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NATO UNSC Klan Still Demanding Regime Change in Syria; Dr. Jaafari Still Giving Tutorials on Sovereignty, Charter

Syria Ambassador Bashar Jaafari to the UNSC UNSC

The NATO klan held another UNSC meeting on 24 November, still demanding ‘regime change’ against the Syrian Arab Republic, another meeting in which His Excellency, Ambassador Bashar al Jaafari gave another tutorial on national sovereignty and the United Nations Charter. Tuesday’s discourse was under the auspices of the abrupt need for the immediate imposition of UNSCR 2254 (2015). Nonetheless, the P3 — France, UK, US/world’s leaders in genocide and other humanitarian destruction — filled the session with renewed calls for the NATO imperialists to be given full control of all of Syria’s borders (for faux humanitarian excuses, of course); strident lamentations over hospitals that do not exist and self-proclaimed physicians practicing medicine without licensure; extra buckets of crocodile tears related to this hate fête coinciding with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women despite having armed and funded the violent perpetrators of crimes against Syrian women.

The UN took a break from crying poor mouth, and uploaded its press release the day of the Security Council meeting.

The NATO klan lying liars who obnoxiously persist in lying even as they know we know they are lying, did not deviate from their function of rabid hyenas trying to outbark each other. They continued as colonialists, demanding a kind of royal blood tyrannical right to dictate to Syria, or face continuing consequences of ongoing hardship, deprivation, destruction of infrastructure, and criminal bullies invading, occupying, looting — in short, a final solution against the Syrian people, and the sovereignty of their country.

Syria News provides a look at the braying of the P3 — or their stand-ins — and various, tap-dancing house servants, so that our readers have a sense of what His Excellency al Jaafari addressed in his statement. As Syria’s diplomat among diplomats pointed out that none of his “colleagues” considered mentioning ongoing terrorism against his country — including the recent war criminal bombings by Israel (another bombing a day after this meeting) — worthy of comment, while tenaciously fixated on one part of UNSCR 2254 (in complete avoidance of its opening, “Reaffirming its strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, unity, and territorial integrity and to the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations…“), we provide screenshots of UNSCR 2253, passed one day before 2254:

As part of our examination of the criminal lies of the NATO klansmen of the UN, we provide a bulleted list, so that our readers may have an accurate grasp on the Syrian life and death issues about which they lie.

For those wishing to completely skip over the moral turpitude of the klan, we have begun the list with a detailed background to Ambassador Jaafari’s statement to the UNSC, and to his response to Madman Erdogan’s personal hyena. The list is demarcated to separate the cream from the sewage:

  • Dr. Jaafari refers to fatal rabbit demonstrations using chemical substances, in Gaziantep, Turkey, December 2012 (when all the moderate al Qaeda takfiri were under the FSA). Both graphic videos have been preserved, here. In both chilling videos, the narrator specifically threatened to target the Alawite minority population; in the second, the threats were also made against the senior population. The request for a UN investigation of the threats to deploy chemical weapons against his country, to poison the main water supply of Latakia — the Alsinn spring — was ignored. Depriving populations of their water sources is a war crime; despite diplomats being educated in International Humanitarian Law, the UN klansmen continue to ignore Erdogan’s water crimes, as they ignored their moderate terrorists polluting humanity’s oldest water source, the Fijah Spring, depriving more than five million Damascenes of their needs, beginning on Christmas Eve 2016, and finally being resolved by Reconciliation negotiator, Ret. General Ahmad al Ghadban, who was subsequently assassinated by the NATO klan’s beloved demons.
  • Turkey’s plundering of Syria began in November 2012, when it joined with Qatar to loot oil machinery.
  • Syria has previously requested assistance in halting the Turkish and Israeli theft of its antiquities. Given the US history of looting in Iraq, it is no surprise that illegal Trump forces have gone beyond ‘mere’ theft of oil (& burning wheat crops), nor is it surprising that Germany, which keeps the stolen Nefertiti, has also joined.
  • Madman Erdogan bombed the electrical power grid in Allouk, in October 2019. After ‘allowing’ Syria to repair it, his criminals took over the water plant, frequently depriving up to one million people of their water source.
  • Though Israel was al Qaeda’s first air force against Syria, it increased its war criminal bombings prior and subsequent to Pompeo’s criminal entry into Syria’s Golan.
  • When Syria’s noble diplomat, in his address to the Security Council, asks “[a]re we dealing with one United Nations or a two-faced United Nations? We, as member states consider that sanctions are illegitimate and illegal, how can some come to the Security Council and defend these sanctions, the European-imposed sanctions and describe them as not violating or not undermining human efforts, as I heard,” he is reminding those diplomats’ in name only, that no sanctions against any member state can be applied without the passage of a SC Resolution. This arrogant act of being “double-faced” is evidenced by the criminal entry of “[M]ark Kitts who is known as the Deputy Regional Coordinator for Human Affairs, he sneaked illegally and without the consent of the Syrian government into the Idlib governorate in northwestern Syria across our borders with Turkey, that Kitts was accompanied by a number of the so-called security men affiliated with HTS (Hayat Tahrir Al Sham) Jabhat Al Nusra that terrorist organization which is designated in the Security Council’s list as the Syrian arm of Al Qaeda…”[emphasis added].
  • The passage of UNSCR 2165 (2014) allowed for foreign entities to deliver alleged “humanitarian” goods via corridors not explicitly opened by Syria. It was quickly celebrated when around 50 children were killed by intentionally poisoned measles vaccines brought in from Turkey. It was renewed via UNSCR 2393 (2017), followed by 2449 (2018), and then a six-month compromise via 2504 (2020) which was rolled over into 2533 (2020) for another year. Any member of the P5 could have refused the Syria-excluded compromise; instead, the colonialist P3 persist in clamoring for the reopening of other imperial corridors, obsessively, Yarubiyah — breaches of sovereignty that none would tolerate against their own countries.
  • The UN NATO klan phony tears for crimes against Syrian women, is especially demonic, given that femicide and other ”gender-based violence” did not exist in pre-NATO Spring terrorism against the SAR, given the pretense that kidnappings for emotional war pornography does not exist, given the blind eye toward the Arkansas-based ‘charity’ that involves little girls in Idlib, surrounded by the decomposing stench of Epstein, given the stunning absence of mothers in the phony Douma ‘hospital,’ given many other atrocities including kidnapping children to slaughter them for the news media, and kidnapping them for non-fatal war propaganda.
  • Specially noted bleating came from Ramesh Rajasingham, the Ass. SG for Humanitarian Affairs & Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator, who — despite the 2 kilometers long title — is completely unaware that the al Hol and Rukban [concentration] camps are run by the armed separatist SDF and ISIS-affiliated Maghawir Thawra terrorists, under the command and protection of the illegal Trump forces in Syria (those American illegals not directly involved with “keeping [stealing] the oil”). This author is very very very sad that, despite his relatively high standing in the UN food chain, Diplomat Rajasingham does not know this, and so he also does not know that it took the Syrian government and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent three years to get the criminal SDF to release the kidnapped Italian boy Alvin from al Hol hell, to be repatriated with his father.
To help with an epiphany for Mr. Rajasingham, we include a foto of kidnapped Alvin’s foot, deformed by multiple breaks & infection in the bombing that killed his human garbage mother.

As always in these Security Council meetings, the lying liars could be counted on to continue lying. The same slime mold that never did more than emit a “tsk” over terrorists bombing al Kindi University Hospital to rubble, who were mute over the bombings of al Watani and Jisr Shughur National Hospital, who ignore Syria building new hospitals and also the shamelessly arrogant fundraising efforts by the vice president of the IFRC — who criminally entered Syria — for a Brit illegal in Idlib, a terrorist whose medical license in his native country was permanently revoked — continued in their professional mourning over health clinics that do not exist, over Mengele-type illegals who brag about performing surgery without anesthesia. These NATO klan members of the UN — all indictable for war crimes — previously bombed Syria based on the lies of criminals. Pray, do tell: Which NATO klan diplomat to the UN would give his child to a non-physician previously on trial for terrorism for urgent medical care? Which Hollywood elite celebrity would offer an award to those proudly affiliated with demons who cut off the head of a 12-year-old boy, kidnapped from a hospital?

As expected, the P3 capi di tutti capi were at their most colonialist. Kelly Craft — the UN ”diplomat” who spends much of her time retweeting Mike ‘Lied, Cheated, Stole’ Pompeo‘s threats against China, Iran, and Venezuela had a stand-in to condemn Syria for defending itself against NATO-supported terrorists, in Syria. The diplomat of the United Kingdom — which still does not have a constitution of its own — brayed about “obstructionism” regarding foreigners imposing a constitution. France — notorious for arming terrorists in the SAR, notorious for breeding homegrown terrorists and then bombing Syria for the savagery of its own, France that never forgave Syria for evacuating the criminal French occupiers, was also strident in imperial condemnation.

