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US Invades Syria to Establish Buffer Zones

image-Syria Dividing Map - Buffer Zones

The regime of Donald Trump has done the unimaginable and triggered the first steps towards full regional war starting from Syria, and the Friday morning bombing of Ash-Shairat Military Airport was just a the beginning to test waters.

Unstable, un-predicatable, foolish, moody and inexperienced in international matrices, the US has selected the mad man to carry out what his predecessors could never dare to imagine doing: Trigger WWIII, regional or global.

image-Trump carried out the plan set by the regime of Obama, and it's a long sought goal against Syria
Trump carried out the plan set by the regime of Obama October 2016, and it’s a long sought goal against Syria

Receiving a huge sum from Saudi, he thought he got a good deal, launching an unjustified unilateral bombing against a sovereign country while receiving a giant ally of that country he thought he delivered the message right and got himself a green light. Notifying the Russians about the bombing in advance to ‘avoid harming any of their personnel’, he thought he did what is required. Getting the blessing from his own choir of followers namely the UK (his country’s partner in previous similar invasions), France (during lose-lose election), and some pariah states and organizations like the last apartheid regime on the planet Israel, ISIS and Nusra cheering his aggression, he thought he did the right thing and ready to move on.

What Donald Trump doesn’t really understand is POLITICS, especially on the international arena. A real politician can take someone naive and dumb like this Hollywood fan-boy to the sea and bring him back thirsty without even leaving his seat.

Yes, the USA has the means to initiate an attack against a country like Syria, nobody can deny, it has billions of dollars to spend for evil and killing, not for infrastructure or wellbeing of its own citizens back home of course; has the enough military gears and tools to deliver strikes, has some followers who would cheer for any such attack, but does not have and could not sustain a real war especially with so many of its assets at stake globally.

Let’s remember the last adventures involving US targeting Syrian elements, one of which was the 1983 Beirut bombing sending 241 Marines back to Reagan in body bags in a single blow.

George W. Bush managed to invade, destroy and occupy Iraq with the help of the Gulfies and of course his poodle in UK, but had to flee witt his tale between his legs after handing over the country to Syria and Iran in what is called the ‘Axis of Resistance’.

Syrian state does not retaliate a tit for tat, that’s not for a nation defending itself and taking in consideration the current situation it’s in. But Syria can cause irreversible damage not only to all of US allies in the region and US interests worldwide, but also to the US itself, keeping in mind the Syrians always keep the Samson option close to their chests and ready to use. Late Hafez Assad described it: ‘We master playing at the edge of the abyss, but when we fall, we only fall on top of our enemies bodies’.

This is no empty threat or warning, since day one of the fake Arab Spring orchestrated by NATO and regional stooges we kept warning Syria is not Iraq nor Libya. President Bashar Al-Assad also described it in an interview as early as October 2011 in the current crisis to deaf ears warning: “Syria is the hub now in this region. It is the fault line and if you play with the ground you will cause an earthquake… Do you want to see another Afghanistan, or tens of Afghanistans?”

The regime of Barack Obama followed the script written for it by their real owners, and now this lunatic madman who thinks he’s smart enough to strike some business deals in international politics.

A group of battleships near North Korea, thousands of US Marines in north and south of Syria, thousands more in nearby Iraq preventing Iraqi forces from ending the ISIS terrorists groups in Mosul, and some empty threats of sanctions against Iran, Russia and other normal countries won’t save the US and its boys from any retaliation and the inevitable will happen as this will keep dragging more players in the muds.

Russian president Putin and some of his officials didn’t reveal a secret yesterday when they informed about detected movements by terror groups to carry out further chemical attacks against civilians in 4 different regions in Syria to draw additional US stupid actions against the Syrian state. Either Trump is that stupid, or he’s playing the exact role written for him, or whoever would have filled that place.

image-Syria Dividing Map - Buffer Zones
Syria Dividing Map – Buffer Zones, screen shot from a TV political talk show with Lebanese political analyst Rafic Nasrallah [colored red in the north by Turkey, east by ISIS, south by Jordan , Israel, ISIS and Nusra, yellow is Kurdish dream state]
Those regions are the bases where the ‘No Fly Zones’ or ‘Buffer Zones’ promised by the regime of Trump would be established within Syria. Not to protect civilians of course, but to start slicing the country as they think it’s now or never especially with the SAA achieving major wins against ISIS, Nusra and other variants of al-Qaeda all over the country and moving to finish this horrible tool of the West used to destabilize, destroy and set the ground for invasions of countries, mainly Islamic countries.

The northern buffer zone will be established and run by the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood never to trust Erdogan, who managed to play the Russian president several times to the extent of making the Russians rescue his ailing economy and even save him from a military coup, huge mistakes by Russia.

The more dangerous zone is the one on the East covering the borders with Iraq and supposed to be filled by ISIS, Iraqi tribes sympathetic to ISIS and Wahhabism, and imported anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorist armies from poor countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and others using Saudi and Qatari money.

Southern suggested buffer zone to be managed by a joint Israeli-Jordanian NATO alliance using again factions of Nusra, ISIS and other branches of the FSA. Latest attacks by terrorists armed and smuggled by Jordan from the south to attack Daraa falls in this part of the war.

The always siding by the wrong parties, always losing Kurdish parties, well some of them, will lead a Kurdish led group to unite the yellow part in the northwest of Syria with its twin on the Iraqi side Kurdistan. This is a failed state before start as it’s surrounded by all enemies from all sides with no access to any sea, but many Kurdish leaders proved to be good toys in the hands of who pays them more or promise them more.

Delusional who thinks that Syria is not prepared to fight back and retaliate more forcefully than ever calculated for by the ‘strategists’ in the West. They might be able to deliver the first blow, but the 2nd blow will just blow in all their ugly faces, mark my words.

Syria is not targeted alone by this attack, the timing couldn’t be better for the Trump and those trumpeting for the war against Syria, while Iran is busy with its elections which will definitely be followed by acts of chaos and its 2nd phase of its Arab Spring chapter, which usually happens when the unwanted guy by the West wins the elections, any elections worldwide. Russia is next after both Syria and Iran, and of course North Korea, whose retaliation is unpredicted as much as the acts of the cowboy wannabe ruling the White House.

One of the side ‘gains’ wanted to be achieved by this dividing and destruction of Syria beside isolating it from Iran is cutting the lifeline of Hizbullah and other movements standing against Israel’s dream of reviving the ‘anti-Christ Kingdom’ aka ‘Greater Israel’. (study history to understand this). Hizbullah which is supposed to get busy fighting for its own life within Lebanon itself while Saudi raised Lebanese current prime minister son of former killed Lebanese prime minister Hariri is in power and his people cutting routes between Southern Lebanon and Beirut engaging Hizb in sideline battles of attrition to wear its power out and prepare the stage for a new Israeli invasion.

Any such conflict will with any doubt mark the final days of the USA the way we see it, the scenes of hundreds if not thousands of US troops returning home in body bags or vanishing would not be much pleasant for the US concerned citizens and the exhausting of the US economy and military power in such adventures will leave nothing for the US citizens to live on with more countries dumping the US currency for other ways of payments, which will be only exacerbated times fold during such war.

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