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US Led Coalition Massacres Hundreds of Civilians Using “Toxic Materials” in Hatla, Deir Ezzor

 Damascus, SANA_ The  General Command of the Army and Armed Forces said that the aircrafts of the so-called “US-led International Alliance” on Wednesday between the hour 17:30 and 17:50 carried out an airstrike against a position of ISIS terrorists that includes a large number of foreign mercenaries in the village of Hatla to the east of Deir Ezzor, causing a white cloud that became yellow as a result of the explosion of a huge store that includes a large amount of toxic materials.

In a statement issued Thursday, the Army General Command  stressed that the airstrike of the “US-led International Alliance” killed hundreds, including large numbers of civilians, due to the suffocation resulted from inhaling toxic substances.

[End SANA report]

Yesterday, SyriaNews reported on the impending plan to invade the Syrian Arab Republic, based on NATO/Gulfie underling orchestrated atrocities, to be blamed on Syria — for the purpose of imposing a new Sykes-Picot against the Syrian people.

Russian president Putin and some of his officials didn’t reveal a secret yesterday when they informed about detected movements by terror groups to carry out further chemical attacks against civilians in 4 different regions in Syria to draw additional US stupid actions against the Syrian state. Either Trump is that stupid, or he’s playing the exact role written for him, or whoever would have filled that place.  

The new, deadly plot is a resurrection of the death squad CIA’s 1983 geopolitical horror, BRINGING REAL MUSCLE TO BEAR AGAINST SYRIA , declassified in May 2008.

CNN, terrorists most trusted name in news, and friends to the supporters of child beheaders, has not yet broken this story; most likely, script re-writes are still in progress, to maximize the emotionalimpact, while further demonizing the elected president of the Syrian Arab Republic, Dr. Bashar al Assad.  Perhaps the rancid CNN is occupied in secret meetings to decide which transliteration of Hatla will be best consumed by their attentive voyeur-audience.

On 12 June 2013, the small town of Hatla, in Deir Ezzor countryside, was savagely attacked by Kuwaiti barbarians (part of the fake Syrian opposition, which is devoid of actual Syrian ‘rebels‘).  More than 60 Syrians were slaughtered by the invading pathogens, and dozens were kidnapped.  Among the murdered was a Shiite cleric and his family.

A leading Wahhabi cleric in Kuwait took a group of his fanatics and protested in front of the Lebanese embassy bragging about the crime and confessing to the slaughtering of the civilians especially the cleric and his young son. Shafi Ajami, the Wahhabi cleric received the details of the massacre, he claimed responsibility to, order from his cousin Saud Fayez Al-Houeila Al-Ajami who was leading the attacking herds of terrorists. The cleric promised to slaughter all Shiites in response to the liberation of Al-Qussayr city in Syria by the SAA from the NATO backed Al-Qaeda FSA cannibal terrorists one week earlier.

In July 2013, the anti-Islam wahhabi sex jihadists mourned the deaths of the demonic savages, by the Syrian Arab Army, defenders of the homeland.

Terrorist Saud Fayez Al-Houeli Al-Ajami sent to hell by SAA
Terrorist Saud Fayez Al-Houeli Al-Ajami sent to hell by SAA

SyriaNews continues to remind our readers of the previous fraud inflicted by Kuwait, with the help of Capitol Hill politicians, and war whoring msm:  It was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador to the US, pimped on television as intense emoticon, that led to genocide against Iraq, the country that had turned over its WMDs, and was destroyed, nonetheless.

1990, 15 yr old “Nariya” lied that she witnessed “Saddam’s troops” smash incubators and dozens of neonates in a Kuwaiti hospital. Criminally fake news wept, and did not know her father was the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US, Saudi Nasir al Sabah.

We remind our readers of the animal POTUS George W. Bush cracking jokes about the non-existent Iraqi WMDs, and the skank whores of the msm — which created a banquet of lines to pimp the genocide of 1.5 million Iraqi human beings — doubled over in fits of laughter:

We remind our readers of animal POTUS, droner-in-chief Barack H. Obama’s joke about murdering the Jonas Brothers, and that the skank whores of the msm again doubled over in fits of laughter.

Yesterday’s timing of animal POTUS Donald J. Trump’s disgusting comment came after the White House Whore-Correspondent annual dinner.  Surely, had it been during, the skank, STD-permeated msm whores, would have doubled over to  know that Trump rudely, sadistically, and maliciously informed his guest, China’s President Xi, that he had murdered 12 Syrians, over “the most beautiful slice of chocolate cake you’ve ever seen.”

