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Testing Credibility on Syria? Not While Suspension of Disbelief Exists


This was to have been a short report on Syria’s UN Ambassador, testing the credibility of Nikki Haley, on 9 April. However, SyriaNews came under massive and sustained attack on that date. The cyber attack was meant to censor sanity in preparation for the upcoming tripartite aggression, the war criminal bombings of Syria by humanity’s leading perpetrators of genocide: France, UK, US — based on the provable lies of al-Qaeda in the SAR. 

The only thing preventing the war criminals from dropping to their knees is that the Saudi ‘royals’ prefer MERS infected camels.


Throughout this year, the psychotic UN hyenas ignored all the massacres of Syrian civilians, via mortars and missiles fired from terrorist-occupied Douma.  They held meeting after meeting, citing al-Qaeda as their source material. They held secret meetings in DC. They wept crocodile tears as the al-Qaeda branch in Douma, Jaish al Islam, safely got on the buses to Turkey-occupied Jarabulus.  One faction of the terrorists balked at the agreement, and decided to pimp another story about a fraudulent chemical attack; after all, the Nusra branch of al-Qaeda in Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib previously demonstrated that the media and essential politicians would fully support any atrocity they committed and blamed on the government.

Let’s test the credibility of the US ambassador said His Excellency, Bashar al Ja’afari to the Security Council, as the lying lunatic Nikki Haley turned her back and walked out, her 6 lemmings scurrying behind. Haley — dubbed “Samantha Power on bath salts” by some watchers of diplomats — had to leave.  She needed to clean the emesis from her mouth, having just re-regurgitated the lies of criminal sociopaths in Syria, for the nth time since she became an undiplomat.

Diplomatic raises are based on “productivity,” which includes screaming criminal lies the loudest.
“The genetically altered Syrian opposition” friends of Haley & the axis of evil

Ambassador Jaafari proceeded to test her credibility, asking about those Iraqi WMD that have still not been found, despite 18 years of searching; asking about how chemical elements discriminate against bearded, armed terrorists who are never harmed by such things, but live to tell the fabrications that should defy credulity, but do not.

credibility, noun:  the quality of being believable or worthy of trust

H.E. Jaafari excluded from “closed consultations” 10 April 2018.

This noun is so rarely used that it may be eradicated from the next edition of the Ministry of Truth Newspeak dictionary.  In the interim, the success of Operation Mockingbirdbrain has allowed credibility to be replaced with suspension of disbelief, the foundation of all good movie scripts.  Is there another way to explain the madness of the US, UK, and France — historically, the leading perpetrators in genocide — being on the verge of bombing the Syrian Arab Republic because of the lies of the terrorists who have been funded and armed by these countries?

Butcher of Iraq & butcher of Yugoslavia shown holding hands above an article supporting US ‘plans against Syria.’ Both mass murders want Syria destroyed.

Who is available to test credibility when the $12 million net worth Amanpour uses shaving cream as uncorroborated corroboration of GB use (2013) and interviews international lawyers (2017) who want Dr. Assad tried by the international court — and she notes that one of her guests prosecuted Milosevic, but omits that Milosevic was (posthumously) exonerated?

H.E. al Jaafari quoting Egyptian Nobel Laureate Najib Mahfouz to the rabid & deaf UN hyenas

This is a small sampling of the scum that H.E. Jaafari refers to as genetically altered Syrian opposition

A small sample of the 350k foreign pathogens dumped into the SAR.


On 7 April, terrorists and/or terrorist supporters of Jaish, White Helmets, and SAMS corroborated in a malignant provocation that claimed just before the last busloads of takfiri savages were about to be shipped north, Syria was suddenly seized by the compulsion to bomb them with the non-existent GB-chlorine combo chemical weapon.  The blatant lack of credibility was shown in the savages’ own video. This video was used by the tripartite aggressor war criminals, US, UK, France, to illegally bomb Syria.  The most dramatic snippets were used by deep state media propagandists, to pimp support for the criminal bombings.  Showing more than nanoseconds forces the viewing audience to see there was not a single “patient” in either respiratory or neurological distress.  Screengrabs from the savages’ own video were dissected here.  Clearly visible is that motherless children were traumatized, brutalized, stripped naked and saturated with cold water.

