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UN NATO Klan in Rage State over Dr. Assad, SAA, Liberating Every Inch

Meeting for the sixth time in twenty days, the NATO klan at the UN nearly did a collective Rumpelstiltskin demanding Syria cease and desist in its obligation to protect its citizenry from NATO armed savages. The tripartite aggressors also demanded magical fulfillment of the imperial UNSCR 2254 (2015).

This day’s meeting was likely prodded by the short declaration issued by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on 18 February, as each member of the NATO klan took turns repeating his demand that Syria cease ridding itself of the human garbage dumped into it from more than one hundred GA members — garbage of the criminally insane variety, armed with hundreds of millions worth of NATO arms, and fueled with illicit Captagon, a form of enhanced meth (which should never be used by violent criminals).

NATO klan

Geir Pedersen led the NATO klan lamentations. He is the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Syria, and he was especially annoyed that the Syrian Arab Army had secured the entirety of the Damascus-Aleppo Highway (which just happens to be in Syria). He appeared to have mistakenly reported the complete cleansing of terrorists from Aleppo by the SAA as ‘increased hostilities.’

Pedersen made some mouth noises about the “legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people,” which, according to the prevailing colonialist thought of the NATO clan, do not include not wanting to be baked to death in an industrial bread oven, not wanting their children to be murdered by snipers that the west calls ‘moderates,’ not wanting their universities to be bombed, not wanting to be kidnapped.

Mark Lowcock, Under–SG for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator continues to hear voices. His new ones are census takers who tell him that 50,000 persons currently ”shelter under trees,” which sounds a bit impossible. He also seemed to confuse some impossible statistics with those 72 mermaids for which Wahhabi suicide bombers have a fishy lust.

Karen Pierce — alas, not yet relocated to the UK Embassy in DC — ran through her standard litany about hospitals (that do not exist) and condemned veto power among permanent Security Council members who do not follow the NATO clan’s dictates.

Kelly Craft seems to have been so distraught over Syria’s success in riding its people of al Qaeda occupation, that she may have turned to Country Western music; what other explanation could there be for her inane claim that getting rid of al Qaeda is “the end of the world“?

NATO klan
Trump’s Craft promised to stand with al Qaeda in Syria.

Nicolas de Riviere was his typical strident self. France will never forgive Syria for kicking them out, nor for celebrating Evacuation Day annually. As with the rest of the UN’s NATO klan, France has armed takfiri savages in Syria. Riviere’s colonial enmity toward the Syrian Arab Republic is particularly foul, given that his country has engaged in massive suppression, maiming, including enucleation, of the Gilets Jaunes.

The House Servants did their standard groveling to the NATO klan, adding nothing new.

Turkey’s lies are lies; for their terrorist atrocities against the SAR, please use Syria News’ search engine.

Louay Fallouh again made clear that Syria is fulfilling its responsibility to protect its citizens from terrorists, and to return their country to its previous state of stability. He noted the recent increase in military aggression by Turkey, reminded the NATO klan that Idlib is part of Syria, a part that is occupied by foreign supported terrorists, and that Syria has the right to continue to defend the homeland against these killers.

The first right of reply by Syria – 19 February 2020 – The video is also available on Bitchute

The NATO klan spoke as one imperial unit: Syria, not their terrorists, is supposed to lay down its arms.

syria every inch Assad
Syria President Dr. Bashar al-Assad: “Every inch of Syria will be liberated”

