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SAA Responds to Terrorist Bombing on Residential Houses in Aleppo and Hama

Syrian Arab Army SAA Soldiers - hama - idlib

SAA units based in Hama northern countryside and Aleppo’s southwestern countryside responded to terrorists’ attacks on the residential neighborhoods in the two provinces, the terrorists emboldened by the heinous support they are receiving from Turkey and the NATO permanent member states at the UNSC, al-Qaeda terrorists increase their assault against residential neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo, and in towns and villages in Hama countryside, they widened their assaults to reach Latakia province, the Russian military base in Hmeimim also reported new attacks against it.

Six civilians were injured in Massakin Al-Sabil and near Sheehan residential neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo, north of Syria, with missiles and rockets shelling by al-Qaeda terrorists in Aleppo’s southwestern countryside bordering the province of Idlib.

The injured civilians were rushed to hospitals in the afternoon to receive medical treatment.

A Syrian Arab Army artillery unit responded to the source of the attacks and inflicted casualties among NATO’s terrorists.

Turkey-sponsored terrorists have increased their attacks and widened the targeted areas after receiving more reinforcement from areas under the Turkish control north of the country where Erdogan forces were chasing Kurdish militias, who in turn operate as a pawn to lure in foreign intervention in Syria, the country that hosted and protected their ancestors who came in as refugees.

The Syrian Arab Army and its Russian allies have launched a military operation to eliminate the terrorists’ threats in the province of Idlib and its surrounding after the Turkish regime of Erdogan failed its own commitments in securing the de-escalation zones northwest of Syria.

Russian delegation headed by Russia’s minister of defense met the Turkish officials and agreed to halt the SAA advances in Idlib, and for the umpteen time give Erdogan more time to fulfill his commitments by the Sochi and Astana agreements to dismantle and disarm al-Qaeda terrorists in Idlib and to separate radical terrorists from normal suicide terrorists in the province.

We are not sure what is the price Russia is receiving from Erdogan each time it’s accepting such an extension as obviously, the latter is not in any way concerned to carry out his own commitments, and even when Erdogan’s terrorists have targeted the Russian army base in Hmeimim with two new drones at the time of the Russian – Turkish meeting!

Meanwhile, the NATO member states in the United Nations Security Council and their stooges from non-permanent member states have called for a UNSC special meeting to save al-Qaeda in Idlib. Syrian ambassador to the international organization Dr. Bashar Jaafari slammed the hypocrisy and brazen support these states give to al-Qaeda in his statement in their faces, to no avail, again.

SAA seems not much concerned about the pressure exerted from the sponsors of al-Qaeda and responded to the breaches by al-Qaeda in the de-escalation zones in Idlib’s southern countryside.

The Syrian Arab Army units targeted gatherings of Nusra Front and its affiliates in northern Hama countryside and their supply routes in the villages of Sahriyeh and Qarooutiyeh.

The targeted Nusra Front and its affiliates sustained serious losses in the SAA’s retaliation as per local reports losing an unspecified number of their own personnel and many of their dens and NATO-supplied weapons warehouses were destroyed.

SAA’s shelling of gatherings of Nusra Front was in response to the terrorists’ assault on the towns of Bridij and recently cleaned from terror Kafr Nabudah in Hama’s northern countryside. Nusra Front terrorists shelled these two towns with missiles which caused damage in some homes and the civilian infrastructure.

Hundreds of foreign terrorists under NATO’s Nusra Front gathered in the towns of Ba’arbo, Abdin, and Al-Habit in Idlib’s southern countryside, north of Hama.

On another axis, Nusra Front waged a new infiltration on secured zones in Hamamiyat area, northern Hama countryside, to fall in the firing range of SAA units stationed there. The failed Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda Levant) attack cost them a large number of killed and injured terrorists and their weapons and gears.

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