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Minions of Iblis against Syria Are the Savage White Helmets


The proud minions of Iblis against Syria have given themselves the name, White Helmets.  We hear it, over and over, as these shayateen (شياطين) are nominated for Nobel prizes, receive standing ovations from Hollywood fifth columnist supporters of convicted pedophiliacs*, are received by fake socialists of France, praised by every war criminal on Capitol Whore Hill, and given the UN as podium.  That the governments of the world’s leading trio in genocide — France, US, UK — all support these minions of Iblis, should set off the hink alarms.  That the CIA has funded them to the admitted amount of $23 million, should minimally disturb the left.  But in these fun, orwellian times, the neo-left makes some of the right and all libertarians look like a bunch of commies.  Should anyone dare notice that despite millions from the CIA, millions from the UK, these true minions of Iblis and fraud First Responders still do not own a single stethoscope, do not pretend to utilize essential spinal precautions when fake digging people from under rubble, and have not taken even a four hour course on CPR?

minions-of-iblis-white helmets
White Helmets humanitarian minions of Iblis stand upon the corpses of slaughtered Syrian soldiers — whose boots have been stolen.

Perverse credit for support of these terrorists goes to the phenomenally corrupt, embedded with NATO’s deep state obscenely overpaid msm, which act with increasingly rude impunity.  Back in April 2013, CNN’s Christiane Amanwour — net worth, $12 million — was not embarrassed to show videos of overabundance of shaving cream as ‘uncorroborated’ corroboration of a non-occurring GB attack, but four years later, bragged her refusal to report on an in-depth interview by AFP, with Syria’s President, Dr. Bashar al Assad, on the horrible fraud of chemical weapons  fake news of Khan Sheikhoun.

credibility-white helmets
In 2013, CNN’s Amanwour was not embarrassed to show excessive shaving cream as evidence of a GB attack. Photo courtesy of Moon of Alabama

CNN broke the Khan Sheikhoun criminal story at 0637, 4 April, using as its main source an illegal Brit in Syria, a terrorist of Jabhat al Nusra (still on the US terror list, not that it matters to the omnipotent MSM), a British citizen who was indicted on kidnapping charges, and whose medical license had been revoked.  None of these truths were mentioned, and nobody noticed how odd it was that this liar was fund-raising, and offering himself for non-stop video interviews — whilst gazillions of patients poured in, and bombs kept falling.

kareem-white helmets
Brit terrorist whose medical license was revoked, is interviewed by American terrorist Kareem
minions-of-iblis-white helmts
CNN’s al Nusra undoctor source had his license revoked. He is not permitted to practice medicine anywhere in the world.

When this journalist asked the fake doctor, the Brit illegally in Syria, why his medical license was revoked, and why he was illegally practicing medicine, his response was to block her from his Twitter account.

minions-of-iblis- white helmets
One of the minions of Iblis blocked @MiriWood on Twitter. The undoctor’s high gloss photoshopped cover pic is very very dramatic.
minions-of-iblis-white helmets
Fake doctor, illegal Brit joined SCAMS rep in blocking @MiriWood. Sahloul blocked for the crime of asking to see the Tennari fraudumentary that made Samantha Power cry in the secret UN meeting.

Reality, though, is of no matter to CNN, terrorists most trusted name in news.  It went so far as to claim that the US had ‘intercepted chemical warfare’ chatter, despite Syria having turned over its chemical arsenal, completely, in June 2014.  It also spent the next 30 hours engaged in non-stop braying and bleating over GB being the fake culprit, despite the facts that reports not only came from Jabhat al Nusra, minions of Iblis White Helmets, a de-licensed physician, but used as evidence photos and videos showing no injuries to fake first responders, though neurotoxin GB is both pneumonic and transdermal. 

syria-remains-white helmets
Death squads al Qaeda aka minions of Iblis White Helmets, masked and unmasked, all without skin protection
minions-of-iblis-white helmets
Adorable & obviously healthy baby was used to market CNN’s criminal lies about a GB attack that did not happen.

SyriaNews has previously dissected and crushed a fraudulent news video of Qatar’s al Khanzeera, via screen-grabs and explanations of fraud.  We must do so, again, as the stakes are much higher:  CNN is getting away with supporting murders committed by the minions of Iblis White Helmets, because CNN is increasing its crimes against peace, because the fake swamp-drainer, terrorist Trump is suddenly following the advice of fake news! CNN and the lies of an illegal, criminally embedded with terrorists, aligning with al Qaeda by bombing a Syrian air base, and threatening more rivers of blood.

This is Shahd. She is a survivor of the terrorist massacre in al Rashidin, which NATO media refuse to call “terrorism.”

Shahd’s photo has been hidden from msm, because it is real, not choreographed. Her blood spatter is imperfect. There are no dramatic splashes of color to enchant the eye for suspension of disbelief, the foundation of every movie script.

minions-of-iblis-white helmets
Shahd. Her name means “honey.”

