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Euphrates Dam, Syria: NATO MSM Launches New Wave of PsyOps

UNSC does not care that al Taqba Dam is occupied by SDF terrorists under control of US terrorists.

The Euphrates dam — al Tabqa — is suddenly being splayed as the sudden fake humanitarian concern for NATO media, and their various lap-dog collaborators.  Their audience of tens of millions should be mindful of the Latin warning, caveat emptor.   The record shows that whenever NATO MSM bleats humanitarian concerns, there is another dirty and evil plan afoot.   Regarding the Euphrates dam, NATO’s perpetual warrior controlled media are using their fake concerns as cover stories for increasing war crimes against the Syrian Arab Republic, while NATO’s various countries change the themes of the fake news they now ejaculate.

This is a short clip from inside al Tabqa, Euphrates dam, taken 11 February 2013.  It was captured by the original NATO al Qaeda FSA in Syria and has been illegally occupied, since.

(Video also available on BitChute:

This screenshot from the video of invasion and occupation of the Euphrates dam is dated 8 April 2013.  Note to the right are videos fake reporting that al Taqba that has been under high-level NATO operative control has been fake”re-liberated” by the US created and run mercenary militia, Hezen Suriya Demokractic, HSD.

Screen shot of full video is dated 8 April 2013

This chilling photo appears to be taken from inside the Euphrates dam, but no explanation was given as to the magical USAF bomb that abruptly made a right-angle turn, to ‘destroy’ part of al Taqba’s essential infrastructure:

This perpendicular legerdemain bombing is not unique; it was previously used as fake evidence in anti-Russia propaganda, by Qatar’s al Khanzeera

Which is more likely — that among the US war crimes against Syria is the perpendicular bombing of Syria’s largest dam, or that the US is using the Euphrates dam that it has occupied since 2013, for elevating the status of its HSD?

Let us remember that in January 2016, NATO MSM was also in great humanitarian concern for the Euphrates dam.  At that time, it absurdly claimed that “ISIShad sought sanctuary in al Tabqa.  The intention behind that nonsense was the threat of holding the Euphrates dam hostage during the Syrian fake peace talks.  al Tabqa has been the hostage of high-level NATO operatives for more than four years.

The construction of the Tabqa Dam — off the Euphrates River — began in 1968, opening in 1973.  It is 60m/200ft tall, and 4.5km/2.8mi long.  It was built for hydroelectric power, and land irrigation, and gave birth to the largest reservoir in the SAR, Lake Assad.  Its creation was a science-driver for the young republic, its construction requiring the work of 12,000 Syrians, and 900 technicians from the USSR.

The over-heated swamp of US-based NATO MSM has one intention — despite its ongoing self-contradictions.  The intention is to give credibility to the illicit, war criminal US mercenary militia in Syria, and an essential terrorist gang plotting a new Sykes-Picot balkanization of the SAR.

US strikes in Syria may be lawful if Syria consents to the use of force in their territory.  If Syria does not consent, the strikes would violate international law, unless the US demonstrates that the strikes were taken in self-defense.  — Sarah Knuckey, international lawyer and Professor at Columbia Law School

First things, first:  This, and ONLY this, is the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The one and only flag of the Syrian Arab Republic

Syria — like every other country on the planet — has one flag.  Also, like every other country in the world, it has one military, the Syrian Arab Army.  That this is such a difficult concept for Syria’s allies, self-made enemies, and even some friends, has the rank stench of almost genetically inherent colonialist tendencies.

The fake humanitarian concern for the Euphrates dam — al Tabqa —  is Donald Trump recycling of Barack Obama’s cover story to launch war criminal bombings of the SAR.  Syria postponed Obama’s criminal bombing plan when it joined the OPCW and relinquished its never-used chemical weapons arsenal.  Obama waited another year and then used the triple-header American mercenaries cum orangettes as a geopolitical excuse for his war criminal bombings.

The fake rescue of the Euphrates dam is part of the international conspiracy for a neo Sykes-Picot.

Again, SyriaNews must explain the background of the Obama-created and Trump-utilized mostly foreign mercenary militia, the Hezen Suriya Demokractic.  “HSD” and nothing else is the proper acronym.  These words are not Arabic, nor are they Kurdish.  This language is a Turkic one, whose name is Azerbaijani, Azeraijani-Turkish, or Azeri-Turkish.  It is the language of Azerbaijan, population 9.4 million. Azerbaijan is the third-largest gas supplier to Erdoganstan.  In 2012, Azerbaijan signed a $1.6 billion arms deal with Israel.

Azeri-Turkish flag of the US-run foreign mercenary HSD

This US gang culled from international mercenary contractors unfortunately does contain some degenerate guests of the Syrian Arab Republic, and even a few traitors (in “The Prince,” Niccolo Machiavelli explains that foreign invaders begin by picking off the most intellectually backward portions of a population, to be viciously used, and then discarded).  A look at the various US-led separatists’ flags, and their overlapping with other terrorists’ flags, including those terrorists actually on the US terror list, found, here.  Note the almost comical cretinism, regarding a faction within the Assyrian faction, having its flag written in Kurdish, not Assyrian (these malignant, fake “Guardians of Khabour valley” broke with the HSD in mid-2015, over what can be called problems of fratricide).

During the US-led mad-as-a-hatter “wrath of Khabour campaign,” this emotion-inciting drawing failed to viralize.  It looks like the combined effort of US/UK/French intelligence, to perv on the neurotic “little man” mentality, in which one little guy supports another’s impotent dream.  In targeting such a neurotic impulse, viewers ignore the facts that “ISIS” was created by US and allies, that these other little men have also been created by the same demons they are hailed as fighting.

Gang vs counter-gang, the US mindful of the first rule of empire is “Divide and conquer.”

