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Of Flags and of Idiots: Why be a Willful Dupe?


Of Flags and of Idiots appears to be an odd way to start a headline.  Alas, it is an unfortunate necessity.  A website known for its fierce independence, and impressively consistent integrity, has abruptly made the tactical blunder of pimping out a report that subtly supports the colonialist balkanization of the Syrian Arab Republic.  It furthers the terrible error, by offering itself to fundraise for the skank website allowed to sully it and sully its audience.

As provocation for actual thought, SyriaNews offers a question:  Why did a new — and most likely faux independent — site suddenly appear at the time of the birth of the umbrella gang of anti-Syria terrorists, under the direction of the moderate terrorist FSA, that uses a name so similar to the terrorist umbrella gang, South[ern] Front?  This original gang of killers claimed 57 sub-sects of gangs, some moderate terrorists, and some immoderate terrorists — many of whom have since engaged in fratricidal activities, as thieves and killers tend to not get along when it comes time to carve up stolen goods.

Of flags and of idiots must begin with the accursed flag of the US foreign mercenary militia, illegally in Syria.  This gang of illegals, thugs, paid murderers flies the flag of Hezen Suriya Demockratik, whose acronym is HSD.  

This is the Azeri-Turkic flag of the US foreign mercenary militia illegally in Syria.

This is the Azeri-Turkic flag of the US foreign mercenary militia illegally in Syria.  This language is a Turkic one, whose name is Azerbaijani, Azerbaijani-Turkish, or Azeri-Turkish.  It is the language of Azerbaijan, population 9.4 million. Azerbaijan is the third-largest gas supplier to Erdoganstan.  In 2012, Azerbaijan signed a $1.6 billion arms deal with Israel.  In February, McQaeda McCain again illegally entered the SAR, and met with these terrorists.

The Azerbaijan language is not Arabic, which is the national language of Syria.  It is also not any Kurdish-dialect.

This is reality.  It has nothing to do with soft colonialist aspirations.  

Those who claim to be friends of the Syrian Arab Republic, yet who disgracefully legitimize this non-Syrian flag should at least have the guts to call it by its correct name, Hezen Suriya Demokratik.  Stand on your hind legs!  Be a mensch, for once!  Be honest to own up to your colonialist perfidy!

Here we have an illegal Swede in Syria, smarmily announcing his office, and giving himself the title of spokesman for the non-Syria, US foreign mercenary militia, illegally operating in the SAR.

Among the foreign mercenaries of the HSD is its new spokesman, Swede Jesper Soder.
Mr. Colonialist Swede is part of a quiet terrorist invasion of Syria.

This terrible, tactical blunder by an otherwise independent medium of notable integrity, comes soon after the rabid and false hysteria regarding the Tabqa Dam also called the Euphrates Dam.  This keystone foundation of Syrian infrastructure has been under high-level NATO operative occupation, since February 2013.  It is of no matter that the NATO operatives called themselves FSA, nor that in January 2016, UK’s Independent Propaganda Outlet bleated that “ISIS” had sought an utterly absurd sanctuary there.

This inbred, meth freak primitive is as incapable of being trusted with the Tabqa, as he is incapable of utilizing GB:

NATO, not this idiot, holds Tabqa Dam hostage.

Let us engage in another show and tell.

Every country has one flag, not many flags, and this is the only flag of the Syrian Arab Republic:

This & only this is the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic.

This is the Syrian Arab Republic flag shown on its independence day, the day celebrated for having ejected the terrorist French Mandate occupiers from the Syrian homeland:


This is the Syrian Arab Republic flag that was flown during the celebrations of the Syrian Arab Army having liberated Bani Zaid and al Liramoun from the various NATO-and Gulfie terrorists which had occupied these towns:

Syrians holding Syrian flags. As there is one flag of the USA, there is one flag of Syria.

The terrorist flags of French Mandate occupation and YPG, and their supporters squat for a brotherly portrait:

Terrorists of FSA and YPG hold flags of French Mandate occupation of YPG-Kurdish terrorism

Brotherly portrait with terrorist flags of FSA and ISIS:

Flags of terrorist “ISIS”/JaN and terrorist FSA.

War criminal Canada‘s New Brunswick airport proudly hung the terrorist FSA/French Mandate colonialist flag on its wall of welcoming flags:

Flags, none Syrian, in New Brunswick airport

This photo of brethren-ish flags is wickedly funny, in the wicked wit of the fifth columnists’ insider jokes.  As the fake HSD flag is in Azeri, the Assyrian faction of the Guardians of Khabour was written in Kurdish, not Assyrian. This photo is a keeper, a fond memory of terrorist brotherly fidelity of multicultural anti-Syria flags, as there was a subsequent breakup among the factions (one of which was too terrified of the ZioKurd faction to go into detail).  If any more evidence is needed to demonstrate that Machiavelli was correct in noting that the most backward populations are picked off, first, by invading forces, this photo captures it:

Left to right: Assyrian (though Assyria no longer exists), unSDF, Guardians of Khabour valley, an Assyrian faction, with Kurdish script

Group portrait with various terrorist flags, in Idlib, now the center of MSM concern for alQaeda in Syria, using the tired script from pre-liberated Aleppo:

fsa flags
Multicultural terrorist flags, in terrorist-occupied Idlib

Sadly, we do not know under which foreign-funded terrorists flags these Syrian women were butchered, in Zahra:

These terrorists left their flags outside, not wanting to soil them with the blood of the Syrian women they slaughtered.

The pompous-ass flags drawing:

US mercenary HSD battles the US ISIS in this fabulous painting

Just a few more flags, of collaborative rallies, that might provoke some thought as to why certain persons are on the side of criminals against Syria:

Zionist with the terrorist flag of French Mandate occupation.
Slow genocidalists of Palestinians hold flags in Tel Aviv to cheer a Ziokuridstan

The basis for the nasty, hysterical, anti-Syria propaganda piece of Southern Front in suggesting that there is a new Sykes-Picot underway against the SAR, and that Russia is leading it, comes from some simple, diplomatic mouth noises at Astana (the unibrowed takfiri already walked out.  The savages walk out all the time; possibly the Captagon withdrawal makes them irritable).  Diplomatic meetings always require diplomatic mouth noises, without which these expensive affairs could not be justified.

SANA reported on the diplomatic mouth noises.

Russia has learned, with much pain, that the rabid Erdogan cannot be cured of his savagery.  Everyone knows that the Hmeimim base became a revolving door for terrorists to sign ceasefire agreements, and then breach them, immediately.

For a previously prestigious online journal to give its audience to supporters of terrorism, is an egregious blunder that borders on insulting Russia’s alliance with Syria,* in addition to being an attempted psyop against the Syrian people.

Again, those supporting terrorist flags against Syria, and those supporting the US-run HSD  foreign thug militia should muster the guts to call the latter by its accurate name.

Syrian Palmyra-Eagle with an Olive Branch in his Beak: ‘No Peace Without Power’
“It’s not necessary to be an agent of the enemy to help them; it’s enough to be a fool.” ~ Imam Ghazali

الله، سورية، بشار وبسالله، سورية، بشار وبس الله، سورية، بشار وبس

— Miri Wood

*A Russian plane en route to Syria ‘disappeared’ in December.

Syria’s Russian ally has contributed billions in humanitarian aid to the Syrian people.

Courageous Russian sappers cleared almost 1,000 hectares of explosives left throughout newly liberated Aleppo.

In December, NATO-backed terrorists destroyed a Russian field hospital in Aleppo.

Russian humanitarian aid to Syria dates back to the early days of the crisis.

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