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Landmine Explosion Kills 4 SAA Allied Forces, Injures Others Near Hama

Landmine Explosion Kills Four SAA Allied Forces and Other Injured Near Hama

A landmine explosion killed four of the forces allied with the Syrian Arab Army and injured a number of others in Hama countryside, central Syria, SANA reported.

The Syrian News Agency SANA added quoted a spokesperson of the Hama police headquarters that the landmine left behind by the terrorists was detonated when the bus carrying the paramilitary troops passed by in the area of Tal Salamah near Rasm Ghazali in Salamiyah countryside east of Hama.

The victims were taken to the National Hospital in Salamiyah, SANA concluded but did not elaborate on the condition of the injured troops at the time of reporting.

Landmine Explosion Kills Four SAA Allied Forces and Other Injured Near Hama

Allied forces comprise mainly of the Syrian NDF (National Defense Forces) volunteers, Hezb Allah fighters, and volunteers from a small number of other countries operating under the command of the Syrian Arab Army and are deployed to defend remote towns and villages until help arrives from the Syrian Army.

Landmine explosions are a major concern for the Syrian authorities, especially taking into consideration the very high number of terrorists shipped to kill the Syrian people by NATO member state and their regional stooges from all over the world, more than 350,000 anti-Islamic Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood terrorists in the past decade, and most of them received special training no slaughtering people in cold blood as well as planting landmines and were creative in making and planting improvised explosive devices IEDs, which tens of thousands of were left behind, the USA and its accomplices refuse to provide the maps for these landmines and explosives planted by their terrorists until now.

The USA even impedes the implementation of a memorandum of understanding signed between the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) and the Syrian authority in July 2018 to support the Syrian state efforts to clear the mines to save Syrians’ lives.

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