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Russia Offers Erdogan a Large Banana, Might be the Last One in Idlib

Erdogan licking ice cream Mr. Putin bought him

Russia will discuss with Turkey how to ‘create a zone of real de-escalation’ after the formerly designated zone for de-escalation turned into an escalation zone, instead, by the Turkey-backed terrorists, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said.

This new presumed ‘zone with real de-escalation’ will still be set presumably inside Syria, meaning there will still be a large number of Syrian families under the control of al-Qaeda terrorists while Turkey, for the umpteen time, will be entrusted by the Russians to separate al-Qaeda’s ‘too much terrorists’ from al-Qaeda terrorists, disarm the ‘too much terrorists’ from their heavy weapons, and secure the M5 and M4 arteries: Damascus – Aleppo Highway and Aleppo – Latakia highway.

Erdogan had more than 1.5 years to carry out the above-mentioned three tasks stipulated in the Astana and Sochi agreements between Russia and Turkey, but instead his al-Qaeda ‘too much’ terrorists joined by al-Qaeda terrorists intensified their indiscriminate shelling of the residential neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo and the towns in Aleppo southern and western countryside, and Idlib’s southeast countryside, deliberately targeting civilians and Syrian Arab Army posts, in addition to targeting the Russian military airbase in Hmeimim. Due to these developments and the continuous delay by Erdogan to carry out his commitments, the Syrian leadership took the decision to implement the Astana and Sochi agreements by force.

Suddenly, Erdogan and his western masters remembered there are civilians in Idlib, up to 3 million of them, who are now ‘threatened by their own army coming to liberate them from no other than al-Qaeda and its head-choppers affiliates they’ve been living under for over 8 years’, but that was very much acceptable by the hypocrite criers for humanity.

Erdogan’s madness was activated by the USA and its NATO cronies pressing the madness activation button excessively, the US is unhappy in general and became more unhappy specifically because of the Russian – Turkish coziness. The world should remain in a state of instability and chaos in order for some people to make more.

Erdogan started his usual circus jumping everywhere, screaming, and threatening, giving an ultimatum to the Syrian Armed forces to withdraw from the Syrian territories they cleaned from al-Qaeda ‘too much’ terrorists and allow those terrorists to take back the land cleaned by the SAA by the end of this month, February, or else…!

Screaming loud and issuing threats larger than one’s size in the political business is called climbing high on the tree.

Erdogan climbed very high and very fast and now he’s looking around for someone to help him come back down, instead, he’s getting his NATO allies cheering for him to climb even higher without giving him any of the tools he needs to carry on with his threats, especially that the SAA continued cleaning more towns and territories from his terrorists which led the Turkish madman to send the Turkish Army, NATO’s second-largest army to act as human shields to protect NATO’s third-largest army of al-Qaeda terrorists in what’s left of Idlib under their control and a number of them were killed while they’re doing the task Erdogan assigned to them.

Desperate and running out of barking tools, Erdogan looked north to his new friend Mr. Putin, who keeps saving him when he’s in very deep trouble, and Mr. Putin this time was reacting in a ‘hard to get’ manner which complicated Erdogan’s situation even further. Remember, Erdogan is at the top of the tree already and NATO leaders are still cheering for him from down.

The banana finally came in an offer stated by the Russian Foreign Minister Mr. Lavrov at the press conference today. Essentially this banana is to create a new de-escalation zone based on the latest developments and within the leftover land still under Erdogan and al-Qaeda’s control.

The Syrian leadership has vowed to clean every inch of Syria from terrorists and their invading sponsors, this banana offered to Erdogan must be very temporary in nature to not contradict with the Syrian leadership goal.

Some of the important points mentioned by Mr. Lavrov in his press conference which must be noted:

  • There are attempts by the USA to whitewash Nusra Front, remove it from the UN’s list of designated terrorist groups, these are absolutely unacceptable and Moscow will not allow that.
  • The previous de-escalation agreements never said that the terrorists are protected.
  • Turkish Army on the ground knows that Turkey failed to separate the terrorists from the ‘opposition’.
  • The former agreements include de-escalating, disarming the terrorists’ groups of their heavy arms by Turkey.

The banana, in our opinion, is very large for Erdogan to reject, which if there are any remaining functioning cells in his brain will make him grab it and ignore those cheering for him to keep climbing. Failing to get the banana or use it in the wrong end will be the end of Erdogan’s political life and his criminal anti-Islamic AK Muslim Brotherhood ruling Party, and most likely will soon face the inevitable delayed military coup that would reinstate some sanity to the Turkish state.

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