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IS US Coordinating its War Crimes against Syria with ISIS?


by Miri Wood, RNc

A scant twelve days after the US and France slaughtered 200 Syrian civilians, the US has again murdered Syrian civilians.  This time, 45 were bombed to death, and another 50 Syrians were injured, in al Ghandoura village, near Manbij, after which ISIS” butchered another 24 Syrians in al Bwei village, north of Manbij.

Again, the Syrian Arab Republic issued two more letters to the UN Security Council and its Secretary General, requesting denunciation of this war crime, and noting the orwellian absurdity of one terror gang, Jabhat al Nusra, changing its name, in order to be removed from various “terror watch” lists.

The letters were issued by Syria’s Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, and will most likely also be moved to the UNSC’s trash bin, with hundreds of other letters presented to the UN mafiosi leadership.

Let our readers again be reminded that on 15 June, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) rebuked the war crimes of France and Germany in invading the SAR, with their elite military special operative forces — in Ain al Arab and Manbij areas.  Had the countries which have funded, armed, trained, and facilitated the transportation of takfiri against Syria undergone an epiphany, they would have asked Syria’s permission to extinguish the insatiable fire they lit, against the country.

Elite terrorist special operatives have illegally invaded the SAR for the creation of a new Sykes-Picot butchering.

“Coalition” bombings of Syria are to be considered the aggressive war crimes against the country, that they are –according to the Geneva 1949 agreements which define military engagement and international law.

The US’ murderous, illegal bombings of Manbij, 18 July, resulting in civilian deaths, were called “accidents” by the few msm that reported the deaths; no msm made note that all bombings by the fascist coalition are war crimes.

That the earlier atrocity did not injure a single foreign spec operative, is forceful evidence that the US coordinated with the EU’s illegal invaders.  That yesterday’s new war crime also did not injure any foreign terrorists on the ground in Manbij, makes such evidence increasingly substantial.

The ministry cited striking similarities between the massacres committed by US-led coalition and terrorist organizations in an attempt to exacerbate the situation across Syria following the Syrian army recent wins in Aleppo.  — Foreign and Expatriates Ministry

A second bombing of civilians is indicative that the countries involved in the attempted final solution against Syria, are moving forward with their odious plans of strategic depopulation of Syria’s indigenous peoples. [1]  The almost immediate massacre by on-the-ground takfiri, in al Bwei, reeks of a coordination whose impunity has not been flaunted since Israel rushed to al Qaeda’s defense, in the bombing of Damascus suburbs, with the terrorist FSA (May 2013) so the latter could ‘capture the Kodak moment.’



[1] During his 11 January stake out, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, H.E. Dr. Ja’afari, told reporters that one Syrian village, near to Aleppo, had its entire population massacred by foreign Uighars and Turkemen who are now squatting in their murder victims’ homes, running their businesses, harvesting their lands.  Three thousand Syrians were slaughtered, and many of the invading killers had first been brought to Saudi [occupied] Arabia, before being deployed into the SAR.




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  1. SDLG

    Of course, the neocon, zionist press does not implicate itself in any of its wrongdoings. But, the world is watching and is not stupid. The US / West imperialists can fool some of the people some of the time, but cannot fool all of the people all of the time. The US, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Qatar, Saudi A, Israel, Jordon, Turkey imperialist neocons have been exposed for what they are, and have lost plenty of friends, credibility, and respect around the world.

  2. David Upton

    I agree the entities you mention are guilty of innumerable murderous wrongdoings, but is the SAR not just as bad. I’m sure they must ave committed untold slaughter as well and is Assad not a callous egotistical dictator. Why is his large portrait spread all over Syria. Personally I could not trust a leader who would attempt to have his people hero-worship him. Remember Saddam and Gaddafi did the same.
    The whole of the country just stinks with evildoers.


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