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Erdogan Continues Barking and Whining, SAA Cleans 11 More Towns

Syrian Arab Army SAA Idlib Aleppo

The Syrian Arab Army cleaned eleven more towns today in Idlib southern countryside from NATO terrorists while the Turkish madman Erdogan continues his barking, less intensified though as he still begs Mr. Putin for a meeting with his NATO backup buddies.

The towns cleaned by the Syrian Arab Army in the past 24 hours are Shanshrah, Tarmila, Der Sunbul, Maarat Mukhs, Breij, Khirbet Wubeida, Hassanah, Futaira, Kursaa, Fugaih, and Malaja in Maarat Noman.

Just as I’m concluding this post four additional villages were cleaned from terrorists as per the SAA sources, these villages are Safohin, Kafr Musa, Flaifil, and Kawkaba, making the total 15 towns and villages in the past 24 hours.

These advances come immediately after the SAA cleaned the town of Kafr Nobl, one of the main centers of the NATO-sponsored Nusra Front (HTS – Al Qaeda Levant) and its affiliates in the last Al-Qaeda stronghold in Syria, this how the US itself calls the Idlib province, the same province where Baghdadi was allegedly killed by Trump last October 2019.

Meanwhile, the Turkish madman Erdogan is feeling heartbroken and helpless while watching the Syrian Arab Army and their Russian allies decimate the terrorists he collected from all sides of the world, nourished, pampered, armed, trained them and sent them to kill the Syrian people.

Erdogan was hoping to bring the Russian President Putin to Istanbul for a summit along with Erdogan’s NATO backers Germany’s Merkel and France’s Macron.

Mr. Putin so far, frustrated from Erdogan’s lies, procrastination, and the last flip flop of Erdogan was in Libya pushed by Pompeo and in Ukraine, turning against previous agreements with Putin and in exchange with only promises.

Today, Erdogan declared that the Americans failed him and that he will try to beg Trump once again for help in Idlib, good luck with that Ottoman daydreamer, even the Pentagon’s own Esper said that Trump mercenary forces (aka US Army) in Syria will not be sent to the Syrian – Turkish borders and they will be focused on fighting ISIS, as he claimed.

The SAA is fulfilling their ‘sacred duty in cleaning the country from the terrorists and their sponsors’ as per the latest statement today by the Syrian Military General Command, until the last inch.

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