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The Aftermath of the US Aggression Against Syria’s Airbase – Footage from the Targeted Base


The regime of Donald J. Trumpf (German original name) has unilaterally, illegally and unjustifiably bombed a Syrian Airbase used by the Syrian Arab Army to target terrorists from al-Qaeda different factions operating in Syria using the false-flag chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykhun as a pre-text.

Since their own taxpayers money is not a matter of concern, and the news of receiving a bribe from the Saudis to carry out attacks against Syrian infrastructure and Syrian Armed Forces to assist al-Qaeda in destroying Syria, the junta ruling the US fired 59 Tomahawk missiles agaist ash-Shairat Military Airport southeast of Homs. Each Tomahawk cost is estimated between US$500,000 and US$1.5 Million, at average the cost of missiles alone would be around US$59 million not adding the administrative costs, fuel, satellite operating and others.

One would expect the results of such an attack by the world’s supposed to be most accurate and most destructive missiles launched in such a high number over a targeted one airport to at least level the airport and all its infrastructure to ground if not creating a huge hole which could be seen clearly from the sky.

Reports from the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that only 23 missiles reached the base and the neighboring village carrying the same name of the airbase, while 36 other missiles are lost somewhere and not yet found. The Russian MoD mocked the US operation efficiency belittled its military effects and any political consequences by the aggressors to be gained. The Syrians, however, are considering this as a direct act of war by a rogue pariah junta ruling the world’s leading country.

The following footage taken from the airbase the same day after it was attacked, cowardly from sea, by remote missiles.

The message is clear: The regime of Donald Trump following up on the ‘achievements’ of his predecessor’s the more evil Barak Hussein Obama and their agents on the ground the different variations of Al-Qaeda: Nusra Front, FSA, ISIS, Jaysh al-Islam.. whatever names. In this context, the US wants to keep control of eastern Syria, which is mainly the open desert linked with their bases in Iraq and Jordan all the way through Saudi and Qatar. While the SAA and its allies are advancing rapidly against the terrorist groups created by the US and sponsored by it and by its allies, the dream of controlling east of Syria would not be possible to achieve. On the other hand, to show a power card in the upcoming discussions between Trump’s secretary of state and the Russian leadership expected next Tuesday, the juntas in the US needed to send a strong message by directly attacking a Syrian military target and which could only be achieved as a respond to a false-flag.

The chemical attack against the Khan Shaykhun town had to be carried out by a faction that can later be eliminated by its sponsors which could be used as a pretext for this attack and that’s exactly what was done and the heinous methods it was carried out as the time was getting narrower, despite receiving the Chinese president during the time of the aggression, China one of the main backers of Syria against the US hegemony. At the same time the United Nations Security Council couldn’t agree on framing Syrian forces for the chemical attack due to lack of any evidence or motives and due to previous similar attacks proved to be carried out by Western sponsored terrorists, rejecting the formation of an independent investigation committee to examine the attack, the officials in the US Ministry of War the Pentagon decided to ignore Russian warnings not to attack the base and did so against all international laws.

Donald Trump team thought they can use this attack to their leverage in talks with their Russian counterparts in order to keep hold on Kurdish areas in the north and deserts in east of Syria, preserving their most ‘valuable’ asset ‘ISIS’. They also thought the other party would cower to the aggression, are becoming more surprised from the reactions thus far. Not only the base, as can be seen from the footage above, was barely affected, the losses in civilians casualties from the nearby village, 9 civilians killed including 4 children, due to inaccuracy of the missiles, add to it the lost 36 missiles with no trace, but in addition to all this the Syrian leadership vowed to increase the war level against US’s ISIS, Nusra and other al-Qaeda groups inside Syria.

The Russians promised to compensate the SAA for losses during this aggression, they also promised to finally deploy the S300 missiles system and hand it over to the Syrian Armed Forces, and to activate the S400 defense system already in their possession in the Russian base in Tartous. The Russians also promised not to cower to the new threats by the new junta ruling the US while defending what is right against international evil. Syria’s other allies vowed to increase their support as the picture has not be more clearer for the whole world. The world’s map on the terror subject can clearly now show who supports terror and behind the terrorist groups operating internationally and who is fighting them by just looking at who welcomed the US aggression against Syria and who condemned it.

Not sure who is advising the junta led by Donald Trump, but whoever it is it seems they not only failed the people who elected him, but also played him in unprecedented level of mess declaring war against a sovereign state that didn’t pose any threat to the US, on the contrary, Syria has been fighting international terror the US claims to be fighting while covertly and overtly sponsoring.

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