This is the wet, shivering, naked baby who gets an inhaler shoved into her mouth before getting her back beaten.
Now soaked boy wipes water from his eyes. Baby on bed is soaked & shivering.


Before analyzing the most morally reprehensible photos and screenshots taken by psychotics who belong locked up in facilities for the criminally insane, we shall look at a few photos that are merely idiotic, only believed by the moronically afflicted.

Here we have a fake patient, showing 6 insertions, 1 pleurovac, a nasal cannula to no oxygen source, a botch job of an antecubital IV insertion. 2 bags which would fall from their tubing, in real life.  And he is walking.  

…& 3 photographers. One might half expect to have also seen a partridge in a pear tree, nearby.
A close-up of the idiocy, which includes pristine dressings except for the botch job fake IV insertion at the elbow.

Here we have the sideways bomb, possibly the impossible GB-chlorine combo, which crashed through the window (not the roof, ahem), landing neatly on the bed.  Note the expensive gas mask, and do ignore the fact that his skin is unprotected, despite GB also being transdermal.

The head & ear of this terrorist are clearly exposed.

Here is another terrorist wearing an expensive gas mask, while his skin remains exposed — while he carries a half-naked baby with his hands uncovered.

Half-naked baby likely among those massacred for the terrorists’ snuff porn propaganda.

Match the credibility of the above idiocy, to similarly ridiculous photos from al-Nusra occupied Khan Sheikhoun, April 2017.  The OPCW was too afraid of the terrorists to send investigators in, but were satisfied to accept fake forensics such as that culled from the brave terrorist collecting GB while in sandals and a useless paper surgical mouth and nose mask:

Credibility vs. idiocy.


With few exceptions such as that of Tucker Carlson asking serious questions to former UK Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, virtually all MSM were on the same page in supporting the tripartite war criminals bombing the SAR. The sole complaint from these whorish sources was that not enough of Syria was destroyed by the illicit bombings.  Fake conservative Fox News’ support of al-Qaeda against Syria has been indistinguishable from that of CNN, terrorists most trusted name in news.

Arwa Damon in ”northern Syria” did an exclusive on sniffing a backpack.  Previously, she had done an exclusive on sniffing Idlib (in hijab, though).

Previously & exclusively sniffing Idlib with terrorist Helmets, Damon’s other animal imitation was clawing with both hands.

In its sniffing exclusive, CNN was so excited that someone neglected to edit out the little boy walking around the camp with a gun in each hand.

Oops goes the credibility, again.

Fox and CNN offered the same credibility and credulity testing, interviewing the same sociopath — allegedly a Syrian refugee who survived the 2013 Ghouta chemical attack — who cheered the bombings.  Nobody asked what civilized human being would want to see any part of his country destroyed.

As Fox is also press liaison for alQaeda in Syria, no need to note that the terrorists admitted they received missiles with CWs from ‘Prince Bandar, who should have taught us how to use them.’
CNN also interviewed the criminally insane to legitimize war crimes.

It is unknown if he was compensated for having to take off from his manual day laborer farm job, but as he also showed up in lesser-known media, he may be being primed for another creepy, fake reality tv entertainment.

Day job?

DemoncracyNow! went a step further, introducing the gusano Syrian!  If this one’s bio is true, her family emigrated to the US when she was 9 (was that the age of Chalabi, when his family left Iraq? Remember Chalabi, to whom the US taxpayer gave $120k/month for his ‘intelligence’?).  Yet here she is, giving an audience to complain that the US has not turned Syria into a Libya-type landmass.

Alt-left war crimes pimp introduces the gusano-Syrian brigade.

Watching the credibility testing propaganda media of the tripartite war criminals, one might not know that there were actually Hands off Syria! international protests.  Philly was one such city, with a couple hundred persons of all age groups demanding an end to perpetual war.

Phillyans rallied for Hands off Syria.
From the City of Brotherly Love, to Syria & to war criminal politicians.
No wars on Syria.

The most contemptuous in the tests of credibility came from the corrupt tweets of the ICRC.  While feigning impartiality, the timing of its post could not be interpreted as coincidental.  Its pinned tweet of 8 April, flunked the credibility test, completely.

