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Hundreds of Terrorists & Their Families Evicted from Harasta to Idlib

image-SAA Evicts Hundreds of Ahrar Cham Terrorists from Harasta to Idlib

Hundreds of terrorists from Ahrar Cham (al-Qaeda affiliate) and their families were evicted from Harasta City to Idlib in northwest of Syria as part of the agreement reached, which also included the releasing of 13 SAA soldiers who were kidnapped from Barzeh in 2016.

Contrary to the vile lies of the western media that supports terrorists, the Syrian state prefers to save its people at whatever cost, even if it means releasing any number of terrorists.

Report from RT Arabic’s reporter Laymounah Saleh in Harasta city in Eastern Ghouta.

Video also uploaded to BitChute.

Finishing off Ahrar Cham from East Ghouta came after tense battles with the Syrian Arab Army, the SAA determined to put an end to terrorist groups firing missiles from Ghouta on the Syrian capital Damascus, and freeing about 400,000 residents from the area.

image-SAA Soldier Greets Ahrar Cham Terrorists on their way to Idlib
SAA Soldier Greets Ahrar Cham Terrorists on their way to Idlib


The deal between the Syrian government and Ahrar Cham (al-Qaeda affiliate) in Harasta has been executed as thousands of terrorists and their families have been evicted towards Idlib, north of Syria.

The agreement came after the crackdown on the terrorists as a result of the accelerated progress and control of the Syrian Arab Army over several areas in the eastern Ghouta.

The success of removing the first batch of Ahrar Cham from the heart of Harasta city paves the way in front of other batches and by that the city of Harasta will become almost secure after the battles the Syrian Arab Army fought to arrive at this deal with the armed terrorist groups.

An exchange of 13 kidnapped Syrian Arab Army soldiers was done in the first hours of executing the deal, they were released from Ahrar Cham detention centers in Harasta in exchange of a number of terrorists released from the Syrian prisons.

We were kidnapped from Barzeh in 2016, we suffered a lot, and thanks to the efforts of the SAA we are now released, May God, his Almighty, bless these men and protect our nation.

Where were you detained?
– Underground, in a prison in Harasta they call it the Sitteen (60) Prison, we were held there.

4 of our friends martyred by a projectile, they forced us to keep digging day and night, God saved us…

Only 19 were left of us, we were split among them, Nusra Front took a number of us and we were left with them in Harasta.

What’s your name? What you’d like to tell your family?
– My name is Hussam Abdul Latif, I’d like to tell my son and my wife that I’m freed and safe, thanks God, and in God’s will I’ll meet them and see them, I miss them a lot.

The evicting of Ahrar Cham terrorists from Harasta has been executed with hundreds of terrorists leaving with their families as the first batch, evicting the rest of the batches will conclude the execution of the deal in order to declare most of the city of Harasta free of terrorists which will help, as per a number of observers, to reopen the main Harasta Highway that connects the capital Damascus with the northern Syrian provinces.

— Arabi Souri

Update 01:00 am Damascus time: Harasta completely cleaned from terrorists and their families, total 4580 persons evicted, among them 1485 armed terrorists. SAA engineering units entered the city and now combing it for explosives and mines planted by the terrorists as they usually do before retreating.

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