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Syrian Arab Army Besieges Turkish Army’s 10th Military Post in Idlib

SAA Syrian Arab Army Cleaning Idlib from NATO Turkey terrorists

The Syrian Arab Army units cleaning the province of Idlib from NATO-sponsored al-Qaeda terrorists have besieged the Turkish Army 10th military post in the province.

Turkish Army established a number of military posts with the approval of Russia and Iran under the Astana and Sochi agreements in order to help secure the Damascus – Aleppo (M5) and Aleppo – Latakia (M4) highways, segregate head-chopping terrorists who refuse a political solution from the head-chopping terrorists who would like to be whitewashed and become political leaders. the agreements also sought to disarm the head-choppers from heavy weapons provided before to them by Turkey and other US allies.

Turkey failed all the above points and Erdogan, the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Turk hypocrite, and backstabber, used these military post to provide military, communication, and logistical assistance to the head-choppers who refuse to become community leaders, and instead increased their indiscriminate shelling of the communities they refused to become leaders of.

In its military operation to implement the Sochi and Astana agreements by force after numerous delays by Erdogan with Putin’s approval, the Syrian Arab Army started besieging the Turkish Army military posts and depraved the Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant aka HTS) of their launchpads, command centers, and rest lounges enjoying the Turkish Army’s hostel services.

The latest development deprives al-Qaeda of its 10th Turkish Army military base.

More in this report by the Lebanese based al-Mayadeen followed by the transcript of the English translation:

The video is also available on BitChute.

The Turkish position in Shahshibo Mountain, northwest of Hama, did not succeed in protecting the militants from the fire of the Syrian Army, the Army, which broke the defensive lines of the militants after taking control of the strategic village of Kafr Nabel, regained control of a number of villages and towns of the mountains of Zawiya south of Idlib and Shahshibo.

The Syrian Army continued its military operations in al-Zawiya Mountain, south of Idlib, after reinforcing its positions in the city of Kafr Nabel, controlling a number of towns, farms and strategic hills to tighten the siege on armed groups that sought protection in the Turkish posts in Shahshibo Mount, which extends from the northwestern countryside of Hama adjacent to Zawiya Mountain, south of Idlib, and al-Ghab plains northwest of Hama.

Syrian soldier: We are continuing the military operation, which highlights its importance by liberating the area, which consists of al-Zawiya Mountain from Shahshibo Mountain towards al-Arbaeen Mountain.

The Army’s fierce battles in the mountainous area with armed groups led to the fall of the militants’ fortifications in succession inside the dozens of caves deployed in al-Zawiya Mountain as a result of the Syrian Army’s concentrated strikes with appropriate weapons.
The Syrian Army’s control of the towns of Kafr Aweid and Sufuhon in al-Zawiya Mountain enabled it to cut off the supply lines of the terrorists in Shahshibo Mountain and surround the Turkish observation post in Sher al-Maghar, which provides military support to the militants.

Mohammed al-Said, commander of Al-Quds Brigade: Indeed, these operations and the liberation of these areas and the liberation of the village of Kafr Sajneh and Kafr Nabel the west of the international road between Saraqeb, Ma’rat al-Numan and Khan Sheikhoun, is now fully secured.

Securing the area in the Zawiya and Shahshibo mountains is the main objective of the Syrian Army, followed by the opening of new axes towards the Aleppo-Latakia highway towards Jisr al-Shughour and Ariha, the Army, therefore, has secured large areas of the north of Syria despite all the Turkish threats.

End of the transcript.

Meanwhile, the Turkish madman Erdogan is still begging for a meeting with Russian President Putin in a summit that he needs to include his NATO cheerleaders of France and Germany heads of states. Mr. Putin is ignoring Erdogan’s requests but this has to do more with two recent cheap shots Erdogan did to Russia in Libya and Ukraine following instructions from his boss Pompeo who left him hanging.

Two more Turkish soldiers were killed today while they were defending al-Qaeda terrorists in an airstrike attributed to the Syrian – Russian alliance, as per Erdogan’s ministry of war. To cover these latest developments, Erdogan’s propagandists are claiming fake victories in Saraqib and elsewhere, it’s not working much as their fake victories are invisible on the ground.

The Syrian Arab Army when attacked by large herds of NATO terrorists against its posts simply follows the very old tactic by selling the advancing terrorists a temporary victory by withdrawing to secured posts, wait until the baboons finish their celebration on the Qatari state media al-Jazeera station and other Pentagon propaganda outlets, then the SAA comes back from all sides and deletes most of the attacking terrorists sparing a few of them to flee through an open corridor so they can infect their other colleagues with their defeated fighting souls.

God bless the Syrian Arab Army, they’re fighting on behalf of humanity so your children will have a chance for a better life, even if you are USAians living thousands of miles away and your tax money is financing al-Qaeda FSA in Syria.

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