One day after al-Qaeda lied about a chemical attack, ICRC shamelessly pinned this.

ICRC offered test questions and continued implying the chemical hoax was real, and letting the reader make the inference as to the culprit.

This author responded by condemning ICRC’s shameless disinfo op, obviously directed at the SAR.

Responses to the ICRC credibility testing tweets were ignored, so this author gave it one final try.

Replying to @ICRC: To be clear (since you appear unwilling):  NO medical area can exist without authorization from host country. EMBLEM must be clearly shown. A terrorist kidnapper is NOT a ‘health worker’ simply because another terrorist says he is.

Tweeting ICRC international law to the ICRC was Kafkaesque.

Let this author now engage in a bit of strange irony, in reminding the ICRC of the ICRC’s Nuremberg Principle VI.  Crimes against peace are punishable under international law, including participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i).

ICRC twitter account betrays the ICRC Nuremberg charters. Another flunk in credibility testing.

SyriaNews offers two other reminders, the credibility of which has been proven as accurate:  An old one, and a new one.

A partial list of war crimes committed by France, by England, by the US.


In 1960, the US Navy announced a design called the KISS principle.  The coarse acronym stands for keep it simple, stupid.  Turning that which is simple into something absurdly complicated is always an act of futility.   One only needs to watch the full video provided by the terrorists, themselves, to see there was not a single person in respiratory or neurological distress, in the reputed underground ‘clinic.’  There were several motherless children being brutalized, having their heads twisted, being stripped naked and doused with cold water, left shivering.  That the scum, international media merely showed dramatic snippets is irrelevant; a look at the full video shows there was no chemical attack.

Instead of fighting back with the obvious, too many have joined in the impotent, derivative fighting, neglecting the stark reality provided by the savages.  Robert Fisk — with his long history of malicious writing against Syria and its president, takes a trip to the “subterranean”  alleged clinic where an alleged doctor says no gas, but hypoxia and Syria’s allies lose their proverbial sh*t.  Hypoxia is a lower than normal oxygen saturation in the body. Superficially, it is tested with a pulsoximeter with normal readings between 95-100%.  If the superficial readings are low, arterial blood gases (ABGs) are drawn from the artery and sent to the lab to be tested.   Again, there was nobody in respiratory distress among those getting inhalers uselessly shoved into their mouths.  There was no pulsox seen, nor was anyone viewed drawing an ABG.

Vesti News — yes, neo-McCarthyite, it is Russian — did an excellent report exposing the credibility testing of the chemical hoax claimed by the terrorists of Jaish al [Wahhabi], White Helmets, and SAMS.  It was intelligent, accurate, and made understandable to the layperson.

The video provided by the al-Qaeda human beasts with two legs and the excellent news report by Vesti should have been sufficient to expose the blatant lack of credibility, the hoax for that which it was: An excuse for the world’s leading colonialists, perpetrators of genocide, to bomb the Syrian Arab Republic.

Instead, the tactical blunder was made to bring 17 witnesses to The Hague, to tell the suits who have armed, funded, and facilitated the transportation of the world’s human garbage into the SAR, that there was no chemical attack. Surely the trip itself must have been wonderful for these people who had spent the past 5 years under terrorist occupation, starvation, slave labor, being paraded around in cages.  Otherwise, it has been a wasted tactic in futility.

Who could possibly have been surprised that the well-manicured savages would insult the witnesses, and would accuse Syria and Russia into scaring them to tell the very same truth that is so obviously corroborated in the original video? That all of these people could have freely gotten onto the buses with the Jaish al Islam terrorists, was not considered by the lying liars.

Last buses of “filthiest of filth” savages were safely transported from Douma. Upwards of 3k murders & their families left…

Further testing credibility, these masters of the terrorists not only ignored the fact that these human beasts were transported in safety, these war criminals were completely mute when Syrian families filled the Faiha Stadium, waiting to be reunited with their kidnapped families, held hostage by various factions of al-Qaeda deployed against Syria. The Saudi-sponsored Jaish savages reported 3,500.  A mere 200 were released to their families.

Faiha Stadium, 8 April, where hundreds of families of kidnapped awaited the buses of released abductees.

