of life, the pride of dignity and the believe in God above all that they are the righteous vs. the unprecedented internationally combined effort war of terror imposed upon them, they are the Syrian people, who taught the world the alphabet and will continue teaching the world Dignity, Pride, and Bravery.

For 6 years the ‘fake news’ propagandists worldwide worked their ass*s off to brainwash the Syrian people and to plant mistrust between the people, their brave heroic army and the Syrian state, they failed because even the poorest Syrian is born and in their genes are 12,000 years of civilization and combatting empires, whomever came in peace lived in Great Syria in peace, whoever didn’t come in peace, left the country in pieces.

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