The uber nasty German and Belgian house servants — whose remarks Ambassador Jaafari referred to as “weird statements” — calling themselves humanitarians, functioned as echolaliacs to their NATO klan masters, ironically demanding that Syria stop defending itself within its borders — from foreign garbage such as German and Belgian savages — and that the sovereign rights of Syria be handed over to those klansmen running the United Nations. Both mouthpieces of course faked amnesia over their countries’ war crimes against the SAR (e.g., arming terrorists, bombings, and using the country for a dumping ground of its monsters, which His Excellency Jaafari had previously requested they take home.).

Syria News reminds the two amnesiacs of their countries’ history of arming terrorists and deploying terrorists into the Levantine republic:

This is one of several papers written about Belgian terrorists in Syria — which Orwellianly calls their mass murderers, “fighters.”

Belgium’s house servant to the United Nations did try to one-ups his German counterpart. He shared a propaganda tweet by the Human Rights Watch (HRW) “UN director” (should there remain any sliver of hope that the NATO klan running the UN is not engaged in incestuous orgies, consider that this 501c ‘non-governmental organization’ which has strong ties to US intelligence circles, is permitted to lobby UN members on behalf of NATO desires, and against the sovereignty of independent nation-states, an eye on this “double-faced” double-dipping should remove it).

H.E. Bashar al Ja’afari has been “Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations Office in New York” since July 2006. He will soon be leaving this position to assume the office of Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister. Known by few, the polyglot and polymath consummate diplomat has been on US lockdown since early 2014, when Obama decided to censor his successful cross-country Town Hall meetings, a draconian lockdown maintained by the swamp-drunk, besieged Trump.

Excellency Jaafari is the embodiment of the 10,000 year old Syrian soul.

In what might be his final official statement to the Security Council, he shows himself to be the embodiment of the best of humanity. One can hear Socrates speaking through the millennia, through a certain simultaneity of eternity…

The video is also available on YouTube and BitChute.

Transcript of Ambassador Jaafari’s statement:

Thank you Madam President,

My delegation reiterates its thanks and appreciation for your successful and distinguished stewardship of the Security Council work this month, I thank the Secretariate and the permanent representative and members of the delegation who expressed their condolences on the passing of Mr. Walid Al Muallem, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates.

I would also like to thank you Madam President and all our dear colleagues who have expressed their congratulations to me on my appointment as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates.

Allow me to talk on the participation of Ms. Khawla Matar and Mr. Ramesh Rajasingham.

Madam President, over the past period since your last meeting on the political and humanitarian situation in my country, that session that was held on October 27th, 2020, we have witnessed a number of important positive developments, simultaneously, we have also witnessed from the US administration, in particular, and other governments hostile to my country in general, more blatant violations of international law, the principles and purposes of the United Nations, and the relevant resolutions of your Council.

Our meeting today has also witnessed some of these violations which I will clarify in my statement today.

Madam President, the international conference on the return of Syrian displaced people and refugees which was held in Damascus on the 11th and 12th of current month, November, represented a very significant step within the efforts of the Syrian state and its allies to ensure the safe, dignified, and voluntary return of the refugees to their origin areas and places of residence, and to provide a suitable environment for that through cooperating with friendly countries and humanitarian partners to reconstruct what terrorism has destroyed and rehabilitate residential neighborhoods and public facilities, mainly healthcare facilities, schools, power plants, and economic, social, cultural, and service infrastructure.

All of this was among the concerns expressed and demanded to be met in this very hall over the years, but today we witnessed some who are putting preconditions to implement all these very important matters so that we can assist the people and government Syria to face the burden of this terrorist war waged against it.

The closing statement of the above-mentioned conference expressed the participants’ firm adherence to the sovereignty and independence of the Syrian Arab Republic, also the adherence to its unity and territorial integrity, and reject any attempts to undermine it, and these are principle pillars of the resolutions of the Security Council.

This statement stressed the rejection of the coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people and demanded an end to the foreign occupation and its crimes including its plundering of Syria’s wealth and resources as well to continue combatting terrorism and the terrorist organizations like ISIS, Jabhat Al Nusra, and affiliated individuals and entities.

All these matters are consistent with the positions of the United Nations and the resolutions of the Security Council and the General Assembly related to those core issues, in other words, we are not reinventing the wheel, this comes in total coherence with the matters agreed by the Security Council on the humanitarian and political fronts.

