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White Helmets Prepare another Chemical Attack False Flag in Idlib

Oscar Award White Helmets Al Qaeda propaganda arm taking selfie after shooting false flag movie

White Helmets have again been caught in yet another preparation for a false flag in Idlib, Syria, according to intelligence received through the Russian Coordination Center. The stethoscope-less, CPR-ignorant and incompetent baggers are being exposed in another plot to engage bombings of facilities and slaughter of civilians in the unilateral de-escalation zones.

Over the years, the Jabhat al Nusra fraud responders/kidnappers/organ thieves/killers/terrorists/looters have received tens of millions of dollars from NATO countries such as the US and UK — with the US reporting $33 million courtesy of the taxpayer, between 2013 and 2018 — yet they make no pretense of having the most rudimentary emergency care skills.

Query them on these lack of skills, the lack of a stethoscope, and expect a block in lieu of an answer, and then do not be surprised when they produce a video with scuba gear in the recovery of a drowned boy, with no explanation of how they came to look for the child’s body that was still on the bottom of the river bed.

The terrorist, armed insurrectionist Helmets have been the source of the criminal lies of the utterly corrupt OPCW, in all of their reports defaming Syria.

Syria News consistently reports on false-flag plots.

Exposing them pre-emptively is the most efficient way to possibly thwart them.

Active false flags slaughter civilians and then are used as cover for NATO countries to engage in humanitarian bombings of countries whose sovereignty they wish to annihilate. When the FSA terrorists killed Syrian civilians in al Ghouta, August 2013, Obama was preparing to bomb Syria.

Children victims of alleged chemical attack
Children victims of the alleged chemical attack near Damascus, Ghouta 2013.

Prior to the atrocity in Ghouta, warmongering stenography media had already primed the NATO public to accept the chemical hoax false flags, courtesy of war propagandists such as Le Monde‘s Jean-Philippe Remy — illegally embedded with FSA terrorists in the S.A.R. — and CNN‘s Christiane Amanpour, who shamelessly showed photos of shaving cream as uncorroborated evidence of chemical weapons use.

On 4 April 2017, the Helmets slaughtered dozens of the more than 200 recently kidnapped Syrians, in Khan Sheikhoun, utilizing the quick acting poison developed in a ‘‘makeshift lab” in Turkey, 2012. Trump almost immediately, and single-handedly bombed Syria based on the heinous mass murder (and degenerate necrophiliac abuse of murdered children’s bodies) and on the lies of the al Qaeda Helmets.

One year later, Jaish al Islam, SAMS, and the al Qaeda Helmets were unified in their chemical lies in Douma, where hundreds of Syrians again had been kidnapped. Dozens were slaughtered, their bodies dumped like garbage. Dozens of kids were grabbed from their moms, tossed into makeshift ”hospitals” where their backs were thumped, where they were stripped and doused with cold water, or where some sadist ridiculously wrapped them in bandages and fake tubing, to stand for photo shoots — along with naked murdered babies.

Despite the massive, immediate, evidence provided by the White Helmets themselves, that there was no chemical attack — simply evidence of mass killings and necrophilia photo shoots — Trump, May, and Macron bombed Syria (and various newsmen three days older than dirt were able to leave their Viagra in their medicine cabinets), based on the lies of al Qaeda.

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The NATO/Nazi UNSC junta monthly meetings of the chemical hoax ‘Syria files’ are becoming repetitiously boring, and this gang of unindicted war criminals needs to have them more relevant, via another false flag attack against the Levantine Republic.

Nazi Kurt Waldheim became President of Austria before becoming 4th SG of the UN
Nazi Kurt Waldheim became President of Austria before becoming 4th SG of the UN

Such an excuse would likely up their war profiteer portfolios. Such murderous greed makes the stakes higher.

Another false flag would increase the coffers of the insurrectionist, terrorist White Helmets.
Proper headline: Lots of Money in Genocide! Bomb Away!

Additionally, the fraud responder White Helmets have not been given a taxpayer-funded raise in some time, and have fallen from stenography media. The Guardian was forced to replace the ghastly, staged, rescue scene of the boy brutalized into unconsciousness when Syria News pointed out — several times — that this child was used in two photoshoots.

Details on the latest plot to use the White Helmets in another false flag attempt are scarce. This is of no matter; it must be exposed, and Syria News readers must be reminded of some previous atrocities of the contra White Helmets.

Miri Wood

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  1. Nora Booher

    If one psychopath does the killing and another psychopath does the reporting; has there in fact been any crime committed? And, on the larger issue of psychopaths in general; are they even responsible for their own actions? Or, are they in essence just another act of God, for which nature has no control?
    700-years-ago the plague killed over 100 million people in Europe, caused by a force of nature known as rats and fleas, today though we know that it was caused by poisoned wells; but isn’t that still a force of nature? If psychopaths and sociopaths aren’t responsible for their actions; then isn’t NATO, the US, the UK and other such psychopathic entities totally innocent of whatever behavior it might be that they engage in?
    It would seem that the answer to that question would be a resounding yes, so why would these same psychopaths who apparently don’t know the difference between right and wrong; be able to suddenly mount their high horses, and claim that someone else had committed a crime?
    Seems to me that they should first admit their complicity in the 100 million dead, first, before they start engaging themselves in even more murders in Syria.

  2. Muhammad Turkmani

    Don’t they ever get tired? Not from doing what they’re paid to do, it’s a job they chose, but from the fruitlessness of their latest attempts? It’s not 2018 anymore, and no more bombing like before, on the contrary, this time it’ll expedite their end.


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