Let us not forget that the countries of these liars have armed and funded terrorists, dumped their own human garbage into the SAR, and gave them the Newspeak name of “opposition.”

Dr. Jaafari has offered the rabid P3 hyenas bus rides to Idlib, Erdogan-occupied Jarabulus, & visits to liberated Aleppo. He has also invited them to take in their terrorists as ‘refugees.’

SyriaNews again shares that video because the horror of the massacre (beginning at 1:57) must be analyzed, beyond our previous exposure of the brutalization of children in the al-Qaeda ‘clinic’ video, their missing mothers, and the perverted gender segregation of the corpses of those the terrorists slaughtered.  Two days before the takfiri chemical hoax propaganda, these minions of Iblis moved their abductees held captive in the al-Qaeda Tobah ‘prison.’ The hideous plot was another slaughter, snuff propaganda as Orwellian justification of war crimes by US, UK, France.

We expect the media whores to create the most outrageous fabrications.  We expect the war whore criminal politicians to continue being war whore criminals.

Proper headline: Lots of Money in Genocide! Bomb Away!

There is no excuse for those in the viewing audience to believe the idiotic claim that these Syrians — mostly women and children — were in a shelter, and died on the spot from the non-existent GB-chlorine combo of which all of the savages of Jaish, White Helmets, and SAMS have miraculous immunity.  It is impossible that morons of such blatant stupidity can walk the planet.  The unshelter was likely another Syrian home, illegally appropriated by the western and Gulfies savages (see screenshots at the bottom half of this report. Several homes in Aleppo were stolen and destroyed, while an American illegal received awards for his fraudumentary, with scenes from ‘appropriated’ homes.).  Watch this disgusting death cult video, and then study the screenshots.

The obviously appropriated home has obviously been used as a refuse heap, and these serial killer pathogens dumped their murder victims as though they were garbage.

(The video is also available on BitChute:

The NYT — which never met a war provocation it did not glorify — ignores all semblance of credibility in publishing this photo from the savage White Helmets.  In the video, they and other terrorists do not wear protective garb.  The viewer is expected to believe these slaughtered victims were standing on each others shoulders, while others stuffed like sardines in a can, and all fell down.

Testing credibility: Were Nuremberg Statutes applied, NYT writers would be indicted for crimes against peace.

Dumped corpses were also rearranged.


To the right of the massacred by the terrorists children’s bodies, one dumped on top of another, note the dog empty and dirty water bowl.  There is no dog in the video, dead or alive.  This is also the 3rd time the murdered boy in the blue striped sweater has had his body desecrated.

Even the empty water bowl tests the credibility of the psychotic hoax, used as skank cover for war crimes.

Unlike the living fake-afflicted in April 2013, when a ridiculous amount of shaving cream was squirted onto the faces of the acting troupe (and which the $12 million net worth Amanwour used as uncorroborated corroboration of a GB attack), the abused corpses of the Douma snuff-slaughtered were painted in a more subtle fashion (details to follow).

In 2013, CNN’s Amanwour was not embarrassed to show excessive shaving cream as evidence of a GB attack. Photo courtesy of Moon of Alabama


Credibility is crushed by the weight of sadistic impunity, as the NYT and other deep state media flaunt malignant sociopaths, serial killers of aal-Qaeda (and its various offspring, such as Jaish and ISIS) as legitimate source material for the Douma chemical hoax.

alQaeda terrorists were the sole sources of the Douma chemical hoax.
alQaeda pathogen Mansour Abo Alkher was the source for NYT’s ‘suffocation’ lies.

In 2013, this savage mourned the death of an ISIS terrorist:

Jaish-ISIS-alQaeda terrorist friend of the NYT source.

Also  in 2013, the NYT now favorite terrorist wrote that he was ‘on the path’ of Abdul Saleh, al Nusra terrorist killed by the Syrian Arab Army.  Saleh — formerly wanted for drug smuggling —  was responsible for the theft of Aleppo factories, the burning of its ancient souks, kidnapping, extortion, desecration of a mosque and many other such noble character traits cherished by the New York Times.


In 2014, NYT’s bff mourned the death of an ISIS suicide bomber in Eastern Ghouta, one of those Tunisian “genetically altered Syrian rebels.”

