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Syrians Stoning Erdogan Forces in Al-Malikiyah

Syrians stoning Erdogan Forces

Al-Malikiyah is a Syrian city in the Hasakeh Province, it’s situated in the furthest northeast of Syria. Obviously, the Turkish madman didn’t understand the current situation he’s in and that’s not good for his own country first and foremost, and not good for the rest of the world, especially the Syrian people who are paying the hefty price on behalf of humanity.

Erdogan forces joined Russian Military Police in a patrol in the region and this video shows how the Syrian locals received the Turks sparing the Russians:

This video was published by RT Arabic back on November 08, 2019, but it’s worth sharing again now that Erdogan is screaming, pimping, and crying over his leftover al-Qaeda terrorists in Idlib.

This is how the Syrians look at foreign invaders, the most hospital people who welcomed over 2 million Iraqis who sought refuge after the US invaded Iraq, who hosted over 600k Palestinians who lost their land because of the Israeli apartheid regime, tens of thousands of Lebanese, Armenians, Kurds, Chechens, and from every country who needed shelter and support, this is how they receive those who came with hatred.

In case you want to know what they’re saying: “Erdogan is a dog, a low sc*m, a sh*t.”

A similar fate awaiting Trump forces if he doesn’t withdraw his mercenaries on time. It could be even worse fate as they’re promised to be sent back to their homes horizontally if they don’t leave vertically like how they came to our region.

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