A search of Euphrates dam yields these immediate results:

Results from searching Euphrates dam

ABS-CBN news (far left) headlines the cheering of US-led terrorists ‘capturing’ an airport near the Euphrates dam, that had been controlled by other US-led terrorists.  That a Filipino media and entertainment corporation would be pimping US anti-Syria propaganda might seem odd, but it turns out its co-founder was an American ‘electronics engineer,’ James Lindenberg (co-founder was a judge and brother of a former Philippine president, Quirino).

NATO Germany’s Deutche Welle (middle) hits a geopolitical trifecta in its report of the Euphrates dam.  DW reports on reports that “ISIS” terrorists have begun “evacuation” from al Raqqa, because of the [war criminal] bombings of the US.  Germany that has massively funded terrorists against Syria, which has dumped a lot of its own human garbage into the SAR, is now recycling the promotion of the strategic depopulation of Syria, first articulated by Syrian patriot Afraa Dagher.  This ongoing campaign was first marketed for commercial use by terrorist Qatar’s aj+. In January 2016, His Excellency, Bashar al Ja’afari explained how terrorist Saudi occupied Arabia had flown the terrorist Uighurs from China, and then deployed them to slaughter Syrians, including an entire village of 3,000, whose homes and businesses were then occupied by these foreign terrorists.  

It is no secret that fake Mutti  Merkel holds refugees and Islam in colonialist disdain, and thinks little of Donald Trump. In her  menage a trois with Obama and NATO MSM in Berlin, she went so far as to claim her refugees preferred “ISIS” to President al Assad.

DW brags about Germany funding of terror in Syria.
Illegal alien and German terrorist Denis Caspert was killed by the SAA in 2013

Shameless Deutche Welle — historically on board with funding and arming terrorists against Syria — now suggests that the terrorist gang that all NATO agrees is terrorists, is protecting the 800,000 Syrian civilians it has held hostage since the early days of the crisisprotecting them against the war crimes of Trump.  It had no similar fake humanitarian concerns when Raqqa was bombed by Hollande, bombed by Cameron, bombed by all the members of the satanic war coalition against the  SAR.

Russia’s Sputnik makes a plea to calm the hysteria related to the Euphrates dam, but continues to give legitimacy to the US-run merc terrorists of the HSD, by using the orwellian acronym.

ABC cannot make up mind, and then blames its part in inflaming fears about the Euphrates dam by blaming its changing of headlines on “ISIS.”

26 March
27 March

ABC is owned by Disney Corporation.  Disney’s founder, Walt, was the psychological operative who convinced the generation that fought fascism during World War II, to pledge allegiance to a rodent.  Disney also owns Marvel (original comic book company of various superheroes, and their colorful efforts to make the world safe for — alas, not from — democracy).

On 15 July 2016, ABC News announced the unveiling of a joint venture with Marvel Comics in the making of a new fake “superhero” character, Madaya Mom. The quiet announcement was posted on its website, and included a “discussion guide for teachers”  (we also marvel at its educational options:  Will it be part of English Literature?  Current events?  The history of war?)  ABC News, in collaboration with Marvel Comics tells us that State Department Mom (a more efficient name for the new ”superhero”) is a “true story.”  The marketing campaign for State Department Mom was launched on 18 October, and fortunately appears to have crashed and burned, since.

Quiet mid-July 2016 announcement of the degenerate union of national news and comic book.

Countries behind “ISIS” should be destroyed or at least held accountable. — a Syrian dreaming of actual justice.

In this short video, then-Vice President Biden, seated Senator Lindsay Graham, and General Martin Dempsey all agree that “ISIS” has been supplied by US allies — while making excuses for such criminality.

The evil confessions are intentionally gentle, and omit another fact, that the US created “ISIS” in Iraq and Syria, as it created the original al Qaeda, in Afghanistan.  The US/EU have funded terror against Syria, since the beginning of the foreign-imposed terror, via al Qaeda-FSA, against the SAR.

US created “ISIS

Were the Euphrates dam — al Tabqa — destroyed, tens of villages would be flooded.  There would not be much fear for main cities as its water level is low since Turkey built the Ataturk dam, diverting water from Syria and Iraq, dramatically — and against international law.

Bombing any country, except in explicit self-defense, is a war crime.  Bombing civilian infrastructure is a war crime. Bombing (or poisoning) water supplies is a war crime.  When Obama’s genocidal coalition began bombing Syria, NATO MSM cheered.  When his coalition “bombed and destroyed completely” two civilian bridges in Deir Ezzor, September 2016, NATO MSM was mostly quiet.  There was not much in the way of condemnation when Trump’s war criminal coalition bombed two bridges in Raqqa, early February.

2 February 2017, Raqqa

The reasons for the abrupt, fake humanitarian concern of NATO-led MSM, for the Euphrates dam — the MSM that has cheered every atrocity against Syria –, are many, with the balkanization of the Syrian Arab Republic at the top of the list.  A new reason may also be added; it is possible that the background plan might include leaving Trump holding the bag.  The new president has expanded and accelerated the war crimes of his predecessor.

The west has a long history  of erasing its war crimes, in cleansing war criminals (though criminal Tony Blair was forced to resign his orwellian position as special envoy for  peace, most recently, criminal W. Bush has been made the reflective, philosophical painter, literally embraced by talk show hosts).

No western war criminal has ever been held accountable for his (and her) war crimes.

While pondering such a hypothesis, Donald Trump can consider actually crushing “ISIS,” by reopening the Syrian Embassy, by reversing the draconian and illicit sanctions against Syria, by removing American terrorists in Syria, by calling President Bashar al Assad, to make amends.

— Miri Wood, Afraa Dagher, Arabi Souri

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