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Syria: Russia Sends Further Humanitarian Aid to the Arab Nation

Damascus, Syria

Russia sends further aid to Syria – worth $1.3m.

Moscow has sent further humanitarian aid to Syria after the recent deliveries of humanitarian aid by the Russian government for the Palestinian refugees as well as for the Syrian people within the Arab nation. Moscow is said to have already dispatched a new consignment of humanitarian aid to Syria.

According to the reports, the consignment of humanitarian aid by Russia is worth about $1.3 million and is meant to help to assist the victims and Syrian families due to the ongoing Syrian conflict and foreign-backed terrorism in the Arab nation.

The Russian Foreign Ministry in the capital Moscow has released a statement about the shipment of a new consignment of humanitarian aid to Damascus. According to the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry from Thursday, the new consignment of humanitarian aid has already arrived in the Syrian capital, Damascus. Among the new consignment of humanitarian aid are clothes, food supplies, medical equipment as well as medicine and other essential goods for the Syrian people.

Beside the shipment of further humanitarian aid for the Syrian people by Moscow, the Russian Foreign Ministry also made it clear in this new statement about the delivery of humanitarian aid to Damascus that Moscow will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the Syrian nation and not stop the attempts to help the Syrian people who are suffering due to the Syrian conflict, terrorism, biased sanctions, and the destruction of Syria’s economy by the ongoing terrorism.

The Russian state news agency reported that the new humanitarian aid for Syria was collected by the St. Petersburg-based Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society and financially supported by the Orthodox Church in Russia.

The United States, the Europe Union and their regional proxies / allies have imposed hypocritical sanctions on Syria. The so-called Qatari-led Arab League (AL) is also guilty for the suffering of the Syrian people.

The targeted attacks on important factories and economic centres within Syria were wilfully carried out by the foreign-supported terrorist groups while the main group of the Western backers of the so-called “Syrian opposition” seem to be more interested to earn money with Syrian oil than to further support the criminal ground forces of the staged external “Syrian opposition”, the so-called “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

Damascus, Syria
Damascus, Syria

The Russian government in the capital Moscow had already sent about 70 tons of humanitarian aid for the Palestinian refugees on Syrian soil on July 12. Already previously, Moscow had sent humanitarian aid for the Syrian people to Damascus, while the humanitarian supplies were shared among the people, nobody was making a difference between the Palestinian refugees, residing in Syria, and the Syrian citizens.

And while more and more people in Syria are suffering due to the foreign-supported conflict and terrorism in the Arab nation, which leads to such horrible massacres as the execution of over 120 Syrians in Khan al-Assal near the strategically important city of Aleppo, the Western governments and their regional allies continue to support the Takfiri terrorists and criminals operating in Syria.

At least, Russia maintains its supportive role for the Syrian people. A glimmer of light for several victims of the foreign-supported terrorism and the increasing jobless rate in the country, beside the recent success of the Syrian Arab army (SAA) in their war on terrorism between Syrian borders.

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  1. Bobby

    Russia remains the conscience of the true world! The North Atlantic Torture Organisations (NATO) have exposed themselves finally. The European -American Empire has exposed their hypocricy wrapped in the flag of “Demoncrazy”! The UNO will follow soon! And Begining of their fall is near!

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