The participants also affirmed their adherence to the political solution, a Syrian-owned and led solution with the facilitation of the United Nations. They stressed the need for the constitutional committee to carry on with its work in a consensual and constructive manner without external interference or attempts to impose artificial timelines, and that is in order to enable the committee to achieve the maximum support of the Syrian people for the outcomes of its work.

They called on the international community to provide appropriate support to provide a conducive environment to the return of the displaced and the return to normal life. This is consistent with Resolution 2254 and the mandate of the Special Envoy.

For the third time, this is in total consistency with the term of references of both political and humanitarian files in the Security Council on Syria, despite the fact that some people do not recognize that, however, in this context, my delegation would like to thank the Russian Federation and the governments of the countries that have genuinely participated in this conference whether by attending personally or via video.

Furthermore, we would like to thank the government that boycotted the conference because they once again proved by their own actions the falsehood of what they claimed of concern for humanity and constructive role of international level. These governments have also proven their desire to prolong the crisis and continue their geopolitical machination at the expense of the security and stability of my country and the well being of its people.

In the same context, my delegation regrets that the United Nations, the main partner of the Syrian government in the humanitarian work, has yielded to the instructions of the former employee of the US state department James Jeffrey and breached its mandate and the requirements of its cooperation with the government of my country. Unfortunately, the UN system ended up simply assigning its resident coordinator to Syria to attend as an observer instead of engaging in dialogue and discussion as an active partner supporting efforts aimed at improving the humanitarian situation and the dignified safe and voluntary return of the displaced and the refugees in accordance with the international law.

Madam President, the statements of some western colleagues did not at all mention the need to combat terrorism in Syria in line with relevant Security Council resolutions, it is regrettable, those statements were also void from any condemnation of the Israeli aggression that was repeated over the past 3 days twice as if this matter has nothing to do with the political developments in Syria or providing a conducive environment, the escalation of aggression against Syria while we in this Council are now considering both the political and humanitarian. I have not heard any condemnation of the Israeli aggression against my country, not a word was uttered on combatting terrorism which is a primary issue that necessitated that this honorable council adopted 10 resolutions on combatting terrorism since the start of the Syrian crisis, you have adopted 10 resolutions to combat terrorism since the start of the Syrian crisis, today, not a word on combatting terrorism, instead, we heard other weird statements from the Belgian, the French, and German colleagues mainly that the European sanctions do not undermine human efforts. I believe and I think many of you believe that this is not politically mature, neither legally, it is not mature under the dome international legitimacy which is called the Security Council, since there is a subjective tendency in these words in violation of the relevant resolutions of the United Nations that consider sanctions an illegitimate act, are we dealing with one United Nations or a two-faced United Nations? We, as member states consider that sanctions are illegitimate and illegal, how can some come to the Security Council and defend these sanctions, the European-imposed sanctions and describe them as not violating or not undermining human efforts, as I heard.

Some have used surealistic statements full of hallucinations on the situation in my country as if there’s a mandate that takes us back to the eras prior to the establishment of the United Nations, of course, it’s a European language known to all.

However, this guardianship language breaches the origins of diplomatic communication, it has nothing to do with the facts on the ground or the developments on the ground.

Madam President, it is regrettable that at a time when the United Nations was forced not to send its representatives to participate in the international conference on the return of Syrian refugees a UN delegation including the so-called Mark Kitts who is known as the Deputy Regional Coordinator for Human Affairs, he sneaked illegally and without the consent of the Syrian government into the Idlib governorate in northwestern Syria across our borders with Turkey, that Kitts was accompanied by a number of the so-called security men affiliated with HTS (Hayat Tahrir Al Sham) Jabhat Al Nusra that terrorist organization which is designated in the Security Council’s list as the Syrian arm of Al Qaeda, imagine this surealistic scene, is this the practical application of the United Nations role as an effective partner of the Syrian government in the humanitarian field? Is this irresponsible provocative cheap act response to the role of the United Nations as an effective partner of the Syrian government? I beg that question and leave it up to you to answer.

This condemned behavior is a violation of my country’s sovereignty, it’s a violation of the existing cooperation between the Syrian government and OCHA, it supports terrorism, it’s a violation of your Council’s resolutions on combatting terrorism, and the principle of the humanitarian action included in General Assembly resolution 46/182.

