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Saudi Jaish al Islam Breaks Douma Deal; SAA Retaliates

Jaish al Islam

Buoyed by disgraceful western leaders bowing before Saudi tyrants, the Saudi run Jaish al Islam faction of alQaeda today broke the Douma agreement, unleashing more atrocities against Syrian civilians.  The agreement was that all abducted military personnel and civilians be released, along with the bodies of martyrs, for heavy and medium weapons to be turned over, and for the savages to get on the buses to Jarablus.  Begun on 2 April, almost 3,000 terrorists and their families left Douma.  Infighting among the remaining savages ensued (some reports claimed the infighting was related to the disbursement $900,000,000 held by the terrorists).  Today, 6 April, Jaish al Islam — more appropriately named Jaish al Wahhab — fired mortars and rockets into several neighborhoods of Damascus.  

Saudi Jaish al Islam was to have released 3,500 hostages.

Four were killed, 22 injured, many seriously.  Among those martyred were a child and a woman.  Massive material damage was also inflicted.  In response, Syrian Arab Army units “targeted with precision and concentrated strikes” several positions of these savages — for which we can anticipate more screaming from the P3 hyenas of the UN, followed by chorus screams from the “NGO industrial complex” making millions from anti-Syria propaganda.

Damascus 6 April.

In another moderate terrorist incident, an IED was remotely detonated — likely by Saudi’s Jaish al Islam — near the al Khansaaa Mosque.  One man was martyred, and 6 injured in the explosion.

Example of weapons fired by ‘moderate rebels’ such as Jaish al Islam.

One mortar landed near the Syrian Arab Red Crescent center, with a nearby playground.

In other acts of moderate terrorism, 5 children were among the 12 injured by moderate mortars fired against Daraa and Homs.  Daraa is the city in which several Syrian soldiers were slaughtered last summer, their bodies mutilated by members of al Qaeda White Helmets.  In response, US Congressman Kinzinger launched a new Syria-hating caucus on Capitol Hill, along with the hashtag, #SaveDaraa to show his eternal support for al Qaeda atrocities in the SAR.

At this writing, the deadly atrocities against Damascus have been ignored by western media sources, with the exception of two, similar AP reports, both of which white-wash the terrorist actions of Jaish al Islam and by twisting the report so it may be used for purposes of standard anti-Syria propaganda.

NATO MSM has not surprisingly neglected to mention that 50,000 civilian internally displaced persons have returned to their homes in towns and villages in Eastern Ghouta, in regions where the Syrian Arab Army have restored security and stability.  More than 12,000 children have already returned to schools or makeshift study centers.

In newly liberated Jobar, the Syrian Arab Army has discovered mortar launching pads which had been used in attacks against Damascus and its countryside.  Jobar, a suburb of Damascus, is home to the world’s oldest synagogue, looted by Israel and its FSA friends. Before and after videos of this UN World Heritage Site, and Israeli admission of looting of Syrian artifacts, here.

Though the terrorist pimps of the deep state media have ignored the most recent and deadly atrocities against residential neighborhoods in Damascus, these criminal liars have voiced their support of “the last rebel enclave” of mass murderers.

Reuters, the mother of all pimps, required four writers to vomit up what sounds like a press release by Jaish al Islam:  Its rocket and artillery brigade were, of course, acting in self-defense.  Its commander  denied targeting residential areas.

Here we share some photos that Reuters accidentally missed, of injuredcommander deniedously attacked in residential areas:jaish-al-islam


14 yr old Omar succumbed to his burns. There is no UNSCR condemning his murder, nor MSM condemnation.

That Jaish al Islam is a terrorist gang, should be obvious to all.  Which western population would want their presence, their “rocket and artillery” to be redeployed from the Syrian Arab Republic?

The Syrian Arab Army will continue to liberate every inch of the country from western and Gulfies owned takfiri.

Miri Wood

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