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Russian Reconciliation Center Distributes Aid in Bitmana Village, Jableh

image-Russian Aid in Bitmana Village - Jableh Countryside

The Russian Center for Reconciliation at Khmeimim distributed today aid packages to the families of the SAA martyrs and wounded in the village of Bitmana, Jableh countryside (south of Latakia). 

In addition to food components like rice, sugar, canned food and flour, the humanitarian aid included medicines, offering medical services and free medical consultations to a number of the sick in the village.

This aid will be distributed to the families of the martyrs and wounded who sacrificed their souls to defend this nation, we at the Center for Reconciliation plan to distribute aid in all the areas in Syria, in addition to opening a medical point to treat the needy and issue medicines already available in the medical clinics.

image-Russian Aid in Bitmana Village - Jableh Countryside
Russian Aid in Jableh Countryside in Bitmana village

In December the Russian military field hospital erected in Aleppo to treat Syrians of all kinds of medical needs was destroyed from moderate mortars of NATO proxy terrorists. One month later NATO moderates exploded a car bomb in Jableh. 

Another Russian-led Military Police unit operates in East Aleppo including a sappers unit that managed to clear large areas of explosives planted by terrorists before their eviction from the area towards Idlib.

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