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UNSC Re-Meets to Try to Save al Qaeda Terrorists in Idlib

Syrian Ambassador to the UNSC Dr. Bashar Jaafari - Situation in Idlib

Outraged by Syria’s military plans to liberate every inch of the country from foreign run terrorists, the UN Mafia conspirators held another meeting in futile effort to save al Qaeda in Idlib.

The Security Council colonial freak show of 17 May included ominous western threats of another chemical fabrication, bathetic hysteria about “hospitals,” and pathetic groveling by the UN House Servants trying a preventative tap dance to keep the P3 demons from destroying their countries.

The gang of imperial miscreants in expensive suits and garish makeup, used their template from Aleppo and Ghouta — plugging in Idlib — was convened at the behest of what Belgium’s ambassador Marc Pecsteen called “the tree co-penholders,” Belgium, Germany, and Kuwait. While arrogantly growling that “We stand firm in our commitment to fight impunity,” Pecsteen negligently omitted noting that: Germany has long armed the terrorists in Syria, and was recently brought in to the filthy Small American Group on Syria; that Kuwait has a long history of weaponizing the “moderates” against the Syrian state; that his own country has so many citizens who invaded the SAR and butchered so many Syrians that the ICCT has a special report on his country’s “foreign fighters.”

Under-SG for Peacebuilding & Political Affairs, Rosemary DiCarlo, brayed about the “political process,” the “political solution,” chastised both sides, wailed about hospitals that do not exist in Idlib (which, according to terrorist sources, has a hospital on every corner, apparently), demanded imposition of the colonialist UNSCR 2254, and wants concrete evidence of the “release of detainees” — perhaps this is Newspeak for arrested armed criminals?

Under-SG for Humanitarian Affairs & Emergency Relief Coordinator, Mark Lowcock was at his most bathetic, referring to Syria’s commitment to liberate its citizenry from armed barbarians occupying Idlib, he howled about the impending “worst humanitarian crisis of the 21st century.” Lowcock spewed fantastic statistics on schools, “hospitals,” and various inpatient and outpatient procedures. Accurate census-taking in an area run by foreign terrorists, during a period of alleged, massive, ongoing displacement of persons is a remarkable feat; perhaps he was hearing those voices, again, the ones he heard immediately prior to his UN address on Ghouta in February 2018. Lowcock has an extensive history in anti-Syria fabrication; in December, he turned away from Diplomat Jaafari when confronted on “falsified” stats on humanitarian aid deliveries.

UN Lowcock Humanitarian Syria

Lowcock’s new low was not in whitewashing armed, mass murderers into the sanitized description of “men with guns,” but in deriding the civilian population under these “men with guns,” in his weird remark about Syrian civilians “hugely” outnumbering the gun-toting killers.

The little diplomat — whose surname is a job description from middle ages England, that of the serf who cleaned rooster dung for the landed gentry — brayed about “medical facilities,” giving some of them names. We do not know if the “Ltamenah hospital” is actually the moped garage run by the Saudi al Ezza al Qaeda faction; this garage was previously reported to have been bombed, way back on 25 March 2017.

The sign to the moped garage remained pristine, according to 1:29 video “documentation.”

The communal screeching of the flagitious diplomats involved the repetitive use of the word “hospitals” to invoke their criminal, anti-Syria propaganda, and “international law” to bludgeon their listeners into submission.

Is it not extraordinary that none of these ambassadors seem to have read the Geneva Treaties on the rules of medical facilities in war zones? The ICRC is quite clear that such facilities must be authorized by the host countries, and that they must be clearly marked with the identifying emblem. Without Syria’s authorization, no foreign “NGO” can build a hospital; unhospitals cannot be bombed.

The P3 mobsters screamed the loudest support for al Qaeda in Idlib, and for reducing the Syrian Arab Republic their collective satrap. All three of these malignant sociopaths bellowed their hypocritical double standards with poker faces; all three ignored International Law when using it as battering ram. This clique is also obsessed with “barrel bombs,” particularly when ”chlorinated” (as this gang has tried to make the “barrel bomb” synonymous with “Syria,” its collective, convenient amnesia prohibits it from acknowledging that Israel was the first to use “barrel bombs,” and that the US used them against the people of Vietnam.).

