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UN Mafia & OPCW Re-Regurgitate Chemical Hoax


Like the dumb dogs that devour their vomitus, the UN mafia and the self-admitted liars of OPCW have again re-regurgitated the Khan Sheikhoun GB scam.  They tout non-existent ‘experts’ in their lying claim that Syria used GB against Syria on 4 April 2017.  As usual, the multi-million dollar net worth Vichy urinalists maintain their commitment to crimes against peace, assisting the liars in perpetuity.

For those who may not remember, on 4 April, CNN – terrorists most trusted name in news – broke the fraud report that Syria had magically bombed Syria with chemical weapons that had been turned into the OPCW two years earlier.

UN mafia forgets its self-applause over Syria joining the OPCW and turning in its chemical weapons ahead of schedule.

CNN’s lone source for its breaking 0636 fake news was British illegal in the SAR, Shajul Islam, embedded with the al Nusra faction of al Qaeda in Khan Sheikhoun.  That this British national had been charged with terrorism in his native country, and that his license to practice medicine was permanently revoked, was of no importance to CNN – nor to President Donald J. Trump, who murdered Syrian soldiers based on CNN’s fake news, a mere three days later.

Syria-hating msm did not notice that British Nusra spokesman Shajul Islam had his medical license permanently revoked.

International msm went wild in its fake reporting, mostly citing each other as fraudulent sources.  No mind was given to the fact that there was no actual evidence of GB  use (the original GB hoax was born in Jerusalem, to sabotage Syria’s request for a UN investigation into the slaughter of Syrians in Khan al Asal, 19 March 2013, by weapons grade chlorine missiles), no questioning of how [fake] First Responders were miraculously uninjured despite not wearing protective biochemical hazard garb, nor noticing how babies shown in their horrific death throes looked remarkably like the rabbit killed by poisoning, on 21 December 2012.

Rabbit in makeshift lab in Turkey is forced to ingest poison.

On that date, FSA barbarians reported creating a poison with which they planned to contaminate the Alassin spring water, in Lattakia.  This threat – ignored by the UN mafia and their msm echolaliacs – came less than three weeks after the FSA savages uploaded a video showing the deaths of two rabbits via the neurotoxic chemical weapon, VX.  Both heinous demonstrations were videoed in Turkey, and both were used to threaten the Syrian citizenry.

On Friday, 27 October, AP wire did an excellent imitation of the braying Yahoos of Gulliver’s land of the Houyhnhnms.  AP vomited up the sewage of the UN mafia, claiming that “experts” blamed Syria for the unproven chemical attack claimed by the British al Nusra terrorist in Khan Sheikhoun.  Among the brays were key unscientific words such as “confident,” “most probably,” “may have been,” “likely,” “conflicting information,” “less likely,” “could not be completely ruled out,” and “consistent with.”

Omitted from the full page anti-Syria hit piece was the fact that the OPCW admitted in its first report to the UN mafia that its investigators did not enter Khan Sheikhoun because they were afraid of the al Nusra terrorists there – despite the tyrant-run Gulfie Qatar promising security (it is likely that OPCW was mindful of Qatar’s previous guarantee of safety from  its terrorists in Syria, when 130 Syrians were slaughtered during an exchange of terrorist prisoners for kidnap victims in al Rashidin.).  In that letter to the UN mafia, OPCW did report that it accepted physical “evidence” from the same takfiri its investigators refused to go near, in Khan Sheikhoun, and that its other ‘evidence-gathering’ were verbal ‘reports’ from terrorists in Erdoganstan.

“The results of the analyses indicate that the blood of victims [sic] was exposed to sarin or a sarin-like substance.” — from the al Nusra front group, OPCW, in its May paper to the UN.  Of no importance is the fact there is no such thing as a “sarin-like substance.  There is either GB or there is not GB.

AP’s Yahoo-like braying and bleating – not surprisingly – also included praise to the sophist “Joint Investigative Mechanism [JIM],” the geopolitical version of the children’s game of gossip.  JIM is devoid of actual forensics, facts, truth, and bloated with reports from various factions of al Qaeda in Syria and Turkey, including the MI6/CIA sponsored death squads known as the Oscar-winning and stethoscope-less White Helmets.

The UN which refused Syria’s requests for investigations into the FSA chemical weapons threats of December 2012,  the deadly [chlorine] attack against Khan al Asal in March 2013, passed UNSCR 2235 (2015) to investigate reports of CW attacks.

On 17 November 2016, UNSCR 2319 extended the OPCW-UN Joint Investigative Mission (JIM) another year.

The creation of the JIM is unprecedented in UN history.  It is part of the most hideous international conspiracy against one country, in the history of humanity.

It consists of a 3-person panel, and has “a political and a support and planning office in New York, and an investigative office in The Hague.  A small liaison office is based in Damascus.”

How does JIM actually investigate reports of CW?

During the reporting period, the Mechanism reviewed FFM [OPCW Fact Finding Mission, which does not investigate responsible parties] and evidence, as well as information received from Member States, non-governmental organizations, individual groups or entities and open sources.

UN mafia capo di tutti capi, Secretary General Antonio Guterres reiterated “his full confidence in the professionalism [sic], impartiality [sic], and objectivity [sic]” of the JIM.


— Miri Wood, RNc

NB:  SyriaNews readers may notice the many missing videos from hyperlinked reports.  YouTube has again censored the Arabi Souri channel, aligning itself with terrorists to hide their atrocities.  YouTube previously engaged in this censorship of truth, and lied that it had not, when this author wrote to them.  The channel — with millions of views — was reinstated for a short period.  SyriaNews will re-upload these videos as logistics permit.


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