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Terrorist Trump Bombed SAAF Base to Make alQaeda Great Again

MAGA Make Al Qaeda Great Again - Trump bombs Syria

Terrorist Trump bombed the Ash Sha’irat Airbase, on 7 April.  Among the dead are 9 civilians, including 4 children, eternally grateful for those errant Tomahawk bombs.  Terrorist Trump committed this particular war crime — with malice of forethought.  He conspired with the terrorists’ most trusted name in the news — previously, fake news! – CNN, supporters of the friends of child beheaders. On 4 April, 0637, CNN broke the crimes against peace report appealing to humanity’s inherent sense of decency, to manipulate its audience via emotional war porn.  Independent journalist Caleb Maupin recently noted that it is the kindness of empathy that makes civilized people prey to the same lies, no matter how often they are repeated.

1990, 15-year-old “Nariya” lied that she witnessed “Saddam’s troops” smash incubators and dozens of neonates in a Kuwaiti hospital. Criminally fake news wept and she did not know her father was the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US, Saudi Nasir al Sabah. The timely wipe of one tear was the heartbreaker.

In June 2014, OPCW-UN announced that Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal had been collected.  SoS Kerry tweeted congratulations to everyone.  As recently as January of this year, even Susan Rice re-reported that Syria’s  CWs had been turned in.


Such trivial things as facts are not allowed to get in the way of emotional war porn demonization campaigns.

CNN’s lone source in its newsbreaking lies — that CNN self-justified with frequent “not confirmed” brayings — was Brit illegal in Syria, Shajul Islam.  Islam, once indicted in the UK for kidnappings of journalists [illegally] in Syria, had his medical license revoked in the UK.  It was of no matter to terrorist Trump, that the propaganda came from a doubly-illicit source.  This non-doctor, despite the bombings and the frenetic pace shown on expensive cameras, and shown to the world with no interruption in streaming, managed to fundraise for a terrorist-sponsoring ‘non-profit,’ and also made frequent public service announcements that he was available for never-ending video interviews.

Brit terrorist whose medical license was revoked is interviewed by American terrorist

Though PEOTUS Trump —  whose statesmanlike acceptance speech had been unprecedented in its offer of entente to the world — appeared to have turned into terrorist Trump with the flick of a switch, actually became a war criminal against Syria, 13 days after taking the oath.  On 2 February, terrorist Trump bombed two bridges in al Raqqa, in his first demonstration there would be no stopping of American carnage.  On 28 February, Nikki Haley showed the world that POTUS terrorist Trump’s right angle deviation from the night of the US presidential election was set in stone.  On that day, the UN sounded as though Samantha Power never left; Haley’s anti-Syria attacks were based on the fraudulent results of the fraudulent JIM (also unprecedented, this time in UN history).

in gratitude, al Qaeda leaders are now wearing Trump wigs.

Terrorist Trump had previously, publicly lauded Turkey’s invasion and occupation of Jarabulus, Syria (imagine Merkel lauding Canada invading NY, taking 400 unemployed NYers to Canada, to be trained as a police force, returning them to NY for graduation ceremony, during which time the NYers pledged allegiance to Trudeau and to Canada).

Terrorist Trump’s murderous blueprint was also seen when he sent Mike Pompeo to Saudiscumstan, where he gave an award named for an American traitor, to one of the Saudi clan camel beastialists. The day before, Pompeo had visited the Muslim Brotherhood Erdogan, without whom a large percentage of the world’s 360,000 chunks of human garbage could not have entered the SAR.

Anti-Islam Wahhabi terrorist Trump

The only benefit of this unlawful aggression against a country that never declared war against the US or its interests is to aid ISIS and other terrorist factions fighting to destroy the Syrian state and causing the carnage inn this once most peaceful and secure country in the world.

Terrorist Trump also deployed McQaeda McCain to Saudistan and Turkey, before this terrorist again became an illegal alien in the Syrian Arab Republic, during which time he met with illegal US ‘spec ops’ troops.  During McCain’s prior illegal alien status entry into Syria, he met with an assortment of terrorists, kidnappers, and Idriss, a friend of Jabhat al Nusra, still on the US terror list.

