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Unprovoked Airstrike by Erdogan’s Army Kills SAA and Hezb Allah Soldiers

Turkish Army and Israel close relations Erdogan - MB

An airstrike accompanied by artillery shelling was carried out by the Turkish Army wing loyal to Erdogan against an advanced Syrian Arab Army post in Zarbeh town on the Aleppo Maarat Noman (M5) highway yesterday night.

The attack is unprovoked, the SAA post is only engaged in providing back up to the outpost defense lines against Nusra Front terrorists. Nusra Front is registered as a terrorist organization by the United Nations, normal countries in the world, even by NATO including Turkey itself (!).

This comes immediately after the Turkish Army wing loyal to Erdogan, the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood hypocrite and back-stabber, agreed with the Russian Army and Erdogan himself agreed to Russian President Putin to de-escalate the tensions and focus on fighting terror, making this another cheap crime by this criminal regime.

Erdogan and his propagandists put the number of Syrian soldiers and those of the allied forces killed by this strike in the hundreds, but if someone trusts Trump’s previous ‘all well, nobody was harmed, Iran stood down’, will believe Erdogan. Sources from the frontline said that 6 were killed between the SAA and Hezb Allah in this attack.


Terrorist groups of Nusra Front (HTS aka al-Qaeda Levant) and its affiliates regrouped immediately and started an organized attack against the SAA post. Obviously, the Turkish Army is giving direct aid to al-Qaeda terrorists, similarly to when Obama’s air force bombed Thardeh Mountain in September 2016 in Deir Ezzor killing 84 SAA soldiers and allowed the ISIS terrorist group besieging the city to temporarily take over the mountain base. The base was set to protect 120,000 civilians in Deir Ezzor.

Erdogan claims this latest cheap crime as retaliation to the SAA killing dozens of the Turkish Army, later he stated that if they don’t stand by al-Qaeda in Idlib thousands of those terrorists will go back to Turkey. Erdogan went all the way to send Turkish Army soldiers as human shields in front of the advancing Syrian Arab Army forces who are combatting al-Qaeda. The SAA are going around the Turkish forces encircling them and continuing their fight against terrorists making encircling until now 10 of the newly established 40 Turkish Army posts.

Bragging about killing members of the Hezb Allah group who are fighting side by side with the Syrian Arab Army by Erdogan and his regime is disgusting on all levels, it’s the same Erdogan who keeps shouting in public he’s against Israel and criticizes its oppression against the Palestinian people, yet nobody served Israel at all levels publicly and under the table than Erdogan and his Muslim Brotherhood organization.

NATO is called by Alt-Media as North Atlantic Terrorist Organization is showing its true colors reflected by the regime of Erdogan and its 2nd and 3rd largest armies, those are the Turkish Army and al-Qaeda.

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  1. ahhhhmed

    No lost, these blokes has gone to heaven. they getting plenty of virgin nookie. And a mercedes benz. So far turkey is doing great. And israel wil stil be there in a million years. Not sure why syrias assad is such a clown. Please get a better president. Assad will never get the north of syria back. Its a new country soon, with refugees from syria that dont want to be with assad.


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