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SAA Liberates 60% of Ein Tarma, Discovers Trench Used by Terrorists in Ghouta


23 March 2018, Damascus Countryside, SANA — Syrian Arab Army units advanced further in the battle against terrorists in Eastern Ghouta on Friday, with precision special operations resulting in establishing control over a number of neighborhoods in Ein Tarma town.

SANA’s correspondent said that army untis liberated around 60% of neighborhoods in Ein Tarma and are continuing to advance, employing tactics and weapons that suit the nature of this residential area in order to preserve civilians’ lives and properties.

The correspondent said that the ranks of terrorist organizations are in a state of collapse and chaos as the terrorists are fleeing in the face of the rapid advancement of the army after they suffered heavy losses and had their fortifications destroyed.

Army engineering units have canvassed the Ein Tarma valley area over which the army established control on Thursday, uncovering a network of tunnels and dismantling tens of landmines and IEDs planted by terrorists.

Meanwhile in Harasta, SANA’s correspondent said the army has uncovered a 3-meter-deep and 5-meter-wide trench located on the outskirts of Harasta city that was used by terrorists to transport cars and trucks from Ein Tarma and Madyara towards Douma in Eastern Ghouta.

A field commander said that the trench is extended between a number of towns in Ghouta, adding that terrorists dug it and covered it with branches of trees and metal sheets, adding that the depth and width of the trench and the tire marks of cars and armored vehicles indicate that the terrorists used it to transport their vehicles between the towns in Ghouta.

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