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Syria Football Team Wins over Kuwait


The Syrian football team for men won over its Kuwaiti counterpart 2 to 1 in a friendly match in the city of Kuwait.

A large number of Syrian expats residing in Kuwait attended the match at the Kazimah Sports Club Stadium, Kuwait City, yesterday evening, Tuesday, November 20, 2018, to support their national team.

This match is in preparations for the Asia Cup 2019 due early next year in the United Arab Emirates.

The team didn’t disappoint the cheerful Syrians at the stadium and played a joyful game. The first half, however, ended without any scores despite a number of lost chances.


In the second half the heat was turned on and at the minute 74 player Zaher Maidani scored the first goal against Kuwait. Player Khalid Mubayyedh followed with the second goal in the 90th minute. Seconds before the end of the game at extended minute 94, the Kuwaiti Youssef Nassir scored the only Kuwaiti goal in the match.

Syria’s once-thriving sports sectors suffered much during the crisis, like every other life sector in the country. A number of talented and career athletes were assassinated by the US-sponsored ‘Freedom Fighters’, a large number of sports facilities were deliberately destroyed by the terrorists, many were targeted and partly damaged in the shelling of Syrian cities with all sorts of missiles by the ‘Moderate Rebels’.

To add more damage, the Syrian athletes had to camp for their training in other countries, had to play their matches without their supporters in most of the cases and faced all sorts of logistical problems due to the sanctions imposed on their country by those who claim they support the Syrian people!

With all the sufferings, the Syrian athletes, like all other Syrians, have achieved major successes in many fields, football was one of them.

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