Her wound dressing is also imperfect, because it is impossible to perfectly dress head wounds. She smiles because her doctors and nurses have blown up latex gloves and made them balloons for her to play with.

white helmets
Shahd survived the massacre in al Rashidin
death-squad-white helmets- rashdin
Shahd’s balloons are an important part of her medical care. Her doctors and nurses fixed her wounds and made her laugh with balloons just for her.

Shahd is not a number, she is a living, breathing, child with a family who has dreams for her immediate and distant future.  She will now need medications, to prevent wound infections, but her best medicine comes from the doctors nurses who made her feel special with her glove balloons medicine.  This precious love given to her may be all she remembers of this terrible day.

Contrast the above, honey sweetness, to the callous, wanton savagery of the Khan Sheikhoun cobbled propaganda video.  Be mindful of the fact that during the last week of March, 250 Syrian civilians were kidnapped from Majal and Khattab, some to be murdered in the heinous chemical weapons scam against Syria. Note that one of the logos is AMC, though this French-intelligence operation in terrorist controlled Aleppo, moved to terrorist-controlled Idlib, upon the liberation and reunification of Syria’s second capital.  There is the second logo, appearing in the right lower corner of some shots; it is a fraud called “Aleppo Today,” which nobody in Syria has ever heard of — because it is simply a skank, anti-Syria propaganda Facebook page.

The chilling video of the Shayateen, the incorrigible minions of Iblis, is below, to view after offering our readers an analysis of screen captures from it.

Whose home is this, that has been invaded, stolen, occupied by terrorists? Note the clothesline.  Note the two tiles against the wall; the home was being improved, upgraded, fixed, by its rightful owners.

It is not unlike the stolen homes of Aleppo, through which the moderate rebel savages blew holes through, stolen and battered homes for which vile pig and American illegal Matthew VanDyk received awards, using them as backdrop for his fraudumentary on the “revolution” he freely admitted was a fake, that would not have been were it not for the foreign terrorists and Jahbat al Nusra.

There are women in this screenshot.  Syrian women are rare in terrorist occupied regions of the country.  They are either invisible, or slaughtered, or kidnapped — all unimaginable in a country known for its thousands of years of women’s rights and freedoms.

Minions of Iblis White Helmets seen, off center, engaged in fake busy-ness.  A clothed body is near the door.  He may be a corpse, unlike the man in his undies, keeping his face from the harsh tiles, resting his head on his arms as though spending an afternoon at the beach.  The heavily-scarfed woman stands without purpose, but in the video, she shoves down the covered person’s strange hand and arm posture (left lower corner of screen grab).  She shoves it brusquely.

minions-of-iblis-white helmets
minions-of-iblis-white helmets
Minions of Iblis busy doing nothing, wearing White Helmets’ patches, a useless helmet, a useless paper mask.
minions-of-iblis-white hlemts
This shot gives literal meaning to the proverb, “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.”

Brusquely is an ongoing adverb, throughout this atrocity.  This baby is handled brusquely, too.  She or he looks dazed, and there is no way to understand the abnormally rosy cheeks.  The creature carrying the baby inside does so brusquely, offering no pretense of comfort, no calming cooing.  This baby is a prop in a horror movie of real death.

minions-of-iblis-white helmets
Minions of Iblis offer no comfort to this dazed baby
minions-of-iblis-white helmets
Dazed baby is brusquely brought inside

The following three are men, men, men, looking busy, doing nothing. Some wear useless surgical masks.  There is not a single stethoscope to be seen, anywhere, despite the fact that the stethoscope is the single most important tool in healthcare.  With a stethoscope, the practitioner can diagnose a cardiac rhythm, a tamponade, a pneumothorax. It can be the difference between life and death.

But in the world of Oscar-winning and Nobel nominated death squads, the stethoscope is not even worthy of a movie set prop.

minions-of-iblis-white helmets
Men minions of Iblis, doing nothing.
minions-of-iblis-white helmets
Minions of Iblis fake busy
minions-of-iblis-white helmets
Not a stethoscope to be seen

Syringes are an ongoing theme in this rancid snuff flick.  They appear to be 10- or 20cc pre-filled syringes.  They are inexplicable, as there are no medications given IV push of such huge quantity.  IV drugs are calibrated by weight, for pediatrics, and usually one dosage amount for the average sized adult.  They are here for drama enhancement.

minions-of-iblis-white helmets

At first glance, this photo is just so wrong, placing the baby’s head next to someone’s feet.  It is gross, and never would be done under any circumstances.

minions-of-iblis-white helmets

On closer look, there is something much worse.  This baby’s leg has been dislocated.  Note how his right leg is at a right angle from his body.  Were this not done intentionally, it would be stabilized.  In the video, his right arm is twitching.  This is not a seizure activity.

minions-of-iblis-white helmets
This baby was tortured.

