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GRAPHIC: Al Qaeda in Idlib Plots New False Flag Chemical Attack

New chemical attack plotted in Idlib

Al Qaeda in Idlib and Hama are plotting a new false flag chemical attack. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates announced yesterday confirmation that the White Helmets terrorists, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS aka Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant), and other related terrorists have brought “tankers loaded with raw chlorine through the Bab al Hawa crossing from Turkey.”

A lab in Atimah has been prepared for the terrorists to fill shells, fire the chemicals into civilian areas and again blame the Syrian government for the degenerate atrocities.

Terrorist organizations including the White Helmets and those who support them in the field and in some international platforms have not stopped preparing for terrorist acts by preparing for plays using chemical weapons in some areas of Idlib and Hama governorates. to accuse the Syrian Arab Army of it.

The Ministry “pointed out that Syria calls on the countries that support these terrorists to stop these games, whose victims were only innocent Syrian civilians, and not to carry out this new bloody crime. The Syrian Arab Republic will hold the countries supporting these terrorists, especially the United States, Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Turkey, responsible for using these games, toxic substances and the killing of civilians.”

The Ministry “called on the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) not to ignore this information and the need to take it very seriously and deal with it within the framework of its mandate set out in the Chemical Weapons Convention instead of turning it into a vehicle for false accusations against Syria by the United States of America and its allies.”

The Syrian Arab Republic has repeatedly confirmed its categorical refusal to use chemical weapons by anyone, anywhere and under any circumstances, and that it has not used these weapons before and cannot use them now because it does not possess them, and at the same time stresses the Such open and repeated crimes will not discourage it from continuing its war against terrorism until it restores security and safety to its people on the entire soil of Syria.

Thus ends the pristinely diplomatic portion of this report, announced by the Ministry on 22 June; now we take off the gloves to provide another in-depth look at the spawns of Satan, from the low-level criminally and violently insane, to the pristinely coiffed rabid NATO dogs of war, the hideously corrupt and Syrian blood-saturated liars running the NATO Degeneracy and Immorality League of the UN and of the OPCW.

The OPCW recently stripped Syria of its voting rights. According to its own reports, this is the same NATO klan that never entered Khan Sheikhoun, nor Ltamenah, nor Saraqib. OPCW reported no investigators could enter these areas because the terrorists caused safety problems.

Nonetheless, the ignoble club had no problem accepting the lies and the sexed-up forensics from the terrorists.

The gaggle of affluent scum is all here, neatly awaiting the criminal al Qaeda cover story to demonstrate its altruism by bombing Syria — humanitarianly, of course — because of the failure of the NATO Spring. The assemblage of blood-lusting, ravenous vultures masquerading as human beings are in a near-sexual frenzy over the possibility that China and/or Russia will vote against the extension of the UNSCR 2533 (2020) to keep open the Bab al Hawa lifeline from Turkey to al Qaeda in Idlib, and continue in rage state — a barb coma might be useful — over the re-election of President Bashar al Assad, and the subsequent interview with Dr. Bashar al Jaafari who defined Dr. Assad’s victory as the victory of the Syrian people against the unprecedented war of terror waged against them by NATO.

As another false flag chemical attack is being plotted, to be blamed on Syria’s obviously beloved president, let the unindicted war criminal miscreants of the UN and the unindicated mass murderers of the countries they represent, the last time any NATO head of state was surrounded by fellow citizens, and not by locked and loaded security forces; let the rabid dogs of war watch hundreds of Syrians storm the stage to hug and pet and kiss their president, after his speech at the Damascus Opera House, and let the vultures eat out their own hearts and each other’s livers, in dirty envy, instead of circling to devour Syrian flesh and blood.

Another chemical attack is plotted, to be blamed on the beloved president of Syria
War criminals pushing new chemical attack to blame on beloved president
Rabid dogs of war ready to unleash chemical attack to blame on beloved President Assad.