We look forward to his excellency, the Secretary-General, and the Under Secretary of the Humanitarian Affairs to take the necessary measures to ensure that an apology is issued to the government of Syria and to hold the perpetrators accountable for this violation, those who deal with a terrorist organization must be held accountable, no matter who he is.

Madam President, my country condemns in the strongest terms the visit of the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the Israeli settlements in the occupied Syrian Golan and the West Bank in Palestine on November the 19th. This visit represents an expression of the current US administration’s keenness until the last moments of its tenure to affirm its bias and absolute loyalty to Israel at the expense of the principles of international law and the provisions of the Charter as well as relevant United Nations resolutions including Security Council resolution 497 of 1981 and the security and stability of our region.

Pompeo’s visit also represents an encouragement of the Israeli occupation authorities to continue their aggressive acts, the last of which was the aggression launched against my country on November the 18th and last night. We assure you and assure Pompeo that this visit will not change the legal, political, or geographic status of the Golan as an occupied territory and an integral part of Syria. We will exert all efforts and rely on all means provided by international law to restore that land.

On another note, Madam President, the American occupation and its tools of separatist Kurdish militias continue their practices in the plundering resources of the Syrian state in conjunction with the overt theft of Syrian oil and gas which we shared with you in many of our official statements and letters, the US occupation forces have recently excavated and explored antiquities in Hasakah governorate in northeastearn Syria, they have unearthed a lot of antiquities, archeological sites, and gold in the presence of French and Israeli archaeologists. This reminds us of what they’ve done in Iraq, of course.

The American occupation forces also excavated an archeological site in the countryside of Al Malikiya, in Al Hasakah governorate, where they found 12 graves and historical monuments dating back to the Roman era. These looted Syrian antiquities which are priceless and date back thousands of years are being smuggled through Iraqi Kurdistan and Turkey in preparation for their transfer to other destinations including the capitols of some of your countries.

These described crimes are an extension of the crimes that ISIS, this terrorist organization, has constantly committed to provide financial resources for its terrorist activities, and to enhance its geographical scurp of the alleged caliphate, the principal has replaced the agent today in a clear exchange of roles.

Not only that, but the American occupation forces continue their efforts to grant kind of legitimacy to the terrorist organizations and their agent militias as well as the artificial entities associated with them. Lately, an American delegation of the so-called Religious Freedom Commission illegally infilitrated to the countryside of the Syrian governorate of Deir Ezzor and Tabaqa area of the Raqqa governorate. The delegation held meetings with representatives of those militias and their affiliated entities.

Moreover, the American Creative International Associates company also concluded agreements with the so-called the Civil Council in Deir Ezzor.

And the question is: Is this how the host country of the United Nations headquarters defends the provisions of the Charter and the principles of international law? This is the language we know best in the Security Council, we use the provisions of international law and the Charter and as it’s stated in English ‘we go by the book’.

Madam President, as you all know, the Turkish regime and its terrorist organizations and mercenaries systematically use the drinking water as a weapon against civilians by cutting off the water supply from Allouk water station for about one million Syrians living in the city of Hasakah and its vicinity. To add insult to injury, the Turkish regime and its tools stole the water pumps belonging to the wells of Asfar Najjar and Ain Al Kibrit, and Majra Al Khabour located in the city of Ras Al Ain in Hasakah governorate, northern Syria.

This represents the persistence of the Erdogan regime in committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in my country while enjoying the impunity provided by its allies in NATO.

Furthermore, the mercenaries of the Turkish regime and the so-called Sultan Murad and Sultan Suleiman Shah terrorist factions carried out digging and excavation work in several archeological areas in Afrin and its vicinity to steal antiquities and smuggle them to Turkey. The Turkish regime was not satisfied with that but rather stole large quantities of wheat, barely, and other agricultural crops and smuggled them to Turkey similar to the previous looted oil, antiquities, factories, machinery, and property, and burned what is was not able to steal.

In addition, the Turkish regime stole the Syrian olive crops,and sold the stolen Syrian olive oil to the American and European markets as Turkish products.

Despite all of these facts, some come to lecture us about the implementation of Resolution 2254, and I invite you to start with the first sentence of that resolution which affirms the strong commitment of the Security Council to the sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic, are you ready to demonstrate your implementation of that important paragraph in Resolution 2254?

Will the others cooperate with the Secretary-General and his Special Envoy in the implementation of this commitment? Then what about the implementation of Resoution 2253, that was adopted just one day before the adoption of Resolution 2254?

