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Between Trump and Assad, Who is the Animal?

image-Syria attacked by hyenas

The head of the junta ruling the US regime described the president of Syria as ‘an animal’ in an interview with one of his supporting media outlets. The interviewer didn’t ask Trump to apologize or level up the conversation, and the western and their regional stooges propagandists hyped on the topic.

Merriam Webster gives in a definition of ‘Animal’ as: ‘a person with a particular interest or aptitude * a political animal * He’s a party animal’. Now we know this is not what Trump meant addressing the leader of a nation who led his country to victory of the world’s filthiest filths terrorists with their international and regional sponsors.

An animal‘ as we know is a living organism which reacts by instinct rather than by logical and analytical thinking. The actions of instinct are located in the most primitive part of the brain – that functions in breathing, fight or flight responses, and vomiting. Such instinct can be fed by emotions from a daughter crying for her father to bomb a nation on the other side of the planet, because she was fake moved by the images of children killed by ‘chemical attack’ without trying to find out who carried out that attack or by knowing exactly who did it, but wants to use the staged false-flag for the role they reached the Oval Office to execute.

The above definition is sufficient to tell who is the real animal but we’ll continue for the enrichment of this post.

In a small comparison we list below the main differences between the characteristics of Trump and Dr. Assad to find out who is worthy of the title ‘an animal’ and has a past of such regards.

Family origins

Donald J. Trump: is the son of a German immigrant who made a fortune by losing money and declaring bankruptcy, the features passed on to his son.

Bashar H. Assad: is the son of an intellectual politician, a former army general with highest rank, a former air force pilot, a president of a country he united and led to prosperity in a turbulence region. The most intelligent leader who worked hard and suffered hard from a humble beginning to the highest office. We don’t care what some foes tell about him, here we are just listing facts.

Personal Education and career

Donald J. Trump: Bachelor of Science degree in economics from Penn University after changing many universities, some say until he could buy his way to graduation after many failing attempts. He worked for his parent’s company for some time and then followed his father’s path in the business of bankruptcy. He ran some TV shows as symbolizing sexual appearances of women. He barely speaks one language properly and inarticulately, in a demagogue way of speaking. It took him 70 years to reach the presidency desk and had to spend millions of dollars.

Bashar H. Assad: Post graduate Ophthalmologist trainee in Western Eye Hospital in London, in other words an eye doctor who served in the Tishreen Military Hospital post graduation from Medical School in Damascus University. Speaks eloquent Arabic and English. Climbed the ranks in the Syrian Arab Army until he reached Commander in Chief and attained the highest rank. It took him 35 years to reach the presidency office, he earned the love of his people.

Political ideology

Donald J. Trump: Nobody is sure what ideology he follows, he switched between the only two parties ruling the US throughout his political life and even joined some small party as a stunt. Unstable, unpredictable when it comes to political decisions.

Bashar H. Assad: Baathist ‘Arabism Resurrection’ reformer, open to dialogue and cooperation with the 18 other political parties working in the country. Don’t believe who lied at you continuously in your media, and yes there are 19 political parties in Syria, most of which have representatives in the parliament and those of majority have ministers in the cabinet. Known to be solid in his decisions.

Wife and relationships 

Donald J. Trump: Legal wives of this lunatic person count at 3, maybe, consecutively. The current one was a model for porn magazines. He’s known to harass and grab most women who crossed his path if not all. His current wife barely speaks English.

Bashar H. Assad: Has only one wife, an intelligent daughter of a Syrian cardiologist at the Cromwell Hospital in London, a former banker herself and an eloquent, elegant speaker. She graduated from King’s College London in 1996 with a first-class honors Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and a diploma in French literature. She speaks 3 languages fluently at least: Arabic, English and French.

Friends and allies

Donald J. Trump: Whoever gets to do a business deal with is a current friend or ally, before and later is a sworn enemy until he can do another business transaction with..! His current friends and allies range from Boris Johnson, the crazy looking minister in UK, rulers of the most retard political systems in the world the Saudi King and Emir of Qatar (pronounced Gutter). The chief of the last apartheid regime in the world Netenyahu of the entity of Israel. Leaders of ISIS, Nusra Front and other branches of the so called FSA which he is now fighting along their side.

Bashar H. Assad: Leaders of the countries with the most established civilizations, like-minded: Russia, Iran (Persia), China, India, most of Latin America..

Foes and enemies

Donald J. Trump: Everybody smart and those who can beat him in a business deal or those who expose his reality. The Pope, leaders of communities worldwide, actors, intellectual professors, inventors..

Bashar H. Assad: His main current enemies are ISIS, Nusra Front, FSA in general, Israel, Turkish ruling Muslim Brotherhood party, the Saudi King, Qatari Emir, the outgoing least popular French president ever, and clerics of the anti-Islamic Wahhabi religion.

Current post

Donald J. Trump: President of a fairly new country built on the skulls and skeletons of its indigenous people using slaves kidnapped from Africa, responsible for the world’s most horrific crimes against humanity including the dropping of 2 nuclear bombs over cities, the only country to use nuclear weapons at a large scale against a population, invaders and butchers of Vietnam, it caused the killing of over 5 million Koreans in the Korean war which split the country in halves. Illegally invaded Iraq and Afghanistan based on complete lies. Illegally bombed Libya to obliteration based on lies and fabrications. Illegally bombed and destroyed Yugoslavia and caused endless ethnic, religious and sectarian struggle in the region… Known to have created al-Qaeda and assisted it and all its variations: Nusra Front, ISIS, FSA (remember the commander of FSA who ate the heart of a dead Syrian soldier he carved out of his dead body before camera?).. despite claims of otherwise.

Bashar H. Assad: President of the oldest continuous civilization that brought to the world the alphabet, farming and agriculture, spread the 3 main divinely religions, stood against tyrannies from the Mogul invasions to the Crusaders to the Colonization to the current apartheid. Now leading his country for the past 6 years against the huge armies of the world’s filthiest filths sponsored by over 80 countries in the world to destroy his country.

Public characteristics before audience and before cameras 

Donald J. Trump: Nervous, shaky, acts weirdly while mocking others, defensive, arrogant, belittles families of fallen soldiers, doesn’t have a logic based on his continuous unstable policies and state of mind.

image-A 70 Years Old President of the USA Donald J. Trump
A 70 Years Old President of the USA Donald J. Trump

Bashar H. Assad: Sedate, prudent, can answer any question in a calm manner with unshaken logic with supporting examples even during the most difficult stressed moments. Has high respect to his own people, especially to the fallen soldiers and their families. Knowledgeable in Quran, prophet Muhammad PBuH sayings and teaching of Islam, he once gave a sermon for over 40 minutes to more than 120 Islamic scholars during a Ramadan Iftar (break fast).

image-Bashar Al Assad
President of Syria Dr. Bashar Al Assad

From the above comparison about the characteristics of Donald J. Trump the head of the junta leading the US regime and Dr. Bashar H. Assad the president of Syria, we can establish that Donald J. Trump has earned the title of a rabid animal while Dr. Bashar H. Assad has earned the title of a human defending his country from the rabid animals attacking it from all sides and in all ways.

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