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SAA Foils Two Terrorists Infiltrations Towards Military Points in Hama Countryside

SAA Soldier with RPG

SAA, the Syrian Arab Army units operating in northern Hama countryside foiled two infiltration attempts by groups of Turkey-backed terrorists towards SAA posts protecting the secured villages and towns in the region.

One of the terrorist infiltration attempts was spotted by an SAA monitoring unit south of the AlZakat village heading to attack the SAA unit post in the area.

The SAA unit inflicted losses on the terrorist group causing the rest of them to retreat.

Second terrorist infiltration attempt was against the SAA outpost near Tal Al-Sakhr village in northern Hama countryside. The infiltrators suffered losses in material and personnel and retreated.

Turkey’s terrorist groups of Nusra Front and the ‘Turkistan Islamist Party’ have conducted a number of attacks and attempts of infiltrations against the Syrian Arab Army outposts in the area south of Idlib province taking advantage of the delayed military operation the SAA was about to carry out to clean Idlib province.

The regime of Erdogan not only failed to fulfill its part in the Idlib agreement signed with Russia and already running 3 weeks late in the separation of terrorist groups operating under the Turkish Army’s command in the region, but it’s also trying to advance against the SAA in northern Hama and northern Aleppo.

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