This baby is actually dying, in her death throes.  Even though she could not be saved, she could be made a bit more comfortable.  She should be on her side, to prevent aspiration of fluid from her lungs, back into them.  Her mouth should be suctioned to clean out the fluid.  She should be on oxygen, and possibly be given a bit of morphine, to decrease the workload of her heart (those SCAMS money-makers do have physicians among them.  They know these things).

minions-of-iblis-white helmets

There is nothing wrong with this baby.  He has a healthy cry.  If he can cry, he can breathe.  They appear to be sticking him in his left neck, but there is no blood droplets on the cotton ball, so this child may not have been tortured beyond what is shown.

minions-of-iblis-white helmets
If he can cry, he can breathe.

This child is old enough to follow directions, yet the fake health provider twists his shoulders, and then twists his wrists, and leans on them hard.  For what? So a fake doctor can pull down his lower eyelids and peer into his eyes?

minions-of-iblis-white helmets
Minions of Iblis torturing a young boy.
minions-of-iblis-white helmets
Whose boy is this? Did they murder him, too? Are they saving him for their next snuff propaganda video?

Why is there a rope around this child’s neck?  Any idiot knows a rope around a child’s neck is a safety hazard.  Some of the bodies of murdered children showed signs of ligature strangulation, let us not forget.

minions-of-iblis-white helmets
Why do the minions of Iblis have a rope around this child’s neck?

This man is actually sick, with labored breathing.  His schmuck fake caretaker is dressed in scrubs, of course, has no stethoscope, but wears an impressively useless lanyard around his neck, which is attached to nothing — no ID, no keys.  It is of no importance if the pulsox meter works or not, because he doesn’t properly affix it to the patient’s finger, nor does he check the reading upon removing it.

minions-of-iblis-white helmets
minions-of-iblis-white helmets
No stethoscope, useless lanyard around his neck, but very important syringes in his pocket.

We return to the rosy-cheeked, dazed-looking baby — left alone on a table, which is another obvious safety hazard.

minions-of-iblis-white helmets

Note the “EMC” logo, which is “AMC” in terrorist occupied Idlib.

Though this baby appeared to be in no respiratory distress, a non-rebreather was placed on him or her. There is no reason for it to be fidgeted with.

In the 1800s in Scotland, there were stringent rules regarding which cadavers could be used for anatomy classes, and a grave robber named Burke eventually ran out of corpses to dig up and sell to the doctor in need, so he started murdering people.  His method was to sit on their chests to prevent lung expansion until they were suffocated.  This technique was called “burking.”  In the video, this baby looks as though he is being burked.

minions-of-iblis-white helmets
Why is this baby being burked?
minions-of-iblis-white helmets
This terrorist is probably a guy in niqab, to give ‘gender balance’ to the atrocities.

These photos are from inside a van.  Note that the shoe-less boy (these minions of Iblis always steal footwear) is thrown onto the gurney and almost rolls off.  He is then attacked with a syringe.

minions-of-iblis-white helmets
minions-of-iblis-white helmets
The syringe is shown perpendicular to the boy’s arm. It is impossible to push an IV medication from this position.

Now, you are equipped to watch the hideous video clips of a terrorist operation used as a cover story for the animal POTUS Donald J. Trump to bomb Syrian soldiers, Syrian Arab Army soldiers who have been defending their country from the most odious international conspiracy against one country, in the history of humanity.

Note the truth, please. and consider that these soldiers of the devil, are supported by your tax dollars.

If you genuinely love children, do not accept snuff flicks as reality.  These are children who had their lives stolen from them.

Do not be a part of this horror.

*In 2003, convicted pedophile Roman Polanski also received an Oscar and a standing ovation, though he was unavailable to accept the award in person, having escaped sentencing for: Rape by use of drugs, sodomy, lewd and lascivious act upon a child under 14, giving a controlled substance to a minor.  Having plea bargained to a lower, single offense, Polanski had expected probation, but ran away to France when he discovered he might actually do jail time.  As the incest among the minions of Iblis continues to astonish, in 2010, Frenchman Bernard-Henri Levy, hater of Arabs and lover of NATO-run Arab Springs wrote a scathing attack on celebrities who did not defend Polanski’s right to not be encumbered by his “affair.”

minions-of-iblis-white helmets
Rabid Zionist and terrorist lover BHL’s perverse support of child rapist Polanski

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Thank you in advance.

— Miri Wood, RNc

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  1. miri

    After a twitter confrontation with SAMS, the Helmets video disappeared. A back up was found, but that was also quickly erased. Fortunately, we took several screenshots from it, all of which demonstrate not only were no emergency services provided, but babies & kids were brutalized for the snuff video taken in Khan Sheikhoun.

  2. miri

    The above video is still not the complete one that the Nusra Helmets were viralizing. The original showed the suffering of more dying babies & children whose agonal breathing was as that of the poisoned rabbit from 21 December 2012.

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