The false flag chemical attack atrocities have been the foundation of war crimes against Syria, beginning in late 2012, when intelligence operatives skilled in the handling of chemical weapons and poisons, demonstrated the deadly skills on rabbits, in an alleged makeshift lab in Gaziantep, Turkey; the 5 December video appeared to show the terminal use of VX:

On 21 December, the skilled human garbage provided a second threat of a chemical attack. Claiming the perverse name of Screaming Wind Chemical Battalion, that degenerate reported on the newly developed, quick-acting poison that would be used to pollute Alsinn Spring, the main water source for Lattakia; he also explained other efficient uses, to slaughter Syrians who dared to be patriots:

Diplomatic requests by the Syrian Mission for a UN-OPCW investigations of the threats were ignored; the efficient poison was later used in heinous snuff porn, showing agonizing deaths of kidnapped Syrian children, on 4 April 2017, in Khan Sheikhoun. The children had recently been kidnapped, and were also stripped half-naked for the sadistic enjoyment of all of the degenerates — from the lowly perverts, to the classy dogs of war.

In May 2013 — months before the criminally degenerate FSA launched the chemical attack in al Ghouta, with weapons provided by ”Prince Bandar” who neglected to teach his vermin in proper use — American illegal embedded with takfiri in Aleppo, Matthew Vandyke told unemployed ladies underwear salesboy cum Brit intelligence operative that the “rebels” had chemical weapons, were prepared to use them and blame on the government, and that President Assad was ‘winning’ and had no need to use them (Vandyke has been rewarded with a 501(c) fake charity, and an award for a 15-minute ‘fraudumentary‘, and Higgins with lots of money, war pimp media stenographers beating a path to his door, and a personal trainer).

NATO illegal in Syria told NATO operative in UK that 'rebels' ready for a chemical attack.
Matthew Vandyke, American illegal embedded with terrorists wrote Brit operatives that the savages were prepared to launch a chemical attack to blame on the government.

Post the heinous chemical attack in al Ghouta, August 2013, President Obama and other NATO accomplices prepared to ‘punish’ Syria with massive bombings for the attack by the takfiri vermin supported by NATO, but this plot was sabotaged when Syria joined the CWC and turned over its chemical weapons, in record time (the US, by the way, still holds approximately 3,000 tons of CWs, despite having joined CWC-OPCW in early 1997. Oddly, the filthy NATO junta ruling the UN does not hold monthly meetings against the US, as it does to Syria.). As with every yield to the demands of NATO tyrants (e.g., Iraq, Libya), said tyrants always create the loophole, used for destruction. In September 2014, Obama and accomplices used the convenient executions of British, US, and Japanese special operatives illegally in the SAR as slimy cover story to ignore Syrian sovereignty, and bomb it by fake targeting the US-created ISIS, though, in fact, the plot was to obliterate Syria while helping ISIS and other al Qaeda beasts with two legs.

Slightly more than one month before al Qaeda in Khan Sheikhoun tortured kidnapped Syrian children for the NATO stenography media, Syria News published a comprehensive, albeit not a complete history of chemical attacks and threats by the savages, including the chemical attack in Khan al Asal, whose investigation was also sabotaged by the world leaders in genocide at the UN — France, UK, and the US (and also with the assistance of Israel and assorted media whore/pimp combos..).

The key source for NATO news on 4 April 2017, from Khan Sheikhoun, with excellent telecommunications, who was not so busy in saving lives and sniffing people for chlorine, and tossing their arms aside, that he was unable to tell the western world all day that he was available for non-stop interviews, was the British illegal in Syria, Shajul Islam.

Islam was once on trial on terrorism charges. He practiced medicine legally for a scattered three months before he had his medical license permanently revoked.

This is the degenerate scum that war criminals Trump, May, Macron pretended to believe, so that they had skank cover story for bombing Syria (for those who actually believe there is a difference among media stenographers, consider that nobody noticed that Trump followed ”fake news CNN” to bomb the Levantine republic).