NYT Douma chemical hoax source mourned Turnisian suicide bomber in Eastern Ghouta.

The Times’ ISIS-alQaeda-Jaish-Nusra source was the photographer of the kidnapped Syrian women, put in cages and driven through the streets.

#MeToo not applicable to Syrian women kidnapped by alQaeda? Credibility?

NYT’s dear friend was a supporter of savage Alloush, the mastermind terrorist who oversaw the massacre against Adra, when a police station was annihilated, a hospital invaded and a nurse beheaded, 200 persons baked to death in industrial ovens:


Here is a lovely photo of the armed killer, the source the NYT shows such credibility in sourcing:

Imagine this armed killer headed to the NYT building.

As though these photos and comments from NYT’s pathogen pal AboAlkher were not appalling enough, the psychotic also posted two photos of a dead, premature, baby.  One’s blood may curdle imagining how he came into possession of this baby, gestational age likely 6-7 months.


I might show facts as plain as day:  But since your eyes are blind, you’d say “Where? What?” and turn away. — Christina Rossetti


The fake ”moderate opposition” armed, funded, and deployed against Syria has been alQaeda demons, from the beginning. It is of no matter of noms du jour these psychotics have taken (e.g., FSA, Nusra, HTS, Jaish, ISIL, ISIS), their bloodthirsty barbarity is unprecedented in both horror and international support. Let us remember it was those ‘moderates’ who engaged in cannibalism, throwing mailmen from a roof top, slicing up a vegetable vendor (as they forced him to walk through town, slowly bleeding to death), blowing up Sheikh al Bouti in a mosque, turning a cancer hospital into rubble.

Who is the more degenerate? The psychotic Abu Sakkar, who had himself videoed butchering a murdered Syrian soldier & devouring his organs, or the perverts of msm, who vied for a cherished interview with him? BBC scum won that prized award, while other de Sade journalists were reduced to writing derivative odes to this monster, legitimizing him, romanticizing his malignant sociopathy.


As we continue to test credibility, we must finally address the proverbial elephant in the room.  It is long overdue, and its grotesque repugnancy can no longer be used as an excuse for procrastination.  The takfiri savages are necrophiliacs, and always have been.

Those criminal politicians and journalistic whores who cheer them as freedom fighters are also necrophiliacs, by extension.  These demons do not merely slaughter in the most heinously sadistic ways, but they also demonstrate their foul paraphilia for the world to see.

Terrorist White Helmets: Not enough to massacre conscripted soldiers, they stand upon their bodies after stealing their boots.

Syrian soldiers who were slaughtered in Daraa last year, also had their bodies dumped onto a truck. They were then taken to a dump site where their corpses were further abused, beheaded.  The voracious, rabid hyenas of Capitol Hill — including Kinzinger who was hashtagging #SaveDaraa [terrorist necrophiliacs] as though his life depended on it, made himself a necrophiliac by proxy, supporting the abominable paraphilia.

‘Filthiest of filth’: Armed savage stands beside truck filled with bodies of SAA martyrs. These are the degenerates supported by degenerates like Trump, May, Macron, Kinzinger.

Syrian women were not merely slaughtered.  Their bodies were tread upon, and photos were taken.  Where is the credibility in the msm braying like yahoos over “fake news” who ignored this massacre of women, another in a long series of femicide against Syrian women?

Who wept for these Syrian women, massacred in al Zahra, whose corpses were then abused?


Kidnapping, brutalization, organ theft, and butchery of Syrian children by the moderate behemoths beloved by the world’s leaders in genocide, and their lying deep state media has been an ongoing horror since the beginning of the foreign imposed terrorism crisis against the SAR.  However, it was not until the massacre in Khan Sheikhoun that pedo-necrophilia became codified.  War pimping msm legitimized the perverse sexualization of children’s bodies.

Nusra, White Helmets, and likely SAMS (this blood-sucking NGO brags about being the source of the chemical weapons lies supported by the shameless OPCW) were involved in the kidnappings in nearby villages of Majal and Khattah.  The abductees were stolen to create the hideous snuff pornography which in turn became the excuse of Trump to bomb Syria for alQaeda.

