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GRAPHIC-SAA Terminates Over 60 Nusra Terrorists in Harasta

image-Nusra Terminated Terrorists in Harasta

Syrian Arab Army heroes foil an attack carried out by Nusra Front terrorists coming through a tunnel from Irbin towards Harasta and over 60 of them were eliminated.

At 5:30 am the terrorists group sneaked through a tunnel they dug from Irbin town towards Harasta eyeing a position of the Syrian Arab Army near the SAA Vehicles Department to fall in a trap by the SAA men who engaged with them and eliminated more than 60 of these underground thugs.

The tunnel is about 500 meters long equipped with lighting and ventilation devices, connecting the town of Irbin east of Damascus and famous for its dairies and dry apricots, and Harasta city to the north of it and closer to the Damascus – Aleppo Highway. Nusra Front which changed its name several times already is not part of the Astana talks between other terrorist groups based in the area and between the Syrian government.

image-Nusra Dug a 500 Meters Tunnel Betwen Irbin & Harasta
Harasta Irbin Tunnel dug by Nusra terrorists discovered after their failed attack

More than 60 of the attacking underground terrorists were terminated dealing a serious blow to these NATO sponsored US terror listed group recruited to commit the most heinous crimes in history against mankind and to effect the ‘regime change’ plot sought after by their masters in NATO and their regional stooges.

The heroic and brave Syrian Arab Army has gained a massive valuable yet pricey experience in urban warfare against the worse of who lived on this planet and look like humans, somehow.

The following video report contains Graphic Images recorded by the Syrian Arab Army media shows the results of this failed attack:

Syrians are paying a hefty price on behalf of humanity against these anti-Christ soldiers and saving the world, for the time being, fighting tens of unwinnable battles throughout their country standing against the evil plot known as ‘creative chaos’ imposed on our region by the masters of evil controlling the West from their dark rooms.

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