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Breaking: Harasta Completely Cleaned

Harasta is clean from terrorists. Just after midnight Damascus time the last bus left Harasta city carrying its terrorists and headed towards Idlib signaling an important phase in the East Ghouta liberating operation.

Syrian based news channels airing live from Harasta showing last group of terrorists and their families taking the last buses heading to Idlib after a very swift and decisive operation by the Syrian Arab Army in spite of the non-stop threats by the US, UK and France, the P3 at the United Nation’s Security Council, of attacking the advancing SAA units on fabricated claims of using chemical weapons.

4580 persons in total over the past 2 days including 1485 armed terrorists were evicted from Harasta city, on the vicinity of the Syrian capital Damascus most of which were from Ahrar Cham, a terrorist organization affiliated with Nusra Front which is al-Qaeda Levant, one of the Saudi Arabia’s financed terrorist groups.

Harasta oversees the Damascus – Aleppo main highway, the same highway that connects Syria’s southern provinces Daraa, Quneitra and Suweida as well with the northern provinces and is the highway that connects Jordan and Turkey. It was regularly blocked by ‘Moderate Terrorists’ snipers.

Earlier in the day, we reported Hundreds of Terrorists & Their Families Evicted from Harasta to Idlib, including a deal to release 13 kidnapped SAA soldiers in captivity with the terrorists in a prison underground since 2016.

Large numbers of residents who were included in the deal to leave to Idlib decided to remain under the Syrian Arab Army’s protection and refused to go to Idlib. Those were from the original residents of Harasta city and not imported from elsewhere or from outside the country when they invaded the city.

SAA Engineering Units swiftly entered the city combing it building by building and street by street to dismantle any mines and explosives the terrorists planted before they left. This is a typical process the Syrian Arab Army carries out in each area they liberate as in each previous area the terrorists would plant explosives everywhere even in children toys they leave to slaughter more civilians after they leave.

In Ein Tarma south of Harasta, SAA managed to clean 60% of the town and discovered massive trenches and deep tunnels. More in this report by SANA: SAA Liberates 60% of Ein Tarma, Discovers Trench Used by Terrorists in Ghouta

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