Whose depraved mind decided to not only slaughter children, but to stage their naked and almost naked bodies using the guidelines of western classical art?  Is the word degenerate forceful enough to condemn the disgusting abomination of digitally painting a colorful hat on a murdered child’s private parts, and painting matching underwear on another’s?

Such an abomination is beyond credibility, beyond impunity.

That the media did not condemn the deviance of the terrorists, but normalized it, and supported the war criminal bombing of Syria based on it, creates the inference that the various editorial boards are also filled with the most wretched of sexual perverts.

This picture/scene from the alleged chemical attack in Syria yesterday [4 April 2017, Khan Sheikhoun] was clearly set up and deliberately and perversely modeled not only as a orgy, but also morbid, macabre pedophilia-cum-horror — by someone well versed in art and tradition of Western classical painting.  This photo has also been very popular with all the established fellow travelers and bedfellows of al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria.  This is, indeed, true war porn. A psy-op served to the public in order to whitewash and promote al Qaeda or the genocidal war on Syria via al Qaeda proxy.

Snuff porn murders followed by pedonecrophilia photo ops.

This is the war pimping, pro-snuff porn and pedonecrophilia headline and photo of the 8 April NYT:

Credibility of the NYT: Support of alQaeda lies, murders, pedonecrophilia.

A closer look at this hideous photograph shows two murdered babies on the floor, near to a trash bin. These babies have been stripped almost naked for no purpose other than to appeal to the most perverse of sexual perverts. Post mortem, the boy has had a useless intubation tube taped to his mouth.  He has three useless EKG electrodes on his chest, and not one, but two useless ambu bags against his lifeless body, and a Band-Aid on his knee.  The murdered, half-naked baby girl is propped up to enhance the dramatic suspension of disbelief (refer to the video of this “Point 200” alleged underground clinic video, in which nobody is seen in any acute distress).  Something unidentifiable has been digitally painted between her legs:

Snuff porn, war porn, pedonecrophilia.

And, because murdering children and abusing their corpses is not horrific enough, the depraved involved in setting the stage has added more sadism.  Look at that ghostly thing attached to the bed frame; it it an origami voodoo doll?

Credibility of the NYT et. al: Savagery & sadism.

Similar sadism flaunted by the “Douma City (Local) Coordination (Council)” affixing its pretty still life art logo to the stills of the slaughtered whose corpses were dumped like garbage into the fake shelter.

Testing credibility or flaunting sadism & mass murder?


The lack of credibility of alQaeda and affiliates against Syria, and that of scum Vichy urinals and urinalists supporting them does not diminish simply because the Amanwour and Sahloul excessive shaving cream flapdoodle was replaced with more subtle fake frothing added to the bodies of the slaughtered. Pulmonary edema results in some excessive fluid in the lungs being removed via the mouth (it occurs in the living, by the way).  There are many ways to create dramatic froth (google ‘how to create foaming at the mouth’ for examples), which can not magically appear in those in extensive decomposition.

This poor man’s body — segregated in the men’s room of the fake shelter — has been decomposing for an extended period of time as has this woman’s.  Neither body would be ‘frothing.’

Paraphiliac affinity to corpses need not always be overtly sexual to be considered necrophilia.
Fake froth on a woman’s corpse that was not newly dead.

Gel was smeared on this murdered little girl’s face. Once again, the takfiri make-up artist defies credibility and gravity.


Instead of painting this murder victim with gel or toothpaste or Alka Seltzer, some deviant placed a trash bag filled with trash, over his or her head.


Degenerate paints a bubble onto the nose of a murdered baby and the media pretends to give him credibility. Nobody is this stupid.


Do note that in the porn video — whose beginning shows no one in respiratory distress in the alleged ‘clinic’ — the numbers of shoes stolen from their murder victims, by the killers.  These NATO and Gulfies-owned savages commit mass murder, abuse corpses in heinous ways, and steal their shoes (also one pair of pants).


True health care professionals treat the deceased with immense respect and reverence, in memory of the human being who once existed. 

