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President Assad Joins Prayers on the Occasion of Prophet Muhammad’s Birth Date

President Assad Joins Prayers on the Occasion of Prophet Muhammad's Birth Date

Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad joined the prayers on the occasion of the birth date of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) at Saad Bin Mouath Mosque in Damascus yesterday – November 19, 2018.

Top Syrian officials and Syrian clergy based in Damascus joined the prayers and listened to the sermon delivered by Syria’s Minister of Endowment Dr. Muhammad Abdul Sattar Sayyed, his ministry is in charge of religious affairs for all religions and sects in the country.

The sermon by the minister of endowment pointed to the biography and life of Prophet Muhammad (PBuH) and how it was the best example and symbol of human virtues, as it started with fighting ignorance, encouraging science and spreading civilization. The Prophet’s message was concluded with the declaration of human rights in living, freedom, and equality, liberating women, eliminating nepotism and teaching humanity that doomed if it would favor its interests over its principals.

President Assad Joins Prayers on the Occasion of Prophet Muhammad's Birth Date

Among those who attended the prayer and celebrations along with Dr. Assad were the Mufti of Damascus Dr. Abdul Fattah Bizm, who led the prayer, Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad B. Hassoun, Syrian Prime Minister Imad Khamis, and others.

The prayers were concluded with a supplication by Dr. Muhammad Tawfiq Ramadan Buti, Chief of the Levant Islamic Scholars Union and son of top Islamic scholar Martyr Muhammad Saeed Ramadan who was killed in his Mosque with 52 of his students in 2013. Dr. Buti’s supplication asked God his Almighty to save Syria and its people, to guide its president to what is good for the country and the Syrians, to accept the Syrian martyrs, and to grant our Syrian Arab Army victory in the battles over those conspiring against us.

President Assad Joins Prayers on the Occasion of Prophet Muhammad's Birth Date
President Assad greeted by worshipers after the prayers

Dr. Assad has always without fail attended all official religious activities for all religions in the country, even during the darkest and most dangerous days of the crisis, his presence among the people have strengthened the Syrian’s confidence in themselves and enabled them, with God’s Grace and Blessings, to withstand the invasion of their country by the evil powers of over 120 countries, including the superpowers and the super-rich who prioritized destroying Syria over the wellbeing and interests of their own people.

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