The week before the depraved false flag in Khan Sheikhoun, terrorists kidnapped 250 people from neighboring villages of Majal and Khattab; likely mostly children. Beginning at 0637 on 4 April, NATO media around the world ran a lengthy, blood-curdling video. In it, the terrorist White Helmets demonstrated that — despite receiving tens of millions from the State Department, the CIA’s USAID, and from the British FCO — they did not own a stethoscope, they could not perform CPR, they could not bag, and every one of them was immune to the alleged sarin, claimed by the Brit terrorist.

The video was removed upon the publication of the Syria News report which dissected the criminality, the murder of dozens of children, most likely from the poison whose efficiency is seen in the second rabbit experiment, but not before the author preserved about twenty screengrabs (a much shorter version of the original video was subsequently found and also preserved.). The bodies of murdered children were manhandled. Poisoned children in their agonal death throes were stripped naked, had cold power hoses dumped on them, and were otherwise brutalized.

The media, the war criminal politicians, and later the filth occupying the once noble United Nations were, and remain complicit in these horrific, deadly atrocities.

The criminal psychopaths who committed the actual slaughter might be called murderous pedophobiacs. Those deviants who choreographed the bodies of murdered Syrian children, including subsequent CGI’ing a f*cking hat on a dead boy’s privates, and added matching CGI underwear for a murdered girl’s privates, and the filthy politicians that ate this degeneracy up, must be called by their rightful names: pedophiles and pedonecrophiliacs.

Were not the Nuremberg tribunals a one-time operation, everyone involved in this unfathomable horror in Syria , everyone from the actual killers to the lying politicians, to the filthy diplomats who shame the precious art of diplomacy should all have been been tried and convicted for the most evil of crimes against humanity.

At the bare minimum, all should be permanently locked up in facilities for the criminally insane, as there is no means to rehabilitate such filth.

One year later, there was a rerun in Douma: Mass murder that the murderers called a chemical attack. This time, the beasts with two legs also murdered a few men, several women, countless children — while kidnapping others and power hosing them in a fake hospital, in very chilly temperatures — and dumped their bodies with anger and degradation. Countless photos and a video, here.

Again, Trump and other NATO savages bombed Syria for al Qaeda mass murderers. The depraved-without-redemption pervert who happened to be in possession of about a six month fetus, carved intact from its Syrian mother’s womb, was an original source of photo of dumped-like-trash murdered kids, shared by the NYT, 8 April 2018 — which could not “independently verify reports [from the child-obsessed killers].” This journal also could not see anything amiss in dead almost naked children on the floor, one with useless electrodes wrongfully placed on his chest, useless ambu bags surrounding him, nor a disgusting tube taped into his dead mouth. Nor did the author find anything disturbing about something placed at the crotch of the murdered little girl, nor the added sadoerotic origami doll tied to the bottom of a bed.

False flags involving a chemical attack have been thwarted on several occasions, by virtue of exposing them.

On this occasion, the stakes are much higher, as the savages on the ground in Idlib and Hama and the polished savages in high places, all are functioning as cornered, plague-infected rats.

The new threat of a false flag chemical attack must not be used as a bargaining chip to keep the life-line from Turkey to al Qaeda opened.

This chemical attack threat must be halted.

Miri Wood


It might be interesting to compare the photos of President al Assad safely surrounded by Syrian citizens, to the photo of the most recent in pious US ambassadors to the UN. In Turkey, bleating about the humanitarian needs of al Qaeda via the Bab al Hawa crossing, she is surrounded by security, and also appears to be wearing an old-fashioned, ill-fitted, bit of Kevlar.

Then read the caption under the second photograph and consider ‘American democracy,’ with its history of bombing Syria for ‘humanitarian’ excuses, based on false flag chemical attacks.

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