UK’s Karen Pierce parroted Lowcock’s rantings, and demanded application of UNSCR 2254, which includes the foreign creation of a new constitution to be inflicted upon the SAR. She remains oblivious to the fact that her own country does not have its own constitution.

France’s Francois Delattre — does he now share Bernard Henri Levi’s hairstylist? — did the echolalia thing regarding faux health care clinics. He also flaunted his geopolitical sadism in threatening more war crimes against Syria, should the Idlib terrorists launch another chemical weapons hoax. We remind Delattre that it is his country that is unleashing chemical substances against the French population, against the French Gilets Jaunes, hundreds of whom have been enucleated and otherwise maimed by Macron’s gestapo.

US’ Jonathan Cohen re-regurgitated the criminal lies of the UK and France, and also threatened that the criminal trio would again bomb Syria for al Qaeda in Idlib, as these mobsters did at the behest of foreign terrorists in Khan Sheikhoun, 7 April 2017, at the behest of al Qaeda mass murderers and necrophiliacs in Douma, 14 April 2018.

Cohen’s threats are the most ominous; in January, he threatened to continue to hold the Rukban concentration camp incarcerates hostage, and the illegal US occupiers have kept to that promise.

US lying at the UN

On cue, have come scattered tweets from foreign terrorists, and terrorist allies, in Syria, lying that Lattakia countryside has been ‘shelled’ with “chemical weapons.” One such tweet came via a US illegal in Syria, native New Yorker Bilal Abdul Kareem, who dines with Saudi takfiri on the SDN list, who enjoys the company of child beheaders, and who lied that Trump put him on a ‘kill list.’ Given that Trump followed “fake news CNN” to murder Syrians, it would not be a stretch that the US regime would also follow an American criminal in the SAR.

One hour, four minutes into the kangaroo deliberations of the UNSC savior wannabes for al Qaeda in Idlib, the Syrian Permanent Representative to the United Nations, H.E. Bashar al Jaafari, was finally given the microphone.

H.E. al Jaafari quoting Egyptian Nobel Laureate Najib Mahfouz to the rabid & deaf UN hyenas [Archive].

Just in case there were any remaining viewers not made comatose by the blathering, Dr. Jaafari was also given the UN’s worst translator, who ‘mis’-translated simple things, such as the size and location of Idlib, a translator with the talent of making words evaporate into such nothingness that the listener would likely think there was a freeze in the internet streaming. [1]

Syria News remedies this attempt at sabotage by fake diplomats, providing Dr. Jaafari’s Arabic statement with English captions, and the full transcript of his remarks:

Video also available on BitChute:

Transcript of the English translation of Dr. Jaafari’s statement:

Ramadan Kareem Mr. President.

We, and on the contrary to what some imagine, do not object the convening of this public meeting as it provides us with an opportunity given to us and to other countries to speak the truth about what is happening in Idlib, the city which is controlled by HTS terrorist organization.

Nonetheless, we would like to express, within this frame, our reservations as regards to the systematically politicized approach followed by some countries, members of the Security Council when they ask repeatedly to have such meetings. They ask for meetings of this nature every time the Syrian government and its allies undertake legal measures to protect its citizens from terrorists’ practices at the time when these countries themselves closed their eyes and were silent towards the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the illegal American alliance in my country in collusion with its agent militias particularly, the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces including the total destruction of the city of Raqqa completely, the slaughter and displacement of its population. This was recently corroborated by Amnesty International even, who stated and I quote: “that the attacks of the international coalition resulted in turning the city of Raqqa to one of the most destroyed cities in modern history” ~ end of quote.

And the horrific crimes in Deir Ezzor governorate, which resulted in thousands of lives lost and tens of thousands displaced, in Baghouz in particular, and few days ago in Shuahil town, and also the hostage-taking of tens of thousands of Syrian civilians as human hostages in Rukban Camp.

The selective approach adopted by some countries, members here, is helping the terrorist groups, this is a tool to put impediments to Syrian state and allies to protect Syrians and combat terrorism. This is mobilization against the Syrian state and its allies in order to improve the morale of the terrorists and provide these groups with political cover, and to do this in order to continue with blackmailing and hemorrhaging.