This vicious post mortem ‘care’ was provided by the savages (mostly likely also the killers of these babies) in March, in Eastern Ghouta.  Annie Sparrow, the Syria-hating physician wife of HRW’s Syria-hating Ken Roth (”compensated” more than $500,000 annually for his war pimping) tweeted it, suggesting she shares the similar moral character with the infamous Josef Mengele.

Credibility-wise, this degeneracy could result in license suspension for moral turpitude.

Post  mortem care is performed with dignity and solemnity.  Here we have the stethoscope-less, savage White Helmets Fake Responders carrying a body as though he were a sack trash. The stealing of this murder victim’s shoes may have been difficult, as his body appears to still be in rigor.

No civilized ‘first responder’ would handle a body in such a wretched way. Anyone who believes White Helmets garbage to be ‘heroes’ is also deviant, garbage.

The complete photograph shows 6 murdered children — all of whom have had their shoes stolen — and appears to have been taken by a necrophiliac liar braying about the alQaeda chemical hoax, who claims to do ‘freelance’ work for an Erdoganstan – based medium.

Is there really no question of credibility, here?



On 14 April, based on verbal reports from alQaeda in Syria (White Helmets, Jaish terrorists, SAMS) and their own snuff porn video, the world’s leaders of genocide bombed the Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries Research Institute in Barzeh, Syria.  Deep state media — alt-right, alt-left, alt-neutral — cheered.  The western terrorists in suits touched themselves and each other, while the Gulfies who wear tents touched their camels.

Oops, wrong photo.
Oops, again.
Theresa May holds non-existent GB-chlorine combo forensics provided by alQaeda in Syria.
‘Sleepy eyes’ swamp-drunk Trump was condemned not for war crimes, but for not enough war crimes.
Trump & the Frog also did much touching during their post criminal bombing visit.

The criminal liars and media liaisons lied that the research facility was a chemical weapons factory that churned out CWs of the type to which alQaeda takfiri have natural immunity.  They claimed there was no relationship hazard between bombing CWs and CWs being released into the atmosphere, suggesting a pyelorization despite the bombs not being mini-nukes. Unshockingly,  the paid journalists all had amnesia regarding the dilemma of dealing with stockpiles and GB leaks in a Kentucky, US facility, in 1989.

WaPo wrote about CWs & leaks in 1989.

The intention of the malignant western leaders was another round of menticide; bombings of schools, intellectuals, professors, and real hospitals (not caves) has been ongoing since the early days of the crisis, via moderates of the criminally insane.

Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries Research Institute, pre-bombing by Trump, May & Macron. Imagine if this crime were committed against MIT.
A Syrian scientist at work in his science lab.

Should credibility also suffer double standards?

The OPCW reported in March 2018, that it had completed two investigations of the Barzeh and Jamraya facilities in November 2017, that both were used  for reported purposes.  Yet OPCW’s own work is ignored unless it breaches standards of the forensic chain of custody, and replaces scientific study with verbal reports from terrorists.

In the further dramatization, the discredited OPCW DG Ahmet Uzumcu has announced plans to exhume bodies of the snuff porn victims.  He provided no details on such logistics: Did the necrophiliacs dump their victims into a mass grave  and leave behind a map when the got on the buses to Jarabulus?


On 5 December 2012 FSA terrorists uploaded a chemical weapons threat against Syria, from a lab hidden in Turkey. Two rabbits were killed via VX.  The request from Syria for an investigation into this heinous threat was ignored by the UN.  On 21 December 2012, a second terminal video was uploaded.  It threatened the Syrian Arab Republic with a new and versatile poison which the anti-Islam wahhabi sex jihadists viciously named “sunnah2.”  The threat was to dump it into the Alsinn natural water source for Lattakia, and that this poison could also be spread via missiles, mortar, and rockets.

The terrorist was preciously protected while forcing the rabbit to ingest the poison.  The death throes of the dying rabbit –including agonal breathing, which cannot be acted — was the same as the death throes of the children slaughtered by the Nusra Helmets and associates, in Khan Sheikhoun, 4 April 207.  This offers strong evidence that the same poison was used against the rabbit, and against the kidnapped children.  Such evidence explains why the full White Helmets video was stuffed down the orwellian memory hole, and also why the Helmets, SAMS, and Jaish did not show their victims dying in the Douma video.  That no fake first responder was injured in Douma or Khan Sheikhoun provides evidence that the fast-acting, deadly poison is neither transdermal nor pneumonic (and also primitive enough for the savages to use).