Terrorist Trump’s criminal bombing of the Syrian military base was an intentional affront to the heroic Syrian Arab Army, which has fought foreign-sponsored terrorist invaders from around the world, for more than 6 years. It has fought al Qaeda against the Syrian Arab Republic, under whichever name has been used: al Qaeda FSA, al Qaeda ISIS, al Qaeda Jabhat al Nusra, al Qaeda ad infinitum.

Had terrorist Trump the intention of becoming the president among presidents that his acceptance speech promised, on 21 January, he would have immediately called President al Assad to apologize for Obama’s war crimes, to say he was reopening the Syrian Embassy, halting war criminal bombings, removing all US illegal troops from Syrian soil, was ending the draconian sanctions (which have never harmed the western/Gulfie terrorists in the SAR), and was removing the State Department restrictions against His Excellency Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, and setting up a meeting with him.

Terrorist Trump’s illicit bombing of the Syrian airbase immediately resulted in the previously fake news falling into a sado-erotic swoon, immediately followed by the cheers of the world’s leading sponsors of genocide and other forms of terrorism — and their various Vichy urinals.

UK’s Independent ran a happy front page  — complete with a color photo of lots of fabric and too much facial hair — of the king of Saudi occupied Arabia congratulating terrorist Trump on his “courageous decision” to bomb the Syrian Arab Republic.  British news was not embarrassed to report that an absolute monarch of a country in which women are not allowed to drive, which holds weekly public beheadings for apostasy, sorcery, and adultery, is pleased that a republic was bombed, and wants to see the republic’s elected president removed from his presidency.

Anti-Islam Wahhabi TV shows weekly public beheadings

Terror-pimping MSM no longer makes a pretense of neutrality, and insults the intelligence of its readers and viewers, with impunity.

…what ISIL is doing, and all these fanatic groups operating in Syria and Iraq, those who are beheading the boys, and women, and girls — they have inherited beheading people by sword from the Wahhabis. Till now, Ladies and Gentlemen, in Saudi Arabia, after the Friday prayers, they behead people in the public square.  Till now.  It is not only ISIL.  In Saudi Arabia itself, every Friday after prayer, they behead people publicly, in the public square, but using swords. So the story is not new.  ISIL is not a newcomber; ISIL has been there for centuries, represented by the Saudis.  And this is why they are protecting them and defending them and sending them weapons and money.  — H.E. al Ja’afari 

Neither terrorist Trump nor the Brit medium are concerned that the terrorist Sauds dumped an entire death row jail — population 1,239 — into the SAR, to slaughter the Syrian people.

England is happy that the terrorist monarch of an occupied land whose rulers allowed a classroom of girls to burn to death because they were not properly dressed to be rescued is happy that Syria,  in which women are leaders has been bombed by terrorist Trump.

Much of the msm engaged in echolalia, as it is wont to do, in circumstances of heinous geopolitical conspiracies.  MEE got creative.  MEE is the evil spawn of the immoral union of The Geryon and al Khanzeera.  MEE went trolling through the website of the American merc illegally in Syria, to paste and tweet one of his ‘articles’ calling on a “military solution” against the SAR (one week earlier, MEE had interviewed this American mercenary illegally in the SAR, via Skype.  Never net connectivity problems for foreign invaders of Syria, despite the draconian sanctions of the West.).  The American illegally in Syria also threatened the West.

Screengrab from MEE’s revered American illegal Kareem’s many videos. In this one, he discussed with a Saudi SDN terrorist the importance of the world’s Wahhabis to invade the SAR. Despite illicit sanctions, the foreign terrorists are the sizes of whales.

One day after terrorist Trump bombed the Syrian airbase, MEE tweeted the old as new, to put an exclamation point, just in case al Qaeda didn’t hear the bombs exploding on the Syrian airbase, Syria that has fought al Qaeda within its borders, for more than  6 years.

