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South Syria is Entirely Clean from ISIS Terrorists – Syrian MD

SAA Syrian Arab Army General Command Statement - Sweida ISIS FSA Nusra al-Qaeda

‘Southern region of Syria is completely free from ISIS terrorists after the SAA concluded its operations in Teloul Safa, the last ISIS pocket in Sweida’s eastern plains’ The Syrian Ministry of Defense declared in a statement today 19 November 2018.

After concentrated and sophisticated military operations the Syrian Arab Army has established its control over the entire area of Tiloul Safa, the region is of complicated volcanic stones texture.

All ISIS terrorists existing in this region have been eliminated, large caches of light and medium weapons were confiscated.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense declared liberated the following areas Teloul Safa, Tal Marati, Mahrouqa plains, Kawabir, Health Facility, Sheikh Hassan and Al-Weizah and Jor Kreimeh and the other Graveyards.

380 square kilometers is the total area cleaned from ISIS pockets and remnants making it a remarkable achievement by the SAA. It was also the last stronghold of ISIS terrorists in Syria’s southern region.

The Syrian Arab Army proves once again its high capabilities in fighting and eliminating the most vicious terrorist groups backed by the super rich and super powers in the world.

The Syrian Arab Army is the military of the Syrian people, and does its work efficiently & quietly, without the noise that others make and they end without results.

ISIS, with the help of the US forces illegally present on the border region of at-Tanf committed a massacre when they attacked on July 25th, 2018, a number of remote villages in northern and northeast of Sweida city south of Syria in July killing 215 of the residents, injured 180 others and kidnapped 27 women and children. The kidnapped women and children were released earlier this month by a qualitative SAA operation near Homs.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense reiterated in its statement its determination to uproot terror from the country and emphasized on the coordination of the efforts of all of the Syrian citizens to restore safety and stability to the entirety of the Syrian Arab Republic.

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