Neolib, Syria-hating Huffington Post, though, jumped at the opportunity to propagate Trump‘s immoral bombing of the Syrianairbase.  HuffPo faked stupidity in not grasping Trump’s use of a delicious dessert as a marketing gimmick to smooth over his newest war crime against the SAR.  Instead of questioning animal Trump’s using CNN’s using a Brit illegal in Syria, a Brit illegal who had his license revoked, and who was previously arrested on kidnapping charges, this rag ran with a puff piece comparing various slices of chocolate cake.

Neolib HuffPo co-founded by Andrew Breitbart

Again, we remind our readers that the original 2013 anti-Syria chemical weapons campaign was  launched from Jerusalem and provided zero evidence according to NYT’s war pimp, David Sanger:

24 April 2013. NYT yellow urinalist Sanger — apparently rushing from his keyboard to his Skype account — subsequently whines to CNN yellow urinalist Amanwour that Brun offered no evidence at his press briefing: “He did not give us a sense of what direct evidence they had.”

In lieu of Sanger’s confession — that the retired Israeli brigadier general offered no evidence — embarrassing Amanwour to slow down on the psyops war propaganda, the news personality whose net worth is $12 million, doubled-down on CNN’s impunity.  While interviewing the word-fumbling newbie Syrian-American Medical Society, speaking from Erdoganstan, of course, Amanwour showed video clips of persons with dramatic shaving cream cum chemical weapons effects, as uncorroborated corroboration of the SAMS mouthpiece claim that Syria had used chemical weapons against Syria.

CNN’s Amanpour used this absurdity as evidence.

State Department SAMS ngo has been such a financial success that it is in the process of expanding, like some amorphous monster from 1950s Japanese movies. Though SAMS claims to advocate for “the protection of hospitals, health workers, civilians, and civilian infrastructure,” SAMS was mute when al Qaeda FSA bombed the Watani Hospital, Qusayr Homs, in 2012; SAMS was mute when al Qaeda FSA turned the al Kindi University Cancer Hospital to rubble, in December 2013; SAMS was mute when al Qaeda FSA bombed the Jisr al Shughur National Hospital in Idlib, 2015.

@Miri Wood Twitter blocked by SAMS rep Zaher Sahloul upon request to  see the Tennari fraudumentary shown in UN secret meeting, April 2015

Last week’s atrocities in Khan Sheikhoun were immediately propagandized against the Syrian people, their government, and their elected leader, using the word of an illegal in Syria, a man indicted on kidnapping charges, a man whose medical licence was yanked, a man embedded with terrorists, as sole authority that Syria had used chemical weapons against Syria.   Neither war criminal POTUS, nor war pimping msm made even the slightest pretense of a fake investigation, before conviction and execution.

Last week’s crimes against peace was a precursor to yesterday’s massacre by the US led war criminals.  The US appears to have issued a denial via UK’s tabloid, The Sun.  That Syria reported this news before CNN had a chance to “sex it up,” may have thwarted a new criminal attack on the SAR.

It is also important to remind our readers that it is the high-level NATO wetworker operatives who transport chemical weapons from Turkey, Israel, Saudistan, into Syria.  Only these high-level NATO wetworkers can be trusted to have the proper skills, and the abundance of patience required to control chaos.  It is NATO that has kept al Tabqa Dam hostage since February 2013.  The low-level savages who do the grunt work are the inbred garbage of the world, dumped into Syria, by countries that should have incarcerated them in facilities for the criminally insane.

It was once rumored that this lunatic carried GB in his mini-urinal.
The primitive “only know blood and bad words.”

The primitive cannot surpass their limited capabilities.  The attempt of the savages to upgrade to P4, in May 2013, failed because of their stupidity.  When they upgraded to HCN, in al Ghouta, August 2013, they also slaughtered so many of their own that they politely asked “Prince Bandar” to train them before giving them chemical missiles.

When American illegal in Syria, Matthew VanDyk had warned unemployed gamer Eliot “BM” Higgins that al Qaeda FSA had chemical weapons and was prepared to use them to blame on the winning the war President al Assad, the US merc left out the part about high-level wetworkers controlling both the materials, the the expendable cannon fodder savages.

As the US war criminal president, and the well-paid criminal liars of the msm — those he previously attacked as fake news! — continue along the path of simultaneous brainwashing and destruction, it is essential that honest thinkers not fall prey to disinformation, misinformation, and absurd rumors.  The high-level NATO operatives plan, patiently wait for timing instructions, choreograph, create new Rat Lines…while the low-level inbred primitive ilk blow themselves up.

UPDATES:  SANA‘s headline has changed the number of casualties in Hatla from “dozens” to “hundreds.” CNN is currently ignoring the slaughter.  Ivanka Trump is happy.

CNN’s Clarissa Ward, right, has illegally entered the SAR multiple times, embedding herself with takfiri

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