Ladies and gentlemen, Resolution 2254 includes more than 2650 words, Resolution 2254 must be respected holistically, we should not be selective in using one paragraph or the other, we have to respect the entire resolution or state that this resolution is not to be implemented or not applicable. There is no proportionality in handling this resolution, we have to start by implementing the very first paragraph of that resolution, we have to strongly commit to the sovereignty, unity, and territorial integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic. That’s how Resolution 2254 starts.

Madam President, the fourth round of meetings of the constitutional committee will take place in a few days, and here my country’s delegation reaffirms the Syrian ownership and leadership of the political process facilitated by the United Nations. We stress that the success of the work of this committee requires respecting the rules of its procedures that happen to be agreed upon and rejecting any external interference in its work or any attempt by some governments to impose artificial timetables. The constitutional committee is its own master and the Syrian people alone have the exclusive right to make their own future.

Thank you Madam President.

Second Part:
Ambassador Jaafari responds to a statement by Erdogan’s representative at the UNSC:

I apologize for taking the floor once again Madam President and I don’t usually comment on what my colleague, the Turkish ambassador usually says, however, today, the words that he spoke were misleading and I would like to remind of a few points and few actions of the Turkish regime since the beginning of the crisis.

These are very important milestones that the sponsors of terrorism in my country since the beginning of the Syrian crisis the Turkish borders with my country were left wide open for tens of thousands of terrorists from all over the world. You all may recall that some foreign ministers of some permanent member states of the Security Council were describing these terrorists as ‘Jihadis’, rather some of those foreign ministers and heads of governments and heads of republics were calling these foreign terrorists, who entered my country through Turkey, they were calling them the ‘moderate Syrian opposition’, these thousands and thousands of terrorists, these hoards of terrorists were been funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the Turkish regime was in charge of transporting these hoards to our borders where they were trained and then allowed entry into Syria.

The first such experience of the use of chemical substance was perpetrated in Gaziantep city inside Turkey, it was perpetrated by Jabhat Al Nusra inside Turkish territories openly and the web link was propagated on the social networking sites and you can see video evidence of who experimenting with the use of chemical weapons on rabbits, there’s a voice in the link that says we have successfully used chemical weapons on rabbits and now we will move the chemical weapons to inside Syria. This is recorded, this is well known.

The Turkish regime is guilty of shedding Syrian from the beginning and allowed entry for the terrorists, encouraging terrorists to use chemical weapons and we had sent you a special letter on a Syrian terrorist called Haytham Al Kassab who transported 2 liters of Sarin from inside Libya to Istanbul onboard a civilian aircraft and transported these 2 liters of Sarin carried by that terrorist to the Syrian borders where they crossed into Syria, naturally, these chemical materials were used in the Syrian village of Khan Al Asal in March 2013. This led to the martyrdom of 23 Syrian soldiers and civilians, we’ve told you about this, nobody lifted a finger, not the Council and not its subcommittees that are concerned with combatting terrorism. These are facts that the Turkish regime cannot deny.

Even this flimsy objection, this flimsy opposition that lacks a national spirit, most of it lives in Turkey, it’s supported by the Turkish regime, they mainly live in Istanbul.

I would like to remind you of something else, the former Qatari prime minister Hamad Bin Jassim admitted on channel France 24 and on BBC Arabic and on the official Qatari television channel, this man made an important statement where he said that Washington had asked Qatar to lead the process of sponsoring terrorism in Syria, there is a US mandate given to Qatar, Washington asked Sheikh Hamad to go to Riyadh to coordinate with the Saudis over who will be leading this operation against Syria, and the former Saudi king at the time said to Hamad go ahead with God blessings, let Qatar lead the operation and we will support you. All of this happened with Washington knowledge, then Hamad said Qatar alone spent 137 billion US dollars to undermine the stability of my country Syria. Is this a cartoon or are these facts that must be taken in consideration in the Security Council? Is this some kind of comedy? Who will be held responsible for the blood of hundreds of thousands of Syrians that were shed?

The Turkish regime representative comes here and starts claiming and singing the praises of purity and chastity while we know what the regime is doing in Cyprus, in Azerbaijan, and in Libya and in the Eastern Mediterranean. Those who are the closest to the Turkish regime are now against it, including some of the Europeans.

And I thank you Madam President.

End of the transcript.

At the subsequent, unofficial meeting, Ambassador Jaafari further detail the ‘unilateral coercive measures’ against his country:

الله، سورية، بشار وبس

Miri Wood

Translation, transcript, and captioning by Syria News founder, Arabi Souri.

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