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SAA Freed 19 Sweida Women and Children from ISIS and US Captivity

SAA Frees 19 Sweida Women and Children from ISIS and US Captivity

A Syrian Arab Army unit managed to free 19 women and children from ISIS north of Tadmor (Palmyra) yesterday in a very sophisticated intelligence operation.

The freed abductees are all in good health and have been reunited with their families shortly after the military operation.

ISIS, a terrorist organization operating under the US command and protection in Syria and Iraq, attacked on July 25th, 2018, a number of remote villages in northern and northeast of Sweida city south of Syria in July killing 215 of the residents, injured 180 others and kidnapped 27 women and children.

ISIS terrorists who carried out the July massacre came from a zone occupied illegally by the US near At Tanf border area with Jordan, southeast of Syria. After the operation, they fled to the same area and the US troops prevented the SAA units from chasing the terrorists.

US-backed ISIS terrorists killed one of the kidnapped elder ladies earlier in a heinous way and executed another young man, later on, US-backed ISIS exchanged 6 others with terrorists detained by the Syrian authorities.

The SAA managed to obtain precise intelligent information that ISIS terrorists have moved the remaining kidnapped women and children towards the town of Hmeimeh, northeast of Tadmor, after their positions in northeast Sweida came under pressure from the SAA. Quietly and swiftly, the SAA carried out an encircling operation that led to the release of the last 19 women and children and killed the US-sponsored terrorists.

Videos clips by Syrian News Agency showing the freed women and children in their first moments after being freed by the SAA:

US military and its terrorist affiliates illegally established military bases in several areas in east and northeast of Syria in a cheap way to pressure the Syrian state to share power in the country with representatives of ISIS, Nusra Front and traitors from the Kurdish minorities who work for the US, those, the US wants them to continue working for its interests and against the interests of the Syrian people.

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