Terrorist Trump has changed with the times

Terrorist Trump’s $1.5 million each Tomahawks had barely hit when Israeli medium headlined that “as part of a deal to end war” Netanyahu would demand annexation of part of Syria.  Who died and made Israel head of the Syrian Reconciliation process?  It is known that Israel has been al Qaeda’s primary air force in Syria, until Obama added the American,   that Israel has provided free trauma care to injured terrorists, both on the occupied Syrian Golan and in Israeli hospitals, but the timing of the beyond chutzpah announcement suggests that Israel was privy to the knowledge the terrorist Trump plan to bomb Syria’s airbase.

Syrian Arab Army soldiers at Ash Sha’irat airbase bombed by terrorist Trump
Chemical containers at the airbase
It was from Ash Sha’irat airbase that an Israeli drone illegally in Syrian airspace was shot done. Not reported in Israeli media was that a jet was injured.

An al Qaeda soldier attempted to answer terrorist Trump’s call in Oslo, today, but the 17-year-old suspect was thwarted, and his IED was safely detonated by the bomb squad (after the liberation of terrorist-occupied Aleppo, Russian sappers were tasked with the clearing of almost 1,000 hectares of explosives devices, some hidden in children’s toys, left behind by the ‘moderate opposition’ who got on the green buses to Idlib).  Norway was on high alert since Friday’s intentional vehicular homicides.

“You have a Roladex of old whory mothballed concretized generals waiting to be called.” — Lionel Nation

Terrorist Trump bombed the airbase of the first line of defense against al Qaeda, on 7 April, and today al Qaeda answered his call to arms, in Egypt.  The Mar Gerges Coptic church in Tanta was bombed as worshipers attended Palm Sunday services.  Palm Sunday is one of the most revered holy days in Christianity. Twenty-five were immediately martyred, 25 injured.

Inside the Mar Gerges (St. George) church, after al Qaeda bombing.
Mar Gerges (St George) church, Tanta Egypt.

During BBC (“Another beauty!”) Arabic live reporting, the man being interviewed — amidst the emotional shock, and the physical carnage — abruptly offered that Alexandria was secured. The journalist questioned why, and the man repeated that Alexandria was secure.

Et voila! al Qaeda again heard terrorist Trump’s call to action, reinforced by the anomalous conversation between the man outside the Mar Gergis church, and the BBC Arabic reporter who was himself a suspect in a bombing.

The atrocious targeting of churches, with the additional affront of targeting them on holy days, serves several ugly geopolitical needs.  Universally, it fosters a sense of being under siege, that there is no place where any human being may be permitted to feel safe. It fuels a growing anxiety that promotes the notions that Christians are specifically under siege, which in turn fuels a growing sense of Islamophobia in Western majority countries.


The wretched media consistently nurtures such fear, by intentionally not exposing that the anti-Islam Wahhabism is geopolitical, not religious, and also omits what should be the obvious fact that terrorist Wahhabism destroys Muslim-majority countries.  It promotes sectarianism, and insidiously aides in the expanding Western colonialist mindset to accept imperialist desires to balkanize countries– specifically the Syrian Arab Republic.  The West, Israel, and the Gulfies monarchies all want Syria carved.

On 21 March 2013, before al Qaeda FSA branched off into subsects of terrorist gangs, Sheikh Mohammed Saeed Ramadan al Bouti was blown up while in the mosque, at prayer. Born in Turkey, of Kurdish origins, the world’s leading Islamic scholar was a fierce Syrian patriot, who had called the FSA “scum.”


An Israeli English language site was the first to report on the second, heinous church bombing of St. Mark’s Coptic Cathedral in Alexandria. This site managed to fit into the headline that Netanyahu had stated that Israel would continue giving free medical treatment to terrorists wounded in Syria.

Bloody Palm Sunday as al Qaeda heeds terrorist Trump

Over a three-years period from 2013, Israel has treated 2,000 injured al Qaeda terrorists, at taxpayer (including the American taxpayer, as the US gives Israel $3B/year) costs of 50,000,000 NIS (13,711,505 USD), treating them on the Syrian Golan under Israeli occupation, and in Israeli facilities such as the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa.

