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NATO’s Terrorists Murder 3 Civilians in Afrin and a Lawyer in Quneitra

Afrin car explosion kills a young girl and 2 other civilians - NATO's terrorists

NATO’s Al Qaeda terrorists are getting busier, they murdered today three civilians in the city of Afrin with an explosive device and murdered a lawyer in Quneitra province with a car bomb in the southwest of the country.

A young girl and two other civilians were killed and others wounded earlier today when a strong explosion shook the city of Afrin, in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo near the borders with Turkey. Afrin is under the occupation of the Turkish army, NATO’s second-largest army, and assorted groups of anti-Islamic Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood groups.

The detonated explosive device was planted in a car on the Afrin – Azaz road near Kawa al-Haddad roundabout, the murdered and injured were rushed to the nearby medical facility.

Nobody claimed responsibility for this terrorist attack, usually, depending on the types of victims, warlords will either take credit or feel ashamed and blame others for the terrorist attacks that Syria continues to suffer from since the beginning of the US-led war of terror against the country for more than a full decade now.

In the furthest southwestern Quneitra province yesterday afternoon, a lawyer was killed and his two young children were injured when a similar explosion blew up the vehicle they were in.

The explosion took place in the small quiet village of Qarqas in the southern countryside of Quneitra, the explosion killed the driver, lawyer Muwaya Al Shemali while driving the car of his father Judge Muhammad Al Shemali with his 3 and 5 years old children.

The children sustained multiple injuries with shrapnel all over their bodies and remain in total shock, a spokesperson for the Mamdouh Abaza Hospital said their situation now is stable.

No of NATO’s terrorists claimed responsibility yet for this attack, we also do not know whether the lawyer or his father Judge Muhammad was the target of this murder sponsored by the international league of regime changers who do not like others interfere in their countries.

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    Erdogan does not want to admit his masters’ plot is defeated in Syria and wants to keep spilling the innocent blood to feed his masters in Tel Aviv and Washington D.C.


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