Miri Wood

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  1. Stefan Heuer

    Reading your brilliant article, I sincerely can come to just one conclusion that the west is completly mad, driven by satanic greed, hatred and anger. The heap of lies – just remember „Assad bombing the LAST hospital of Aleppo“ (2016) and the claims about Ghouta – is piling from Eart to Pluto and is mindblowingly staggering in its satanic evilness.
    Your article, as many others, just does portray the politicians of the west and the (non-elected) people at the UN as what they are: either braindead, psychotic or simply plain evil.
    In the west we are living in a truly dystopian dictatorship. The whole west is a mad house, with the mad hatters keeping the key. I just wonder how any western citizen, claiming to properly use a functional brain, could buy this hyped SH*T. But they buy it, like they bought Russia grabbing Crimea (ignoring the fact that more than 90 percent of the Crimenans wanted to return to Russia, but who of the pathetical western hypocrites would care for a people’s vote incase is misfits his agenda? Remember “WMDs in Iraq”, remember “Gadafi bombing his people”, remember „Gulf of Tonkin“, remember „Pearl Harbour“, remember “German soldiers cutting fingers of children in Belgium” (WWI propaganda lies by the very same people)? It is all the very same evil mind behind all these manufactured propaganda lies, serving the very same agenda: war, aggression, occupation, looting of foreign assets, killing as many people as possible, gaining geostrategical fortune.
    WE always understand that it is Assad who wants to protect his people whilst the west, calling him a vile „dictator“ whilst arming the most savage terrorists on earth to the teeth, whilst turning a blind eye on the holocaust in Palestine, is imposing pure horror on the syrian people. But we wonder why most of our fellow western people do not understand. Well, they simply do not care! It is much easier to swallow the sweetened propaganda, i.e. the official narrative, claiming to be the essential truth but never caring to give any evidence. „Ignorance is Strength“ – remember? The western people are affected by a disease psychologists would name „cognitive dissonance“, if not blatant egoism.
    Just a few days ago, on Feb 13th and 14th, we true Germans (not the idiots welcoming IS terrorists pouring into Germany on command of Merkel, as “refugees”) comemorated the bombing of Dresden which occured on Feb. 13-15, 1945. Dresden at that time had been a hotspot for refugees (sic!) from eastern Germany, fleeing the barbaric hords of the red army, which had been quickly become notorous for horrific crimes against civilians. The bombing campaign of the anglosaxon air terrorists on Dresden killed at least 350.000 civilians, burning them to ashes literally, because of the use of phosphorous bombs in a large scale. Who does use phosphorus bombs in his contemporary warfare, tell me? Yes, the US (in Syria’s Raqqa) and the Ziofascists in occupied Palestine (Gaza). Western historians dare to confront the western narrative of a ‘moral warfare’ against Germnay by siding Dresden next to the notorious warcrimes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Dresden was a real Holocaust. Until today, Germans are put to jail for questioning the official narrative imposed on them by the german vassal regime, but not a single US or british war criminal was brough to justice.
    This is the “free west” that feels authorised to terrorize the rest of the world with his “demcracy and freedom”-story, piling milion upon milion of civilians killed in illegal wars in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa and Latin America.
    Do not take any western politician for serious, and never trust any of these demonic criminals, your good-willing would immediatly turn against yourself if you did.
    Syria has taught the world the lesson that a nation united will not fall for western aggression. The only the west is capable to achieve in syria is genocide and destruction. By fighting for her liberty, Syria is serving all freedom-seeking people around theglobe. We do owe a lot to the Syrians.
    Viva Syria.

  2. Miri

    Indeed, Stefan.

    NATO media continue to recycle the same deadly propaganda; it is a perverse tribute to the CIA’s Mockingbird apparatus, that too many of us have been afflicted with geopolitically induced amnesia.

    SG & Three Pee’s wail their fake tears over Libya, regularly, pretending UNSCR 1973 (2011) was not the cause (P2 also responsible, with deadly Pontius Pilate abstentions).

  3. WKZ

    Syria in this conflict has exposed the West and western governments which has always deceived its citizens where it always said that freedom and democracy are the most important thing, but armed conflicts in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia they taught that democracy cannot be exported, it is the people who must want it, in any case the West is not democratic but only oligarchic where the only thing they want to do in the rest of the world is to destroy the middle class, create huge debts , save banks and privatize everything: health, education, rights etc …

    I wish post-conflict Syria to return big and better than before, perhaps with an economic boom and with many countries that will finance the reconstruction, where western imperialism died in Syria or in any case suffered a setback, in any case Syria is still standing even if battered where there are no debts with the world and the state still exists.


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