Of note:  YouTube has also outted itself as part of the deep state, but censoring all channels of Syrian patriots who have captioned alQaeda videos into English.

The video on Dtube


SyriaNews has done extensive reporting on the activities of the “Syrian American Medical Society,” a US-based NGO that has made a fortune from pimping criminal lies against the SAR.  Though its 2013 IRS (US) filing states that its tax-exempt status relates to provision of “scholarships to medical students” and “medical relief to needy patients of Syrian descent,” its “work” has involving assisting terrorists in Syria, speaking before the P3 mafiosi in the UN, holding fund-raisers around the world (and possibly engaging in human vivisection).

SAMS 2013 tax return.

This is Hamza al Khatib. Though not American, he is claimed as a member of SAMS, and was frequently interviewed as one of the many “lasts” in pre-reunification of Aleppo, late 2016.

Channel 4 is also indictable under Nuremberg Principle VI.

Here is non-American-yet-SAMS al Khatib with his arm around Mayof Abu Bahr:

Credibility of SAMS: One of its own, with a child beheader.

Abu Bahr was one of the FSA al Zinki branch who kidnapped 12 year old Syrian-Palestinian Abdullah Issa from a hospital, and cut off his head with a kitchen knife, in 2016.  American terrorist/illegal Kareem — once cheered as ‘last western journalist in Aleppo’ — lied the child was a man, and that the boy’s beheaders really were under a lot of stress at that time in their lives.

Abu Bahr is the bald guy who hides his baldness with cap while tormenting 12 yr old Abdullah.

Abdullah’s last request was to be shot, not beheaded (imagine living in a country where a 12 year old is kidnapped from a hospital, and gruesomely murdered in front of a camera, while the world’s media calls his killers ‘moderate  rebels,’ and ‘heroes.’).  The savages snickered, and one ordered a kitchen knife to be brought.

These are the degenerates for whom perverts Trump, May, & Macron bomb Syria. Credibility, anyone?

Channel 4’s credibility should have been completely destroyed when it embedded itself with alQaeda in Syria, in a ‘documentary’ it dubbed Up Close with the Rebels.

Skank Channel 4 with terrorists named ‘rebels.’ Imagine these savages in London.

Channel 4 eventually removed the video, not wanting to disturb the credibility of the child beheaders.  The degenerates illegally embedded with them were fine with the idea of bombing or setting fire to a bakery.

This is one of the pedonecrophiliacs who kidnapped, tormented, & beheaded young Abdullah.

The journalistic mouthpieces for criminal politicians have replaced any pretense of credibility with impunity, and the demand that their readers chirp as properly behaved Mockingbirdbrains, malleable to suspending disbelief.  In a reality-based world, they would be tried in international courts, along with war criminal politicians, for crimes against humanity.

Alas, the globalization of the military-industrial-complex — a.k.a. deep state — is now so gargantuan that there remains no one available to indict them, prosecute them, convict them, and apply the appropriate sentencing.

While a solution is found to remedy this problem, we remind the rabid dogs Trump, Macron, and May that none of them can move freely and safely as can Dr. Bashar al Assad, President of the Syrian Arab Republic.


Miri Wood, RNc

Acknowledgements to tweeters Carmen Renieri, White Helmets Exposed, & Terrina Aguilar for various photographic leads used in this report.

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Thank you.

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  1. falcemartello

    Well done great expose of the dying western paradigm of imperial hubris . For thats all it is.
    Here is another double speek made up term from the legacy Goebbellesque community.
    RUSSIAN TALKING POINTS. This is how they gaslight and deflect in this day and age. The colonialist of Palestine have once again violated Article 51 of the Geneva convention based on the Nuremberg principle bombing Syria for no reason what so -ever becuase their intellegence services states that Iran is planning to attack via Syria.

  2. Mudhar Hadi

    Those hidden hands are unrelenting – attacking from all sides, all with the same message, over & over & over again…

    They did it to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria – all on the way to Iran, but they didn’t count on the bravery of the Syrian lions – and all their plans shattered on the road to Damascus…


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