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Families of Kidnapped: Tell Us if They Are Alive or Dead

image-Families of Kidnapped Civilians with Jaish Islam in Douma Protest to Find out the fate of their Relatives

Families of kidnapped are pouring onto the streets from the Faiha Stadium, where hundreds have been waiting to find out if their children, parents, cousins will be found among the living. In that Douma agreement, terrorist gangs Jaish al Islam and Jabhat al Nusra were put on buses to  Jarabulus in exchange for the release of 3,500 abductees. Though almost 3,000 terrorists and their families had been shipped out early last week, only 150 abductees, in total, have arrived at the stadium. Yesterday’s unimaginable tension has become more taut, as too many families of kidnapped have received no news, no daughter, no son.

These families of kidnapped are asking Syrian national media to broadcast their voices to the government. They cry out for the fate of their missing sons and daughters. Television is broadcasting their demonstrations on the streets, and interviewing the families of kidnapped.

Syrians are asking that the transportation of the terrorists be stopped until the missing are returned, or accounted for.

One woman said her son was kidnapped 6 years ago. I will be proud of my son if he is a martyr, but I need to know about his fate.  She held a garment, brought for her son.

Old men made similar remarks. We are all ready to be martyrs for Syria but we need to know our sons’ and daughters’ fate.  We trust our government, we believe in our leadership and army.  But we don’t trust the terrorists. We need to know what they have done to our sons.

image-Families of Kidnapped Civilians with Jaish Islam in Douma Protest to Find out the fate of their Relatives
Families of Kidnapped Civilians with Jaish Islam in Douma Protest to Find out the fate of their Relatives

The protest continues live on television.  Hope and tension turn into anger as the families of kidnapped want to know why only 150 have been released while thousands of terrorists have been given their freedom.

Just tell me if my kidnapped brother there is alive or is dead. If he’s dead he’s our sacrifice to our country. If he is alive just tell us when he will be released.

One of the protesters, an old lady, fighting to hold her sorrow within, to not let the flood of tears pour out: I have 2 of my sons kidnapped there. One is from the SAA and the other is a civilian. I just want to find out any news about them. One was kidnapped 5 years ago, the other 4 years ago…

Faiha Stadium, 8 April, where hundreds of families of kidnapped awaited the buses of released abductees.

They came to Damascus yesterday, from Latakia, from Deir Ezzor, from Tartous, from Zamalka, to await the news of their loved family members, some kidnapped 5 years ago, to see if they would be reunited.

Too many are watching the convoy of buses filled with the terrorist kidnappers and their families, driving away.

They await, straining to hold on to hope, while Donald J. Trump threatens to bomb them based on lies from the terrorist kidnappers.

A Syrian TV reporter has announced that a new group of kidnapped are on their way out of Douma….



These voices have been heard. An official source told the media that all of the kidnapped persons in Douma will be released tonight, followed by the bodies of the martyrs. He also said that the number of kidnapped, in thousands via social media have been  greatly exaggerated by the terrorists.

Update, 19 minutes after midnight, 10 April:   SANA has announced that all the abductees have arrived.


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