Israel cites humanitarian reasons for treating al Qaeda terrorists from all over the world, who have invaded the Syrian Arab Republic:  “We are trying to build peace with our neighbors and win their hearts and their  minds.”

Another Gazan victim of Netanyahu’s “cruel and outlawed” P4 chemical weapons
Corpse of Gaza baby killed by Israel’s P4 bombings

Despite PEOTUS Trump’s outrageous call to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in December — a breach of both International Law and the Oslo Treaty — Israeli MSM, which is controlled by the IDF, ran frequent articles bordering on threats against the president elect.  Now that terrorist Trump has bombed the Syrian airbase, he, fake news! CNN, and Israel are on the same killing fields page, Israel loves him and is looking forward to annexation and invasion of Syria’s occupied Golan with 100,000 colonizers.

Israeli MK tweets the praises of terrorist Trump joining the team to make al Qaeda great again

In unofficial reports — congruent with the anticipated mayhem of terrorist Trump bombing the Syrian air base to make al Qaeda great again — on 8 April there was car bombing in Dara’a near the Jordanian border (which has seen an increase in smuggling terrorists since before 2011), part of another fratricidal fight between al Qaeda FSA and al Qaeda ISIL.  As it was a bit more extensive, US and Jordanian spec ops terrorists illegally entered Syria in an attempt at mediation.

Parade of al Qaeda ISIL and al Qaeda FSA, enemies of the Syrian people, and their army, the SAA

As though attacking the airbase of humanity’s leading military in the battle against the savage barbarians of al Qaeda was not enough mayhem, terrorist Trump has also been on a rampage against the evil Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.  Though the US has 800 military bases around the world, and the DPRK has none, terrorist Trump has decided something must be done to deal with its aggressiveness.


Though the DPRK tweeted a bit of humor at terrorist Trump, this week, its Foreign Ministry also issued a stern warning that it has the right to defend itself, even preemptively, and it will hold the US accountable should war break out on the peninsula.

Financial Times, 9 April
Nidal Jannoud, shortly before his death, 21 April 2011. CNN did not report on how much he enjoyed the foreign-imposed Arab Spring

This week, terrorist Trump bombed the Syrian Arab Army bases to make al Qaeda great again.

Creating al Qaeda was not a good idea; neither is making it great again.

— Miri Wood

SyriaNews warmly thanks the unknown creator of the hat and the hashtag #Trump_Make_alQaeda_Great_Again .

Postscript for Ivanka Trump: The same carpet-bagging MSM that trolled your every faux pas is now deifying you, putting laurels at your feet for convincing your father to increase his murder of other people’s children.  If this is true, you are now complicit.  Be aware: These war profiteers are a fickle lot (and their previous writings have already set you up for criminal charges).  They never told you of Yousef, murdered by a sniper bullet while he was walking home from school, a sniper’s bullet from Obama’s moderate terrorists.

Yusuf, 9, killed by a sniper bullet while walking home from school.

They never showed you Sidra Ahmed‘s photo.  She was on her way to kindergarten when the moderate rebels of Obama — now of your dad — remotely detonated a car filled with explosives, outside the Imad Ali School in Latakia.

No tears from Western MSM when this Syrian child was blown up by moderate terrorists

Do you really not know that some of the ghastly photos shown by CNN were of young children kidnapped from Majal and Khattab, the week before, and brought to Khan Sheikhoun to be slaughtered on the world stage?  There was no “gas.”  There was, most likely, Sunnah2, the fast-acting poison whose efficiency was shown in a rabbit-killing experiment, 21 December 2012, used as a threat against Syrian patriots.

How will you explain to your precious children, if they eventually learn that you helped to slaughter other children?

Three and one-half years ago, three villages in Latakia governate were invaded by ‘moderate rebels’ who slaughtered all the men and kidnapped the women and their children, 58 of whom were recently exchanged for terrorist prisoners, by the Syrian government your father so viciously maligns. Absolute terrorist monarchy Qatar’s al Khanzeera was part of the atrocity:

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