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Swamp Drunk Trump: More Illicit Sanctions, Illegal White Phosphorus Bombs


US President, eternal swamp-drunk Trump has launched a new series of criminal sanctions, followed by another round of war criminal bombing of Syria, using the outlawed white phosphorus in his ongoing carpet bombing of civilians in Hajjin.

Yesterday, Trump’s Treasury issued one of its longest press statements, in an effort to give credibility to massive war propaganda begun under Obama and accelerated by the current swamp drunkard in the White House.

Treasury’s latest theft & threat announcement, 20 November 2018.

The insane epistle ignores international law, demands adherence to US tyranny, threatens oil carrying ships, while tossing in extensions of geopolitical lies, geopolitical projection, and — of course — geopolitical double standards.

While Trump troops illegally occupy oil-rich regions of Syria, his Treasury condemns what it claims is Iranian and Russian delivery of oil to the SAR. It is not the business of the US to dictate if, and to whom, Iran or Russia can deliver oil.

Though might does not make right, Treasury used Newspeak in calling US threats against unnamed members of shipping corporations, issuing an “advisory” against “the maritime community regarding the sanctions risks of shipping oil to the Government of Syria, including a non-exhaustive list of vessels that have delivered oil to Syria since 2016 [emphasis added].” With an arsenal of bombs-backed impunity, Treasury emitted a gaseous complaint about a “reference to humanitarian goods,” despite the US funding all sects of terrorists against Syria, underlying labels of “humanitarianism.’

CIA USAID funds to terrorists.

Trump has continued to fund the fake humanitarians, the stethoscope-less, CPR-less, spinal precautions boards-less fraud responders dubbed the “White Helmets”:

Terrorist White Helmets: Not enough to massacre conscripted soldiers, they stand upon their bodies after stealing their boots.

The tyrannical threats are criminally hypocritical, as Israeli medium reported in 2015, that Israel was the chief buyer of Syrian oil stolen and sold by ISIS, superficially on every western country’s “terror list.”

globes israel buys most of isis stolen oil

One might find it interesting that with the non-stop carpet bombings of Hajin and other villages of Deir Ezzor (alternating “regular” bombs with white phosphorus, used again today, with death toll not yet published), the Trump Coalition of Murderous War Criminal Bombers avoid managing to destroy oil fields guarded by ISIS and the US.

On cue, CIA head cum SoS Mike “Literal Stuffed Shirt” Pompeo held a press conference to again menace the free world, and State Department press liaison Heather “Terrorist Barbie” Nauert tweeted Trump’s criminal lies. It remains interesting that the American faux liberals who despise Trump and whose media run daily reports attacking Sarah Huckabee Sanders somehow never condemn Trump’s foreign war crimes (many have never even heard of Nauert).

More interesting is that no mainstream medium has noted that the State Department is in alliance with Saudi illegal in Syria, Muhaysini, who is on Treasury’s SDN list.

Nauert has yet to explain the anomaly of being on the side of Saudi al-Qaeda terrorist Muhaysini, who is on the SDN ‘kill list.’

Thus continue the butchery and the threats of more to come, by swamp drunk Trump.

Thus also continues the willful and woeful ignorance of the US population.

Miri Wood

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