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SAA Frees 10 People from Terrorists in Aleppo

Syrian Arab Army SAA Freed 10 People from Terrorists in Aleppo Countryside

The Syrian Arab Army and relevant security units managed successfully to free 10 kidnapped people from terrorists in Aleppo’s eastern countryside.

The freed are 9 men and one lady who were kidnapped by terrorists (‘Moderate Rebels’) from different areas of Aleppo’s countryside.

Freeing the kidnapped from terrorist groups and finding out the fate of thousands of Syrians all over the country is a top priority for the Syrian state.

All security agencies operating in Syria, in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units, work around the clock and resort to all methods possible with the terrorist groups to return the lost ones to their families and enable them to resume their normal lives.

Watch SANA’s video:

Negotiations, exchanging the kidnapped Syrians with terrorists in detention, and even direct military operations, anything that would lead to the end of this huge misery touching the lives of each Syrian citizen is being in process with the follow-up and coordination by the top officials in all provinces of Syria.

Last such achievement was when a precision military operation following a coordinated and sophisticated intelligence gathering by SAA units, Syrian security agencies and with the help of the Russian forces operating in Syria, has led on the 9th of this month to the freeing of those kidnapped in Sweida countryside by ISIS.

Earlier significant breakthroughs like the dozens freed from US-sponsored ‘Moderate Rebels’ in Damascus countryside and those who were kidnapped in Lattakia countryside, part of whom were used as victims for the psy-op false-flag alleged ‘Ghouta Chemical Attack’ to accuse the Syrian Arab Army with the crime they committed. Adra Industrial town witnessed one of the most horrific episodes of this crime against humanity, still awaiting a final conclusion.

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