Mr. President, It would seem useful for all of us while we’re discussing the situation in Idlib to describe what the situation is there and I can sum it up as follows:

First of all, Idlib is a Syrian governorate, Idlib is not in Germany, it’s not in Belgium, and it’s not in Kuwait, therefore, it is the Syrian state which is responsible for protecting Idlib and its Syrian inhabitants from terrorism. It’s the responsibility of the Security Council to help the Syrian state in this respect.

Mr. President, Idlib covers 6097 square kilometers, 15 times greater than Manhattan with its 5 boroughs, so we are not here talking about grottos or caves in the mountains of Tora Bora, we are talking about a vast territory in Syria, a vast territory occupied by terrorist gangs, which your esteem Council described as a branch of al-Qaeda. HTS means Al-Qaeda in Levant countries.

Second, we all agree that the city of Idlib and some neighboring areas in northwest of Syria are under the control of HTS terrorist organization, which means Jabhat al-Nusra, Al-Nusra is listed as a terrorist organization by the Security Council being al-Qaeda organization’s arm in Syria. This is how they present themselves, those who control 85% of Idlib.

Third, this terrorist organization has exploited the non-respect of the Turkish regime of its obligations according to the de-escalation agreement and the agreements in Astana and Sochi to impose its control over Idlib and create a hotbed of terrorism to blackmail the Syrian state.

We therefore have to acknowledge in response to what was stated by my colleague the representative of Belgium on behalf of the humanitarian co-pen holders.

I say that there is no random attacks against the Syrian civilians in Idlib, there are military operations conducted by the armed forces of the Syrian Arab Republic and its allies against a terrorist group which is listed by the Security Council as such, so there are military operations in order to liberate the civilian population in Idlib to ensure they’re not used as human shield by al-Qaeda terrorists.

The terrorists occupying Idlib would not have been able to blackmail against millions of Syrians, as you described yourselves, without the support from the Turkish authorities to this terrorist organization and without the disrespect of the Turkish authorities for its commitments under the Astana and Sochi agreements.

Fourth, this terrorist organization has within its ranks tens of thousands of foreign terrorist fighters, governments of countries you are well aware of, some of which, unfortunately, are members of this (Security) Council, recruited them, and brought them from all over the world to join terrorist organizations of several names and several affiliations, such as Hurrass al-Din, the Muhajireen and Ansar Army, the East of Turkistan Army, and others, and this was corroborated in the relevant United Nations report.

Note that all these terrorist organizations have names which has nothing to do with Syria, at all, but some like to call them as ‘Syrian Armed Moderate Opposition’.

Fifth, this terrorist organization use hundreds of thousands of civilians as human shields and commits against them the most heinous crimes, and disseminates death and destruction, abuses civilian infrastructure like hospitals and schools which it turned into military barracks, and centers for detention and torture and killing of all of those who reject its extremist ideology and its primitive rulings, even worse, those who sponsor this organization have created for it a media criminal arm they called it the White Helmets which enjoys their support and win their intelligence prizes

Sixth, the crimes of this terrorist organizations are not limited to the areas under their control, it extended to reach dense residential areas in neighboring cities and villages, which they bombed and shelled with indiscriminate rockets resulting in the martyrdom of dozens of civilians most of them women and children in the cities of Aleppo, Hama, Latakia, Mhardeh, Sqailibiya, and other Syrian peaceful areas. And we have heard of no action by the humanitarian co-pen holders in this council in order to convene a meeting in order to discuss this inhumane dangerous development.

One question, just one legitimate question that has to be put and we have to answer not 3, 6, or 5 questions, this one question can alleviate everyone within and outside the Security Council and it is as follows: When the governments of some countries members of the Security Council, and non-members of the Security Council, will stop sponsoring terrorist in Syria?

My colleagues, the British, American, and French praised the Turkish policies in the northwest of Syria, this praising alone removes all credibility to what they are saying.

