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People of Jayrud Celebrating the Liberation of their City from Terrorists

image-Jayrud People Celebrating their Town's Liberation from Terrorists

Jayrud and Rhaibeh towns were declared terrorists-free by the Syrian state after successfully evicting the terrorists from the Eastern Qalamoun region. The region is a mountainous area on the borders with Lebanon.

Warning – Disclaimer:

‘Who you will see in this video report are real people in a real place, not some kind of fake ‘activists’. These people were living under US-sponsored ‘Freedom Fighters’ who took them back in time to pre-civilization.

The people from Jayrud and Rhaibah towns in Eastern Qalamoun speak after their towns were cleaned from anti-Islamic Wahhabi Terrorists, the terrorists the West like to call as ‘Moderate Rebels’.

If you were following Western state-propaganda channels like BBC, CNN, France 24…etc., or getting your news from disinformation organizations parroting the Pentagon and NATO war ministries like New York Times, Washington Post, the Guardian.. who source their news from ‘activists’ and maintain just one narrative to justify bombing yet another sovereign nation, this report might cause serious positive consequences, if your brain still functions the way it should.’

(The video clip is also available on BitChute:

The locals expressed their joy for restoring safety and security in their towns with chants, patriot songs, and folklore dances. Service institutions headed directly to the towns to provide health and food essentials to the (deprived) people.

“In each area the SAA liberated (from terrorists), Syrian Trading (Public Est.) enters with food, detergents, all the needs of the people” said Mohammad al-Omari, the Director of Syrian Trading Co. in Damascus Countryside, a public establishment responsible for providing consumable goods to the Syrian people at near cost prices.

Mr. al-Omari added: “today, we’re in Rhaibeh and Jayrud to supply to our people all their needs, to reopen our outlets in the area, our mobile trucks are constantly available until the outlets are refurbished and reopened.”

Dr. Yassin Naanous, Director of the Health Dept. in Damascus Countryside said during the celebrations: “In Rhaibeh city there are two health facilities, one is the Health Center which was rehabilitated during the past few days after liberating the city from the terrorists, and in Jayrud there are also two health facilities: Jayrud National Hospital, in addition to Jayrud Clinic, both facilities have been restored in an excellent way after liberating the area.”

Mr. Bassam Qassim, he’s a member of the Executive Council in Damascus Countryside Governorate said: “Transport sector is the life cycle’s main nerve, we had mini-buses which were not able to enter the area, we have contacted owners of all the mini-buses which were stopped during the past week, they were prepared to resume work.”

“All mini-buses will resume working to serve the residents of the East Qalamoun area.” Mr. Qassim affirmed.

On his part, Engineer Jamal al-Qalesh, Director of Tele-Communications in Damascus Countryside Governorate, explained the progress in restoring the devastated telecommunications services in the area. Engineer al-Qalesh promised: “Telecommunications will get better starting the coming few days and will cover all sectors, there will be an expansion (in capacity) by end of June, we’ve added 512 new communication gateway, another 512 communication gateways will be added in the coming few days as well.”

Terrorists who were occupying the Eastern Qalamoun region, just like their colleagues in other areas, do not need the normal communication network as their sponsors are generous enough to provide them with state of the art satellite communications, no thanks to each taxpaying citizen in each member state of NATO and their regional stooges… After all, killing the Syrian people and destroying their country is a more important priority for decision makers in those countries than the welfare and wellbeing of their own citizens.

The Syrian state follows an economy of a combined free market and state free provided basics and other highly subsidized essentials to maintain a level of decent living standards for all Syrians and those living in Syria, even during the worst days of the war. You can ask the same opposition figures staying at 5 stars hotels outside Syria what does the state provide and they won’t be able to deny.

Maybe, that is one of the main reasons of exporting ‘democracy’ NATO-style to Syria through the world’s filthiest filth terrorists with aid from the world’s most retarded political regimes in Saudi and Qatar and absolute dictatorship aspiring Turkey soon to be officially called Erdoganstan.

Safety and security the people in these two towns felt after the Syrian Arab Army entered it was the main motive to restore life to its normal.

A local resident: “Before (under terrorists) we were not living, it wasn’t a real life, now thanks to the Syrian Arab Army, and thanks to the president Bashar al-Assad everything has changed, now medicine came to the hospital, students happy now with their schools, people are happy, everything changed. Now safety is back, protecting people from the thefts that were occurring, everything is back and perfect, best of our dreams.”

An elder woman: “I swear by God that we didn’t feel safe until the Army entered the town, may God bless you, Abu Hafiz (Bashar Assad ‘s elder Son is Hafiz- Hafiz in Arabic means protector) he will remain ‘Abu Hafiz’ he’s protecting Syria and all the towns, may God bless (Syria) with glory always.”

One more local in just a few words briefed the whole situation: “The situation is perfect and the best.”

An elderly man: “Thanks to God we are blessed now, we are fine, may God protect us and protect this Army, we only want the restoration of running water now.”

Yes, one more thing the US-sponsored ‘moderate rebels’ do not like is hygiene and running water is one of their main enemies. Read about the ‘Lice Protection Act’:

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