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Aleppo Celebrates Liberation of Bani Zaid, al Liramoun

by Miri Wood, RNc

On 28 July,  the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) announced the full liberation of Aleppo governate suburb, Bani Za’id, and the industrial zone, al Liramoum, suburb in northern Aleppo.  al Liramoun was under western-sponsored terrorist control since June 2015.  Local government is in the process of returning factories to their rightful owners in al Liramoun (there is no information available regarding how many factories remain functional, vs. how many have been destroyed).

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has taken full control of Kastello Road (E. Aleppo), a main supply route of foreign takfiri, and their foreign weapons.

The Army General Command announced the halting of this supply route, the re-extension of amnesty for non-foreign terrorists who lay down their weapons  — and have not murdered — and the dismantling of explosives and landmines from streets and squares, by the SAA engineers.

The SAR has opened three safe corridors for the evacuation of E. Aleppo civilians, under protection of the SAA.

Syrians have poured into the streets, in celebration:

syrians celebrating


celebration (2)

The SAA has also destroyed weapons caches and military vehicles in Homs and Hama.

SANA reports that “a number of gunmen have turned themselves in” to Syrian authorities.


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