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After the Humiliating Retreat Facing Iran, Trump Regurgitates Syria’s Chemical Attack Debunked Claims

US Strike Force Heading to Persian Gulf

Climbing the tree is very easy and fast for the US Commanders in Chiefs, however, bringing them down comes either humiliating or with a costly price to save their ugly faces, this happened with Obama and now with Trump, both, ironically, use the chemical attack lie in Syria, and the nuclear non proliferation lie in Iran, like how their predecessor George W. Bush used the WMD lie in Iraq, no creativity in lying using the same lies on the same fool citizens they have.

The main problem with US officials that they don’t think the foes they created for themselves also can have plans and get prepared for any confrontation, this was very obvious in the recent escalations by the War Junta in the White House war of words with Iran, the regional superpower in the Persian Gulf (aka Arabian Gulf).

When John Bolton ordered the Abraham Lincoln carrier strike group and a strategic bomber task force to pay a visit to the Persian Gulf, little did he know that the Iranians have the will to put up a fight if they needed. He didn’t know that the Iranian soldiers would die defending their country while the US soldiers readiness to die to defend US corporations greed and Israel is very unlikely.

The Iranians reminded the visiting ‘strike force’ of their naval and missiles capabilities, and the wise US naval commanders stopped short from entering the Persian Gulf to the dismay of Bolton.

Iranian Navy Thousands of Kamikaze Speed Boats IRGC
Iranian Navy Thousands of Kamikaze Speed Boats

Another, softer target to save the ugly faces of the swamp inhabitants at the White House was needed, a target that could be sold to the foolish US citizens, and that has worked in the past, the closest for the ‘strike group’ is the Syrian crisis, so the Trump war regime regurgitated the Chemical Attack lie, which his ambassador in the UN threatened to do last week, and their media was very much ready for spreading the propaganda.

That same western mainstream media and their regional stooges were totally silent on the latest leaked report by OPCW engineers which contradicts the fake story of the Douma chemical attack, confirming it was staged by local agents, the report which was suppressed by the international organization to allow a joint US, UK, France strike against the victim, the Syrian state.

Watch this follow up by RT on the leaked OPCW report, no Western mainstream media thinks it’s worthy to inform its viewers they’re going to war over a lie:

chemical attack
War criminal May, ready with her ‘evidence’ of chemical attack.

I still stand by the above Tweet request and this should be done immediately without delay.

The latest stunt by the War Junta at the White House is that a yet to happen chemical attack in the Al-Qaeda controlled Idlib province will be attributed to the Syrian state and will warrant a new US, UK, France joint attack on the victim, again, before the lie gets too exposed for the western Sheeple, since the rest of the world is already informed about the leaked Douma cover-up by the OPCW.

And what is a better cover up for an exposed lie than committing a new bigger one?

US Secretary of State Pompeo: "We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole"
US Secretary of State Pompeo: “We Lied, We Cheated, We Stole”

What we are not sure of now is the Russian position in this, it was supposed to stand firm against the wrongdoers in the OPCW after the latest discovery of fraud, and it should continue to support the Syrian Arab Army’s military operation to clean the Idlib province from some 60,000 foreign al-Qaeda terrorists, and free up to 3 million inhabitants of the province, but instead the Russians have decided to give Erdogan of Turkey a new extension of the expired 14th of October 2018 deadline, which was already renewed several times at the cost of the Syrian civilian and military personnel lives.

Erdogan, the Muslim Brotherhood hypocrite he is, took advantage of the latest extension and augmented Nusra Front terrorists in Idlib’s countryside with militia loyal to him coming from the illegal incursion into Syria operation his troops carried out last year under the name of ‘Euphrates Shield’. Erdogan didn’t only augment Al-Qaeda terrorists with men, but also with fresh shipments of weapons through corridors his troops are supposed to monitor to stop such movements as per the Sochi and Astana de-escalation agreement.

What is the price that Trump and his junta will give Russia to stay aside this time when they decide to strike Syria based on the regurgitated staged new lie? Will Animal Trump go ahead and try to save his party’s chances in the upcoming elections by slaughtering more innocent people on the other side of the planet? Didn’t he and his Zionist daughter and her husband have enough blood or the ‘Deal of the Century’ requires more sacrificing?

This time the sacrificing of US soldiers in the region would be included in the bill presented to the Anti-Christ alter to build his temple over stolen land of the Palestinians and stolen water from the Syrian Golan. There are already 2000 US troops within the spitting range of local tribes who had enough of their mistreatment. How many more needed is the question time will tell us.

Swamp Drunk Trump - Was elected to drain the swamp and instead became swamp drunk
Swamp Drunk Trump – Was elected to drain the swamp and instead became swamp drunk

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  1. Mr. Mike

    good article, but can word it a bit better. understand that not every US citizen supports trumps or our governments policies. at least trump backed off from Iran but leave syria alone

    • Arabi Souri

      Well he did bomb Syria twice so far, he did keep illegal troops in Syria, and he support s the Saudi genocide in Yemen. He’s no better.
      Western citizens have a very important obligation to stop the killing, at least by exposing the lies of the warmongers.
      Sorry for the wordings, you can notice English is not my first language and I’m trying to do my best in reporting what western media doesn’t report.


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