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IFRC Official Pimps a Brit Criminal in Syria

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More evidence that Syria has been fighting against the most heinous international conspiracy in history, has arrived via the vice president of the IFRC meeting a British criminal in Syria, and pimping him. The marketed object is not an ordinary Brit criminal, but also an evil one.

That the vice president of the IFRC met the criminal but did not meet with the ICRC Mission Head and the SARC president, suggests he entered the Syrian Arab Republic illegally, criminally.

The International Federation of the Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is the umbrella of the 192 nations which are members of the International Committee of the Red Cross/Crescent (ICRC). ICRC is considered to be the guardian of the sacred scrolls of International Humanitarian Law, codified in the Geneva Agreements of 1949. Syria founded the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in 1942, and was admitted to the IFRC in 1948. The SARC currently has over 7,500 active volunteers, up from 1,500 in 2011.

Obvious protocol required the IFRC vice president to properly arrive in Damascus to meet with Philip Spoerri, head of the ICRC Mission in Syria, and Khaled Hboubati, the President of SARC.

Instead, it appears that Dr. Kerem Kinik sneaked into the SAR, quite illegally, via Turkey as illegals such as John McCain, Clarissa Ward, Alex Crawford and most of the [other] hundreds of thousands of criminals and criminally insane savages have done.

Show me who your friends are, & I’ll tell you what you are. — old saying which seems appropriate at this time.

IFRC’s veep Kinik — breaching the principle of International Humanitarian Law, if not its letter — met with the British criminal, Shajul Islam, and either lied about him, or was somehow mislead.

The Brit illegal Shajul is no physician. He does not have hospitals in Idlib or anywhere else in Syria. Shajul does not have a hospital, therefore it cannot be bombed.

In the video clip proudly shared by the IFRC vice president, a medical doctor who shames the noble profession by bragging of pride in a criminal, a conman, a fraudster who was licensed to practice medicine in the UK for a whopping three months, Shajul spins his lies and insists we believe them, instead of the reality that the very pristine hospital setting shows us.

#NotADoctor talks about giving a good service, has one half of his mouth lying that there is a dearth of surgeons while the other half lies that there are four operating theaters “working all day and all night,” and out of the other end of his digestive tract he lies about “waves and waves” of trauma patients that just kept pouring in, yet the few — pristine — beds are mostly empty. Did those undulating, “seriously injured” trauma patients all die?

The conman also claims the hospital that is not his has “ten ICU beds with vents” that provide “advanced service” but there is “need [of] more support.”

Criminal lies from the Vice President of the IFRC.

Englishman Shajul was licensed to practice medicine in his home UK for less than three months, from 22 July 2012 through 18 October 2012.

His license to practice medicine was then suspended. He was suspended from practicing medicine three more times before he had his licensure permanently revoked.

This is the creep who was legally permitted to practice medicine in his home country, for an entire three months, and who continues to call himself a doctor, and a surgeon.


Shajul might look familiar — despite his weight gain in a country under illicit sanctions, whose electrical grids and farmlands got bombed or torched on a regular basis — because he is the criminal liar who was CNN’s chief source of the 4 April 2017 Khan Sheikhoun massacre turned into a chemical hoax. He is the illegal that nobody vetted, and for whose lies Trump bombed Syria on 7 April — and nobody noticed that Trump followed the lies of ‘fake news CNN!,’ either.

Does the esteemed IFRC veep who appears to have sneaked into Syria and who cheered a degenerate whose grandiose little autobiography claims to be on a mission in Syria where he saves lives in the most dangerous place in the world for a doctor! really not know this criminal was once on trial in the UK on terrorism charges?

#NotADoctor Shajul showed his sadistic contempt for humanity with this grizzly back photo of what appears to be a woman’s body in pugilistic attitude. No civilized persons who desecrate a corpse like that, and no civilized person would share such a vicious photograph.

#NotADoctor, but a degenerate, cheered by the Vice President of the IFRC

The criminal, Mengele Shajul continues to raise money via a charity that was under investigation by the British government. Said charity promised not to do any more convoys, and to refrain from the hire of violent convicts in the future, especially those who drive without licenses.

The conman criminal in Idlib, Syria has a nine month old infomercial still circulating, to raise money for his #NotAHospital. It was made on the cheap, shows nothing of health care, nor of trauma care, but sells much propaganda.

The physician who is vice president of IFRC and the president of Kizilay (Turkish Red Crescent) and who is uber proud of the criminal liar and thief, proudly uploaded a few photographs from a hospital setting that is not a hospital belonging to the British illegal, with the permanently revoked medical license which he only used for three months.

How is such a ‘hospital’ with non-stop very ill trauma patients so fantastically clean, and so bereft of half-dead trauma patients? Why does the genetically altered Syrian only have one lead of an EKG monitor attached? How does the staff manage to keep his bandage so immaculately clean, and intact?

Might Dr. Vice President actually be this naive as to believe there is trauma care where there is no trauma or any other type of medical care?

According to his January 2019 interview with The New Turkey, he made a curious move directly into management, without any hands-on experience in the clinical setting. His work as a smuggler — breaking his country’s laws — also did not involve medical care (a more cynical mind than this author’s might wonder if his illicit visit to the British criminal, the illegal fraud who claims to be practicing surgery, though he has no experience and no license could have possibly been smuggling-related).

But in October 2012, some of what are called, commonly speaking, “Syrian opposition activists,” formed and established, in Turkey, an office they called the “Office of Documentation on the Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria.” They established this office five months before anything related to the issue of chemical weapons had happened in Syria. And all of a sudden, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which is based in The Hague, in the Netherlands, gave this non-governmental center consultative status, meaning it endorsed the center as an OPCW consultative body on chemical issues.  — His Excellency, Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, 10 September 2016.

It seems to be a curious inversion of The Peter Principle that a physician with no clinical experience could be a vice president of the IFRC, which, courtesy of the Seville Agreement of 1997 — which resolved a petty turf war — gives first dibs to the ICRC’s umbrella group, in cases of non-combat disasters. How would a doctor with no clinical experience safely triage people after an earthquake?

Could the Turkish Dr. Kinik, for reasons of complete lack of experience, have been so naive as to ignore protocol and illicitly meet a criminal, and then fall at his feet, in homage?

If he had only stood upright, and gone through the front door, he might have even met the noble nurse, Masoun al Rifai’e. SARC President Khaled Hboubati and ICRC Syria Mission Head Philip Spoerri presented Rifai’e with the Florence Nightingale Medal for bravery and dedication, in August 2019.

Or, could it be that Kinik simply is not welcome in Syria, given his disregard of the IFRC’s principles of impartiality and neutrality when he pimped the lies of the stethoscope-less fraud responder Nusra White Helmets?

One should not hashtag IHL while spitting on it.

If he is not welcomed into Syria, because of his partiality, Kinik should have remained at home, instead of slithering in the back way, to sully the noble profession of medicine, and the lofty ideals of the IFRC, in his pimping of a criminal, illegally in the SAR.

Miri Wood

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