Seventh, The de-escalation agreement in Idlib is a temporary agreement, it cannot continue indefinitely, this is something that came out of the Astana agreement, it’s temporary, 6 months possible to renew, everyone should understand that maintaining this agreement means that the Turkish government should stop occupying vast swaths of Syrian territory, the Turkish regime also has to honor its obligations it committed itself to the Russian and Iranian guarantors, and to the host country Kazakhstan, and to stop supporting terrorist groups active in Idlib, and stop operations aiming at imposing Turkish identity and the erecting of a wall south of Manbij city.

Mr. President, given the situation we think that the question that needs to be put is the following what are the options available in order to counter this terrorist threats?

In order to simplify the question for some, let’s imagine for a moment the following scenario, let’s imagine that a terrorist group affiliated with al-Qaeda with thousands of fighters take over the German city of Dortmund and perpetrate heinous crimes against its inhabitants, and target the cities of Dusseldorf, Bonn, and Cologne with rockets and missiles, or a similar organization takes over Antwerp in Belgium and starts committing dangerous crimes against its inhabitants, and shelling the cities of Ghent and Brussels with missiles and rockets, and a third one, for example, takes over the city of Abdali in Kuwait and commits serious crimes against its inhabitants and attacks the island of Boobyan and the capital Kuwait with rockets and missiles, and let us imagine a fourth similar terrorist organization taking control of the city of Yonkers north of New York, and it commits heinous crimes against its inhabitants, and attacks Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens with rockets and missiles, and we might ask Mr. Lowcock to send you humanitarian aid through the Security Council so these meetings will continue.

Against such scenarios, that we never wish to see happen, what will be the available options for your governments then to protect the civilians? I believe the answer is simple: Absolutely no state will accept to give in to terrorist threat, no government will accept to endanger the lives of civilians waiting the political games of some and the hypocrisy covered with humanitarian slogans. No state will ever allow to be stripped off its sovereign and constitutional rights to defend its territories and its citizens. This right which is guaranteed by the international law and the UN charter, and all counter terrorism relevant Security Council resolutions.

Mr. President, putting an end to the suffering of Syrians in Idlib requires stopping hypocrisy and politicization, stopping investing in terrorism, manipulating the fate of the peoples and their lives. This will also mean adopting objective and logical approaches based on the full knowledge of the realities and available options, this would, at the minimum, require the repatriation of foreign terrorists into their countries which they are citizens of, instead of playing the games of stripping them of their citizenship, we should stop delivering shameful immoral statements preaching the governments of Iraq and Syria that they should continue hosting those terrorists and to suffer once again from their terrorism after both countries have already suffered for years from the evil of their terror, so my question to these countries which preach us: Are you ready to repatriate your citizens who were involved in terrorism acts in Syria? Are you ready to expose which governments recruited them, funded them, trained them, and facilitated their transfer into Syria? And instructed them to spill the Syrians blood? Are you ready to do that?

Mr. President, we warn again to what we have drawn your attention to the determination of terrorist armed groups to put up a large play in order then to accuse the Syrian government of using poisonous chemical elements in Idlib, where these groups are working on fabricating evidences and training its members to pretend that they are suffering from the exposure to poisonous materials and to be filmed by the known media networks and then accuse the Syrian Arab Army of doing that in a repeat to the scenario done several times in the past.

Despite that we have sent hundreds of letters of that to the Secretary General and to the president of the Security Council and to the UN relevant entities on combatting terrorism and to the Prohibition of the proliferation of chemical weapons, we are certain, once again, that some within the United Nations will not hesitate to adopt the discourse of armed terrorist groups and accuse the Syrian government. Why? Simply because the agenda of influence within the organization will impose upon them to become accomplice in blackmailing the Syrian Arab Republic and target it along with its allies who are combatting terrorism on behalf of you all.

By concluding Mr. President, the continuation of exploiting the spilling of the Syrian blood and the suffering of the Syrian people by limiting what is happening in Syria as a mere humanitarian issue here or there, this will not stop the government of Syrian Arab Republic with its allies to discharge its constitutional and legal responsibility to combat terrorism and protect its citizens.

The humanitarian aspect is one thing and the political process is another thing and combatting terrorism is completely another thing.

Thank you Mr. President.

By @Miri Wood

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